Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


13. Lessons

(Harry's POV)
I let my eyes flutter open
"Jeez it's about time you wake up" Eleanor says sitting on the chair in the room I'm staying at she puts the book she was reading on the side table
"Are you always here?" I ask
"That's the point of haunting Harry I never go away" she says
"Where's Dani?" I ask
"come see for yourself" she says I dress quickly and she leads me towards Liam's room she opens the door a little quietly I see Danielle with her hands on Liam's as Liam sleeps
"Dani" Eleanor whispers Danielle looks up and strokes Liam's cheek and walks towards us fixing her clothes
"What?" She asks
"We just wanted to-" Eleanor was cut off as Liam moaned and yawned
"Harry? What are you doing in my room?" He asks
"I was just um" I said and walked away I get into my room and turn to see Eleanor and Danielle my door is closed I cross my arms at them
"You gotta make the others see you guys it's hard being the only one" I said
"Harry you have to under stand its better for Louis and Liam" Danielle says
"What about Niall and Zayn?" I asked
"Zayn has Pierrie he doesn't need us and Niall I don't know why we can't" Eleanor says
"Make him see you so I'm not the only one" I say
Danielle and Eleanor look at each other
"Harry in order to pick another person to see us we have to kill someone" Danielle says my mouth drops
"You killed someone to contact me?" I asked
"Don't worry about it he was a criminal in jail life sentence we each pick one and killed them" Danielle says
"Who would you kill now?" I asked
"Follow us" they said they stuck out their hands I took them and they was a flash and I was in the hospital
"A hospital no guys" I said trying to walk but Danielle grabbed my arm and we went into an elevator she pushes to button but it doesn't work she keeps pushing it but it doesn't work she starts to cry she sinks down the wall I press the button and kneel beside her I can touch her because of the power they placed on me I put my arm around her and put my head on her shoulder she cries and puts her head on my shoulder there's a ding sound and I help her up Eleanor hands me a Bluetooth
"Why do I need this?" I asked
"No one else can see us so you don't wanna look like a person that talks to themself
"True" I said and put it on I walked out and I can smell medicine and hear coughing
I can smell blood I can smell and hear everything
"What's wrong with me?" I asked
"Your a supernatural Harry everything is specialized" Danielle says
"A supernatural you mean like a vampire and a werewolf?" I asked
"Yes but you don't turn into a wolf and you don't have to feed on blood" Eleanor says
"Do I have super speed?" I asked getting excited as we walked down the hall
"Kindove" Danielle says
"Do I have super strength?" I ask
"Harry your not that super natural you don't have super speed no super strength you can just see hear and feel ghosts and your hearing and smell is magnified" Danielle says chuckling
"Oh so where are we going?" I asked
"Listen for a faint heart beat" Eleanor says I listen and hear one I walk towards it I open the door and it's a girl about 12 laying in the bed I look away
"No El" I whisper
"She's dyeing they are taking her off life support in an hour" Danielle says looking over the clip board and she nods at Eleanor
"We've done everything we can" Eleanor says
"Wait you guys have been trying to keep her alive?" I ask
"Yeah ghosts have powers you won't believe" she says connecting eyes with me she walks over I follow her Eleanor points to her wrist and I see a I <3 Harry bracelet on her I sigh
"Awake her she needs to be awake when I do this or it won't work" Eleanor says
"How?" I ask
"Just say something" Eleanor says impatiently
"Hello..." I trail off
"Kiara" Danielle says
"Hello Kiara" I say the little girl moans and opens her eyes she smiles
"Is this a dream?" She asks I shake my head
"no it's not" I say she smiles Eleanor put her hand above Kiara's heart and some pink fore field looking thing goes down into Kiara's heart making her heart rate stop on the machine her eyes remain open Danielle and Eleanor grab my hands and we flash back to the house
"I'm going to shower the hospital off of me" I say and go into the bathroom and start the shower and strip off and get in it and rinse and wash my body and hair I concentrate and I can hear the water going through the pipes I kindove smile to myself and stop the shower getting out and wrapping a towel around my waist
"I've always wanted to know what you looked like naked..." Eleanor's voice came from behind me on the counter making me jump
"Jesus El and what?" I say she bites her lower lip and runs a finger across my chest as she walks by I roll my eyes and go into my closet and dress and walk out to see Danielle and Eleanor standing there
"Jeez you guys gotta stop doing that" I said as I dried my curls in a towel
"What do we do next?" I asked
"Eleanor is going to I imprint on Niall" Danielle says
"Imprint what does that mean?" I asked
"What we did to you your I printed to is Harry I nod and we walk into Niall's room he's sitting playing video games in his couch I sit beside him Eleanor on the other side of him Dani beside me he sighs
"Hey Haz" he says I look at Eleanor
"Who are you looking at?" He asked
"Me" Eleanor says he looks confused but then looks at Eleanor
He drops his Xbox controller and covers his mouth and starts to cry
"Eleanor?" He says she nods and starts to cry as well
He hugs her she hugs him back
"I can feel you Eleanor" he says she nods

15 minutes later we've explained everything to him
"There's one more thing" Danielle says to me Niall can't hear her
"What is it Danielle?" I ask
"Danielle is here?" Niall asked Danielle looks frustrated she fades away from me and comes back quickly
"Yes Niall I'm here" she says
"Wait how did? Did you?" I ask she nods
"I just wanted him to see me"
"Do yes there is one more thing" she continues now that Niall can hear and see her
"What is it?" We ask
"Don't freak out" she says
"What is it?" I asked
"Me and El can come back"
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