Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


15. Palace Of Love

2 days after Danielle and Eleanor came back.

(Harry's POV)

All is well and happy as Danielle and Eleanor are living again until Eleanor pulls me and Niall in a room Danielle joins us shortly after
"What's wrong?" I ask
"My body it's rejecting the change" Eleanor says
"Rejecting the change what are you walking about" I ask
"My body doesn't want me anymore" she says
"You dyeing... Again?" Niall asked
"Yes I am" she said I felt like crying and yelling in anger
"We just got you back though El" I said she nods I only have about 7 days left." She admits to us
"7 days Louis is going to be crushed" I said
"Yeah so I gotta live these last 7 days like they were each my last" she said I hug her she squeezes me back

Day 1
"How about a trip to the beach?" I say
Everyone agrees and in the next half and hour we are on our way to the beach
Music is blaring in our VW camper as Louis races down the road being careful not to blow the engine though I smile shortly we arrive at the beach and run towards the water all of our hands linked we hit the water as a wave was coming in we swam filming with a water camera I filmed Louis and Eleanor the most as he swung her around the smile on his face made me so happy, but then there was that dark part me that knew El only had 7 days with him I watched as they went back to shore and started to make a sand castle with buckets Louis brought I walked to shore
"What are you two up to?" I asked
"Making our palace of love" Louis said they both laughed Louis was using a small shovel to make a mote I felt a tear roll down my cheek
"Are you crying Hazza?" Louis asked
"No I just got some um sand in my eye" I said

(Eleanor's POV)

Harry sat in the sand and filmed me and Louis making our "Palace of love" I didn't want to die wanted to stay with Louis and have grand baby's and sit on a porch with him with grey hairs and love and tea and oh my god I just love him so much he doesn't deserve to have his girlfriend die twice I just couldn't even think about how broken he would be he would be demolished crushed pummeled I just don't want him to be hurt I just can't think about him being hurt
I look at him he was looking down and concentrating on his side of the castle, he looked up at me our eyes connecting
"I love you" was all I said he looked at me funny and then smiled
"I love you to" he said I smiled
"I love you more" I said
"I love you most" he said I crawled around the castle and hugged him
"I love you Louis Tomlinson more than you will ever know" I said
"Then it makes it easier to do this" he said and pulled out a engagement ring box and opened it
"Eleanor Calder will you do me the massive honor of becoming my wife?" He asked my heart skipped a beat
"Yes yes yes!" I yelled he slipped the beautiful ring onto my finger and I kissed him while Harry filmed everything that just happened
Louis stood up waving down the boys and Danielle in the water they looked over
"Eleanor and I are getting married!" He yelled they all cheered but I could see the worried looks on Niall and Danielle's faces as they clapped I stood up and Louis hugged and kissed me
Atleast I can die with a piece of Louis with me.

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