Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


8. Shackles Sweet Shackles

(Liam's POV)

I sat beside Harry as Louis sat beside him we sat in silence I heard yelling and commotion up stairs and the man from yesterday and another man the man from yesterday had Niall by the hair and a knife to his throat and the other man had Danielle with a knife to your throat
"Now which one of you is Liam again?" He asked I cleared my throat and crawled forward
"To my under standing Niall here is your best mate of the group and this is your girlfriend Danielle?" He said
"You are correct" I said trying to stay strong
"I have to say Danielle is quite fun actually" the man holding her says
"What do you mean?" I asked
"Well my friend here got to do whatever he wanted to with Danielle here yesterday night and I think you know what he did" he said winking at me
"You sick bastard!" I yelled lounging forward the man held the blade closer to Niall's throat
"Watch what you do Mr.Payne I could slit this Irish punks throat and not regret any bit of it" he said
"You've prooved your point with Eleanor yesterday" I said
"Oh can we move on from that?" He asked
"How about you bring Farrah down her and I will snap her neck I front of you and see how you feel" Louis says speaking up
"Go ahead she's nothing to me maybe a young play toy nothing more"
"Go get her" Louis says
"What so I let go of this guy no"
"Like he can go anywhere" I said he threw Niall to the floor and went back up the stairs leaving his friend awkwardly standing there
"Please sir let her go please" I begged Danielle's eyes going to mine a tear rolling down her cheek
"Liam there's no hope" she says I look into the mans eyes
"Please I'm begging you please just let her go" I begged he looked at me sorrow filling his eyes I stood up and held Danielle's hands
"I can't" he simply said
"Why not?" I asked
"I owe something to them" he said
"Owe them enough to kill a helpless women the women I love please just let her go" I begged
"How about this kid I will choke her within a little bit of her life and you can help her escape" he says quietly
"Sounds good to me thank you" I said tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear and kissing her lips gently
"Everything's going to be alright Dani" I said I sat back down and the man came back down with Farrah in his arms she looked confused
"what is this?" She asked
"I made a deal" he said rubbing her hair
"What kind of deal?" She asked
"This kind" he said he nodded to Louis who jumped up and sprung himself ontop on her and slammed hit her head on the ground
"What are you doing?"
"Getting rid of the trash before it rots" he said and started to choke her Harry was sitting legs hugged to his chest Niall curled up beside him the man came back over and pulled Niall back by his hair Niall was holding onto Harry's hand tight he got pulled and their hands slowly left each others I swallowed down emotion
"Liam you still have a choice to make" the man said
"First can I know your name?" I asked
"Joe and this is Gary"
"Last names?" I asked
"We're not supplying that" he said
"My last names Parks" Gary spoke up Joe glared at him
"What?" He said they went back Gary nodded to me making sure Joe didnt see
"Who's going to die?" Joe asked
I made it look like I was thinking
"Danielle" I said quietly
"Garry would you do the honers?"
Gary nodded and laid Danielle on the ground she let a tear fall he started to choke her
After he made it look like he killed Danielle they went up stairs I yelled and cried to make it seem real after I crawled up to her and she sat up I hugged her close to me the man had thrown Niall to the floor again and he was with Harry Louis knocked out Farrah she was still down here I kissed Danielle our lips meeting this might have been our most passionate kiss ever the door squeaked open and it was to late the man (Joe) saw that Dani was alive her looked angry he ran over and pushed me away and took Danielle's head and smashed it up against the ground the hard ground she died immediately I finally got how Louis felt well feels
"No!" I yell lounging forward I sat up her life less body in my hand her eyes still open I put my hand down her face closing her eyes her plump lips slightly open I kissed them one more time I hugged her rocking her back and forth singing a lullaby

(Harry's POV)

Seeing Liam like that killed me I crawled up behind him and joined the singing of the lullaby Niall came over we surrounded her Louis came too we sang lullabies until the men came and got her Liam held onto her hand as long as he could we sat in a circle telling good memories we had about Danielle and Eleanor
"Remember that one time El went to Nandos and-" we were cut off by Farrah coming up behind Louis and pulling his hair

