Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


4. Niall.

(Liam's POV)

It was morning and me and the boys sat down and talked about our fans and what we would do if we got out when the door opened

Jace came down with a tray of food in her hands and four classes of water with Mio and spoons

I swallowed hardly Spoons I moved away Jace looked me over and covered her mouth I picked them up and threw them up the stairs

"I am so sorry Liam" she said

"Its alright it just caught me off guard" I said she smiled

"I'll go get forks instead" She said and trotted up the steps

I moved back to Harry side he ate the bread that was laid out

Jace came down with forks and 3 cups of tea and sugar and milk with a little note with my name of it

I took it and opened it up


I am so sorry how about some forgiveness tea? and I could not just give you tea and not the other boys and I will remember for next time not to bring spoons

Jace xoxo ENJOY

I put the note down and reached for the tea

"What did it say?" Louis asked I shrugged

"She was just saying she was sorry" I said making the tea up Harry and Louis did the same

2 Hours later

We have not seen anyof the girls today unless your counting Jace.

when we heard the door open and slam and one loud thump on the ground

and a dragging sound then the basement door opened we heard footsteps and then a man came down the stairs holding a limp Niall in his arms

"Niall!" I shouted he put him down on the ground Niall was wearing black skinny jeans and a white shirt with the saying Y.O.L.O on it in black letters and white supras his hair up in a quiff he blue eyes shut

they man lightly kicked Niall in the side

"Dont fucking touch him!" I yelled

"What will you do to me sing me to death?" He asked

"Fuck you!" I yelled spitting at him

he walked over and punched me in the face my lip started to bleed

"Please dont hurt us" Louis said

"Shut up!" he yelled at Louis, Louis stood up and punched him in the face good and hard the man looked dazed and then slapped Louis in the face he fell to the ground

"Louis" Me and Harry said at the same time

"I'm alright Lads" Louis said

"Are you happy now?!" Harry yelled bravely

"Very" he said walking back over to Niall

"Wake up little fella you've got people that want to see you" Niall groaned but then his eyes opened

"Liam!" he yelled sitting up and crawling over and hugged me

the other lads hugged him too he smelt like Zayn's house

"Is Zayn alright?" I whispered in his ear

"I have no clue I went back to my house from his and they snatched me" He whispered back

"Ok I'm glad yur ok though" I said

"Are we going to die?" he asked

I was justy about to answer when the man tugged Niall away from us by the hair, he yelped in pain

"Thats enough" he said

"Why are you doing this?" Niall asked

"Because we can" he asnwered

"What a shitty answer" Niall said

"Yeah I guess it is maybe we should go talk about it where no one can hear you scream" he said and grabbed Niall by the hair and an arm and dragged him up the stairs and I lost my irish boy again

"Niall!" I yelled

"Liam!" He yelled back then we heard the door slam

"Fuck!" I screamed Louis rubbed my back

"Calm down Liam everything is going to be ok" He said

"Easy for you to say your bestfriend is right fucking there and wheres mine possibly being tortured at this moment!" I yelled crying Louis looked over at Harry, Harry dropped his eyes to the floor

we heard the door open again

"If one of them comes down here I swear to god I will kill them" I said

"We all know you wont actually do it your just angry" Louis said and that is where they are completely wrong.
















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