Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


11. No.

*Chapter Play list: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People and Misery by Maroon 5 & lullaby by Nickelback & The Funeral by Band Of Horses :) enjoy!
Listen to Misery first! Just a tip :D xx

(Louis' POV)
I was sitting at the kitchen table having a tea
"Yeah have you heard of the-" I stopped myself when Jace came down and sat with me and Pierrie I got up and walked out of the room not finishing my sentence I put my tea on the coffee table and sat slouched with my arms crossed over my chest flat expression Liam came down the stairs
"Who shit in your Special K?" He asked I didn't say anything he shrugged and walked into the kitchen Pierrie came in and crossed her arms
I didn't look at her she kicked my shoe
"Ow" I said
"That was very rude Louis" she said I stood up and stood taller than her I got right infront of her and looked down at her
"Tell that to Eleanor" I said and walked out of the house slamming the door as hard as I could I stood on the porch and yelled in anger
"Eleanor" I cried as I sank to my knees Harry came out I got up and hugged him he rubbed my back
"What's wrong?" He asked
"The dump!" I yelled and tugged him along as we got into Zayn's car I sped to the dump and ran around frantically searching
"Louis whats going on?" He asked
"Eleanor!"I yelled
I was searching and searching I looked down and saw her dog tag and her links of London same with Danielle's locket and charm bracket with Liam's name as a charm on it on the ground in a bag I picked them up and stuck them in my pocket and tugged Harry along as we drove back to Zayn's house I walked in and saw them all soothing Jace at the table as she cried I walked in and dumped the contents of the bag in the middle of the table and backed up
"What is this?" Pierrie asked
"It's what we have left of Eleanor and Danielle" I said standing right behind Zayn and Pierrie
"Why do you smell like garbage?" Zayn asked
"Because guess where I found that Zayn?" I said
"Where?" He asked
"The fucking dump!" I yelled as a tear streamed down my cheek
"Cause that's where trash goes before it rots huh?!" I yelled as I picked up Jace and pushed her up against the wall by her throat
"Louis!" Zayn yelled
"Leave her alone" he added
"Very easy for you to say Zayn Your girlfriend is standing right fucking beside you and where's mine? Well she's fucking rotting in the dump because of this stupid bitch and her friends!" I yelled
"Louis calm down please" Liam begged I let Jace go she sank to the floor
"Don't you care about Danielle Liam?" I asked walking up to him I grabbed her charm bracelet and dangled it infront of his face showing the "Liam" charm
"She never Gave up on you what ever you did Liam she loved you until the moment she died!" I yelled in his face
He cried
"Louis" Zayn started
"Fuck to shit man it's no use you guys don't even care" I said as I walked out of the room and up the stairs into the guest room I was staying in and went into the bathroom and splashed water on my face that's when I saw the razor blade....

(Harry's POV)

I feel bad for Louis I really do....
I went and kneeled beside Jace she was hardly breathing Liam helped pick her up and we made sure she was ok
That's when I went up the stairs and walked into the room Louis was staying in there was wincing sounds coming from the bathroom I quickly walked up and knocked on the door
"Go away" he mumbled
"Louis it's Harry can I please come in?" I asked
"Yes" he said I walked in and saw blood all over the floor and a razor blade Louis was holding a cloth over his wrist I sank to my knees
"No no no Lou" I cried he looked at me
"It doesn't hurt anymore" he said quietly
I crawled over and hugged him getting a bunch of blood on my jeans luckily he didn't cut the part if your wrist where you could
Bleed to death I slowly moved the cloth to reveal the letter "E" cut into his wrist with a heart under it the "E" was pretty big actually about 3 centimeters and the heart was 2 centimeters
I sat beside Louis as I sang The Funeral to him
��"I'm coming up only to hold you under, I'm coming up only to show you wrong"��
I played the song on my phone and sang along Louis yelled loudly
"Harry it hurts again" he said softly crying everyone raced in Zayn and Liam Niall too they walked in Liam and Zayn's mouthes dropped and Niall sank his knees I paused the song
"Why Louis why?" Niall cried
"It hurts" Louis said
What were we going to do with him? I hate seeing him like this.
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