Adopted (a one direction fanfiction)

A girl named June has a rough life...When the 1D boys roll into her town what is she in for news? yes she is one of the boys sister will she fall for him? or one of the other boys? Or paul?


7. Back at the hotel.

                                        junes point of view

We got to the hotel with our bags as we got out it started to rain niall gave me a piggie back ride inside to find harry on the couch "hey sis are you going homme with me or niall?" "uhh" i said "well i want to go home with both of you.." "but i need to see my parents ni is that ok?" "ya babe whatever makes you happy " ok i said with a smile pluss my parents need to see me.."  "thats all i needed to know you can go to your room luv birds " he said ok i said we ran to the elevator he clicked roof "ni?" 'our date babe" "oh" i said it was raining bue there was a conpy" "i put on the hoode all the way it went down to my knees im way short compared to him "niall thank babe" "your welcome princess" "ok before we sit down " he said pulling out the rings "i niall promise to love you as long as i have it on and i will have it on forever" he put the ring on "i June will have thiss ring on foreever and love you till we die" he sliped it on my finger my marry finger "thanks ni i said and we kissed in the rain for a long time a french one.. "lets go under the conopy" he said there were blankets under it "oh almost for got heres you necklace he put it aroung my neck "thanks ni ""i love it "your welcome babe": i began to shiver i took of my shoes and got uder the blancket with niall "i love youniall" "i love you too princess" i cuddle with him he began to sing "close the door throw the key dont wanna be reminded dont wanna be seen dont wanna be without you" "i really love you niall" them i drifted off "wake up we have to go to bed its 11 " he said oh ok "i grobbed my shoes and we ran in we got to the hotel room and i went to take a shower "niall i dont want tot ruin the necklase so im takeing it off when i sleep babe" "ok just dont take off the ring" i know i said 

                                           Nialls point of view 

"ni i need a shirt of yours to sleep in babe" she said i shot up and got the button up one "here i said" "thanks " she got out and i was ready for bed "i took a shower in liams " i said "oh ok" then we got into bed and fell  asleep.  

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