Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


22. Tommy Anthony Tomlinson

-Louis' POV-

El had gone into labour today was the day We would meet our son.
I was sitting in the chair beside El as she delivered she held him then I did then they took him to the baby room I don't really know what it's called
"Go see everyone Lou, I'm just going o be tired but can you send Danielle and Harry in?" She asks me I nod
"Wait" she says I walk back so much joy in my step
"Give me a hug" she says I hug her
"What's his name going to be?" She asked
"I was maybe thinking Tommy because I would think that would sound great Tommy Tomlinson" I said
"How about Anthony as a middle name?" She suggests
"Tommy Anthony Tomlinson I love it" I said kissing her forehead and getting up she grabbed my hand
"I love you so much" she said
"I love you more ill get Harry and Danielle see you soon El"
"Ok" she said I waked out

-Harrys POV-

Eleanor wanted me and Danielle we quickly walked in and saw Eleanor
"How did it go?" Danielle asked
"Good luck to you Dan when you and Liam decide to have a little one" she says
"Louis is probably going to want another one" I said
"I, not going to be able to deliver it" she said
"Why?" I asked
"I'm dying" she says
"What?!" Whisper yell
"My spirit it could only keep me alive long enough to deliver Tommy and now I can't live any longer" she says
"No no! Louis he's going to be crushed he's not going to be able to raise Tommy on his own" I said
"That's why he has you two" she says
"El I'm 18" I say
"I'm going to have kids with Liam some day to El" Danielle finally says something
"Please just promise me you'll help him?" We says weakly
"I promise" we both say she swallows hard
"I only chose you two because you guys are the only ones who know the real reason why I died" she says
"We know Eleanor were going to help Louis everything will be ok" Danielle says
"I don't want you guys to be here when it happens, go create a diversion to keep Lou and the others away" she says we nod and hug her one last time and leave
"Well shall we go take a peek at Tommy through the windows?" I ask
"Lets do it" Louis says still the happiest person ever. We walk over and look threw the window and all we see is a blue hat and a blanket we only catch little bits of his baby smooth skin he was sleeping we couldn't believe this was actually happening Louis had a baby a son and we were the the first ones to ever see him.
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