(Liam's POV)

She pulled Harry back and punched Louis in the stomach she was angry Harry got up I thought he was going to ask her to stop but that's not what he did not even close. He got up and grabbed he by the shoulders and shoved her against the wall
"Your still hot" she says
"Oh yeah?" Harry says angry he grabs her head and slams it against the wall she sinks down a splat of blood on the wall
"Harry?" I say standing
"What she deserves it now lets look for a key on her" Harry says he kneels and pats her down the men come down the stairs
"Where's Farrah?" Joe asked
"Lou knocked her out" Harry says acting like he's checking on her
"Do you care?" Louis asked
"Not a bit maybe I'll go up and take advantage of one of her sisters or something how about you Gary what I could really go for right now is some sex" he said walking up the stairs followed by Gary Harry turned back
"What are you doing Harry?" I asked
"I'm tired of being a prisoner I'm getting the hell out of here" he patted down Farrah more he flipped her over and went in her back pocket and fished out a key he unlocked his shackles and crawled over to Louis and unlocked his he unlocked the shackles that they had put on Niall and unlocked mine we got up and slowly and walked towards the door Louis opened the door and poked his head out he signaled for us to come we got up Niall followed after me he seemed to know his way around I let him lead as we followed after him the bottom of the stairs there was an opening we silently walked when Joe came into view he pushed Niall to the floor I punched him in the face getting a good amount of blood coming from his nose he shakes his head and Harry comes up behind me and punches him in the face again he looked stunned Louis aimed fantastically and landed a good hard knee in the privates Joe smirked at us and walked over to Niall and kicked him in the stomach Niall coughed
I tackled him to the ground and punched him continuously he was groaning
"Gary Jace Carmon!" He calls
"What no Farrah? That's right I killed her" Harry says viciously I pin Joe on the ground Gary pushes me off Jace and Carmon come racing in the room
"What's going on?!" Jace yells/asked
"They got free! What does it look like you stupid whore?!" He yells
"Me a stupid whore?" Jace says she grabs a lamp and smashes it over Joe's head Louis cheers
"Jace is on team get the hell out of here!" Louis yells punching Gary in the stomach Joe gets back up head bleeding I was going to punch him when Niall jumps up infront of me and lands a really hard one on his face right in the nose a cracking sound was loud and clear
"You broke my nose you cunt!" He yelled Niall chuckled and punched his broken nose again
"Aw fuck you you little Irish runt!" He yelled Niall pushed him to the ground
"He's mine" Niall said looking us all over he straddled Joe punching him continuously
Joe's face was bleeding by the looks of it gallons Carmon jumps on Harry's back he takes her arm and pulls her over his head onto the ground he lifted her up by her hair and puts his hands on her waist and throws her on the wood side table causing it to break she hit him in the back with one of the broken wood legs causing him to fall to the ground she was chocking him I moved fast I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife out of the knife block and stabbed it into her back she spat blood on Harry's face he wiped it away with his shirt Jace looked us over
"You killed my baby sister!" She yelled
"She was trying to kill me!" Harry yelled back
"You monsters!" She yelled lounging for us Harry reached for a cloth on the table he held it over her mouth and nose and she fell asleep
"Chloroform just what I thought" he said letting her fall to the ground Louis was fighting Gary and pushed him back onto the glass kitchen table making it smash he coughed up blood and Louis flipped him over showing a big share of glass in his back I gagged
"let's get out of here!" Louis yells
"Wait!" Harry stops us he runs into the kitchen and grabs rope and duck tape he tied Jace's feet and wrists and duck taped her mouth and put a bandana covering her eyes Niall carried her princess style
"Hey Niall you've been looking for your princess there you go" Harry said
"Shut up" Niall said with a smirk we walked into the garage and saw an SUV Louis opened the trunk and Niall thew Jace in the back and we stopped
"No keys" I said
"Who knows how to hot wire?" I added
Niall's hand slowly raised
"Really?" I asked
"Yep" he said he walked to the front and started to work on the car
We were free....
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