Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


19. Telling Family & Friends

-Harry's POV-

We all get ready I was struggling with my bow tie El comes over,
"Having trouble?" She says I nod and smile she starts to fix it
"Are you nervous?" I ask her she shrugs
"Atleast my bump isn't that noticeable." She says
"Do you mind?" I ask she shakes her head I put my hand on her stomach she finishes I smile
"It's crazy to think there's life inside you" I said
"Yeah , I often think that too" she say I remove my hand
I turn we all stand in the room Louis has his hands in his dress pant pockets he's wearing a plain black tie and a white dress shirt Liam is wearing a cream colored tie with a black dress shirt his tie matches Danielle's cream dress, Niall is wearing a black dress shirt witch a navy blue tie. Zayn is wearing a black dress shirt and a purple tie matching Pierrie's purple dress I'm wearing a white dress shirt with a black bow tie we all have black dress pants and black jackets. Niall invited Demi but she didnt call back, I invited Cher but she couldn't make it. I fixed my curls by shaking them and we were gone. We took my range rover over and arrived every one was there I dropped them off and went to park I was walking I stepped up onto the curb infront of the ball room
"Harry" I heard a familiar voice say I turn and saw Cher, wearing a black dress and a white ribbon tied around her waist her hair wavy like usual
"Cher?" I said making sure I wasn't dreaming I haven't seen her since the X-Factor of course I have called her and stuff but I haven't phiscally seen her.
"It turned out I could make it, I wanted to surprise you so... Surprise" she says I walk up and hugged her she hugged me back struggling with my height she was still the same old short Cher.
I offered her my arm and she took it we walked inside and we sat at the table with the others as e tables flooded with people Eleanor and Louis had a lot more friends than I thought their families on either side of us Louis stood up and helped Eleanor up and he smiles along the tables of people
"I have well we have an announcement to make" Louis says he whispers in Eleanor's ear and she smiles
"Me and Eleanor are getting married" He said everyone cheered and he smiled
"There's one other thing" he says everyone goes quieter puts his arm around Eleanor
"Me and Eleanor are going to have a baby" he says every one cheers El smiles and hides her face in Louis' jacket shy from all the people cheering.
We do a toast and Cher looks at me surprised
"Louis has really began his life" she says to me
"Yeah I'm happy for him" I say
"I hope I can have that one day" she says looking at her glass of wine I examine her face the same features from the X-Factor
"Yeah me to" I said she looks at me and smiles she sighs ad reaches over and fixes my bow tie I look at her face of concentration and smile to myself

-Louis' POV-

Me and El walk over to my family's table Lottie and Fizzy come up and hug us
"I was waiting for this day to come Lottie says hugging Eleanor after releasing me Fuzzy hugs me
"Show me the ring!' Lottie squeals Eleanor smiles and hold out her left hand revealing the ring Lottie and Fizzy gasp and move El's hand to make it twinkle in the light
"Louis it's beautiful" Fizzy says
"Thanks" I said my Mum comes over and kisses my cheeks marks of tears of joy on her face she looks at me and Eleanor again and starts to cry with joy Lottie and Fizzy go to watch Phoebe and Daisy my Mum hugs us she kisses my cheek and fixes my tie for me I smile
"My baby" she says hugging me
"Mum." I say
"Yes baby?" She says
"I'm 21" I said she nods
"Your right when's the wedding?" She asks
"After the baby is born" I said
"Non sense lets plan it before she has the baby and have it quick before the baby bump comes and she can't fit into the dress" my mom says, I look at Eleanor who smiles back at me Harry comes over break ing the tension
"Harry!" My Mum says hugging him
"Hey Johanna is been a while" he says she smiles over his shoulder and leans away and kisses his cheek
"It's been to long" she says
"So as we were saying Mum" I said looking at Harry he knows it's seriou s and nods and walks away to go see my sisters Lottie and Fizzy smiling Phoebe and Daisy laughing as he talks to them.
"It's ok of you guys don't want to have the wedding before, it's just a suggestion" she says I smile
"I know thanks for the suggestion were going to go say Hello to El's family see you soon" I said as we turn away

-Harry's POV-

I went back and sat with the boys and the girls and we just sat there talking, filling Cher in on what she's missed my Mum comes over and rubs my shoulders I blush with embarrassment I can't belive she did that infront of Cher! I looked back her
"What do you need Mum?" I ask
"To see how you all are doing?" She says
"There good" I say answering for them I turn and she licks her thumb and wipes something off my face, how embarrassing is that?! I didn't want to be there whn Cher started to think I was a loser so I quickly got up and walked out of the ball room I leaned against the brick wall outside I absouloutly couldn't believe her it's like she does it on purpose and right infront of Cher! Since her career blew up like mine her standards might be higher than a Mumma's boy I sigh when the door opens Cher comes out
"What's wrong?" she asks
"My Mum she's so embarrassing!" I said
"Don't worry I thought it was cute" she says
"I'm such a loser" I said lowering my head she lifts up my head by putting her hands on my cheeks
"You are not a loser" she says I look into her eyes and steal a glance at her peach colored lip glossed lips she steals a glance at mine. We both start to lean in and just as our lips were about o touch Niall bursts out the door we and Cher recoil away from each other, he does the skyward turtle signal
"Louis is wondering where you guys are he wants t talk yo Cher says he hasn't seen her in a while." He says Cher nods I offer my arm again she takes it we walk back in

-Eleanor's POV-

I feel as if I'm going to throw up these pregnancy sicknesses are killing me! I excuse myself and hurry to the bathroom I loose all the food I've eaten in the last like 38 hours. I quickly lush get up wash my hands and touch up, I walk back out Louis getting up and walking to me he puts his hands on my waist
"You ok?" He asked
"Yeah it's the pregnancy stuff" I say he leans in to kiss my lips but I move and his kisses connects to my cheek he looks at me weird
"I don't think you want to kiss me, I just you know" I said he nods and laces his fingers with mine we walk back to the table and we start to chat

-Harry's POV-

Everyone had to leave so we all got ready to leave her was staying the night, El fell asleep being pregnant and all and Louis carried her like a princess.
When we arrived home Louis went to bed with El and me and Cher went up to my room, I lent her a pair of track pants and a tshirt to wear I changed as well we sat on my bed talking about how good our careers have gone so far. We're sitting acrossed from each other with our legs crossed when we link eyes I out my hands on her cheeks and we lean in once more but this time our lips meet and I forgot how could of a kisser she was....
After our kiss we cuddled up and went to sleep u had a dream about tonight's events how happy Louis and Eleanor looked I just hope everything turns out ok.
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