Adopted (a one direction fanfiction)

A girl named June has a rough life...When the 1D boys roll into her town what is she in for news? yes she is one of the boys sister will she fall for him? or one of the other boys? Or paul?


9. End of shoppingYO

                                                Nialls point of view*

We got back home from the concert but noone was there so i texted June To:June <3 ware you guys at? To: Nialler <3 We are on our way home :) To:June OK bye! but she didnt text back i wont worry bout it though. 10 minutes past and noone came in the door then i gout worrid so i call Louis to come over and he did "LOuis they are not here yet im getting a bit worried" i said "uhh girls are just fashonably late" he said with an uncertain look on his face. "ill call eli" "ok" He sat there with his Iphone up to his ear than slowly put it down and his face dropped "what?" " she didnt answer she always answers" "now im worried he said. Hours and hours passed i was getting worried

                                    Junes point of view (this takes place when he texts her bye) I was walking and talking to eli when i was about to text niall bye whe out of noone these two guys came down the block. It wasent night so me and eli werent worried "hey eli who are they why are they talking to us?" i whispered The the boys were running after us and i dropped my phone "eli do you have your phone" i whisperd "no" she said  "but just keep running" they boys gainged up on us we decided to take the alley way....we hide behind the dumpsters "shhhhhh" i said then i heard there voices  then suddenly the jumped out and grabbed us of cours they were bigger than us..we were all alone.......with no phone.. "eli im sorry i dropped my phone!" i said! then i noticed i was bleading bad in my leg "eli look at my leg" bye this time we were in a car fighteng to get out "omg" "no its good i left a trail of blood my skreen must of poped out from my phone and cut me bad yes niall and louis will sure find us" "but we are dirving to an unknowwn place." "i know" "WHAT DID YOU GUYS SAY?" one boy yelled "i was just wondering what your names were" i yelled back "im joe" "im bob" "oh wel guess what " "what? " they said in thier hillbilly accents " i dont care!"  "WHY AARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?!" eli yelled "Because my daughter loves louis and his daughter loves niall you must die" he said i looked at eli".......

(ok guys i would just like to say thanks for reading my book! if you like it thanks comment if ya want :) )



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