Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


7. You Bitch!

(Liam's POV)

Me and the boys woke up to a lot of noise yelling and shuffling and thudding
"Niall!" I yelled hoping they weren't hurting him then I heard girl screams was he fighting back?
The door slammed open and the man was holding the wavy brown locks of Louis' Eleanor Calder.
"Eleanor!" Louis jumped forward the man put his hands in the neck snapping position
"Come any closer she's dead" he said Louis put his hands down the guy sniffed Eleanor's neck Louis clenched his fists the man out his hand on Eleanor's stomach and held her against his chest
"She's pretty you know?" The man said
"Don't fucking touch her" Louis said
"You mean like this?" He asked the man put his hand ruffley on Eleanor's throat squeezing tight her face went red
"No!" Louis yelled jumping forward the man kicked hik back he looked at Eleanor he wasn't choking her anymore but he still had his hands on her neck
"Any last words sweet heart?" He asked she was crying now so was Louis he was sniffling she looked at me
"They have Danielle save her Liam save her" she said
She looked at Louis
"I love you Louis you made my life so much better we will see each other again some day once again we will see each other Louis reached for her hand she reached for his the man just like that ended Eleanor's life he snapped her neck right infront of all of us she sank to the floor the man looked us over
"Don't worry Liam you'll see Danielle soon" he said and walked out of the room
Harry was staring forward is disbelief Eleanor was laying there limp her head facing the opposite way to us
"No no please no!" Louis yelled crying he crawled to her side and held her head in his hands her eyes closed I crawled over Harry did too we sat on either side of Louis Louis put his head down on Eleanor's chest and sobbed
"No no no" Harry rubbed his back and cried I just looked in disbelief
Louis kissed her forehead and was hugging her closely as the door opened once again the man came down the stairs and pushed Niall down to the ground he was already crying
"Louis Im so sorry I tried to stop them" he said Louis nodded his head
"You tried Niall"
"I didn't do good enough" he says on his knees now crying sniffling
"Niall there's no use apologiseing to a dead person" Louis said crying
"Louis don't put it like that" I said
"Why not Liam she is dead? And it's all because of those stupid bitches up there!" Louis yelled
"Louis" Harry said touching his hand
"Please we cared about her too"
Louis just looked us all over and cried even more
The man came down once again tugging Niall up he took him by the wrist and pulled him up the stairs Farrah's blond head appeared she crossed her arms
"Did you enjoy our little show?" She asked in Louis' direction who was still at Eleanor's side
"Screw you" he said
"Hey can you come pick up this trash before it starts to rot?" She called up the stairs the man came down and picked up Eleanor bridal style
"No!" Louis yelled
"No!" He cried once she was out of sight
"Where are you going to take her?" I asked
"The dump where trash belongs" she said
"You Bitch!" Louis yelled and jumped forward taking Farrah down to the floor choking her Farrah was kicking and screaming
"Help!" We heard a thud and the man ran back down and pushed Louis off and helped Farrah up
"You ok baby?" He asked this man was like 30 and Farrah had to be 17
"Baby?" Louis asked
"Yeah she's my girlfriend you gotta problem with that?" He snapped at Louis
"It's kinda gross cause your older than me and your dating a 17 year old thats pretty gross" Louis said
"Not just dating.... Fuckin" Farrah said
"That's fucking disgusting" Harry said from behind me Farrah shrugged her shoulder the man looked over at Louis she winked at Harry the man looked back at her and they started to make out right infront of us
"Eww that's fucking gross can you do that in the magic chamber they call a fucking bedroom?!" Louis yelled the last part the man picked her up she wrapped her legs around him and he carried her up the stairs
"I thought she liked us?" Harry said
"Don't tell me your getting jealous?" Louis said
"Fuck no" Harry said they chuckled how could they chuckle right now?
The other two girls came down and sat
"What's wrong with you two?" Louis asked
"Their having sex up there" One of them said
"And their yelling and grunting its fucking gross" the other one finished
Well this is awkward....

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