Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


2. Just as Scared and Helpless as us

(Liam's POV)

It was night time when I heard footsteps trying to be quiet and then I saw light it was Carmen the burnette from earlier she had a lantern and a basket with her she sat infront of me I swallowed my mouth was so dry and I was hungry as hell I looked at her she looked at me sincerely
Harry looked over weakly
She crawled over to Harry with a bottle of water and a tube she stuck the tube in Harry's mouth and he drank in gulps
"Make it last cause I brought food" she whispered to him he put his head back
"Thank you" he said she nodded and crawled over to Louis and gave him a bottle with a tube her quietly thanked her and she crawled back over to me
"Listen I'm so sorry Liam" she said she filled a little plastic shot glass with water and told me to open my mouth she poured it in it was cold going down my throat and threw my body
"Why are you doing this?" I asked as I coughed a little she quickly poored more water and gave it t me
"Thank you" I said
"Well Farrah and Jace are huge fans and Jace is my older sister and guardian so she told me to pick a member and I chose you sorry I knew if it came to you guys escaping you would get Louis and Harry home" she said
"I don't know what to say about that" I said quietly she opened a basket and took out a tea biscuit she ripped off a piece and fed it to me it was warm and smooth
She crawled over to Harry and took the tube out of his mouth and fed him some biscuit
"Why are you helping us?" He asked
"I'll explain later" she said putting the tube back in his mouth after he swallowed she crawled over to Louis
"Hello Love" he said softly putting his head against the poll his eye focused on hers
"Hello" she said she took the tube out of his mouth and gave him a piece of biscuit he chewed and swallowed
"Thank you" he said as she put the tube back in his mouth she came back to me
"You know your quite clever" I said she smiled and I saw her cheeks get rosey
"I was thinking about it all day" she said
"Can I ask you something?" I asked
"Yes" she said
"You swear to tell the truth" I said
"Cross my heart" she said drawing an X with her finger over her heart
"Did they kill Niall and Zayn?" I asked I felt tears streaming down my face
"Well not exactly Farrah has something's planned but she won't tell me" she said
"Did you ask Jace? Which one is your sister?"
"Black haired" she said
"What does she have planned?" I asked she poured me some more water and poured it in my mouth
"She won't tell me"
"Well that's bullshit" I said
"Hey she has her reasons" she said
"What reasons to kill my friends?" I asked starting to get angry
"I guess so" she said quietly
I tried to get out of the ropes my movements scared her she put her hands on my shoulders
"Liam, Liam calm down" she said
Tears of helplessness fell down my cheeks
"You can't hurt them there human beings" I cried
"Calm down be rational" she said
"Fuck you" I whispered tears falling down my face images of Niall and Zayn in my thoughts
"Fuck me? Fuck me?!" She yelled she was angry now she stood up and crumpled the cup she threw it at me it hit my chest it didn't hurt
"I'm trying to help you Liam!" She yelled
"Then let me go!" I yelled
"You know what?" She took a pocket knife out of her back pocket and looked at me
Then she chuckled
"Your not worth it, and since your so hung up on protecting your friends she said moving to Harry she cut one of his arms loose
"Watch this" she said pushing up the sleeve on the arm closest to me she took her knife and cut from an inch from Harry's hand to an inch from his elbow on the inside of his arm where you can see all of the veins
He yelled in agony
"Stop!" I yelled
"Stop stop!" I yelled
She stopped and wiped the blood off with her fingers and licked it off
"Your gonna pay" Louis muttered
"What did you say?" She said turning
"Your gonna pay" Louis said louder
"I'm going to what?" She asked standing in front of him now
"Your gonna fucking pay!" Louis yelled she kneeled down and slapped him in the face
"That didn't hurt bitch!" Louis yelled and spit at her
She untied one of him arms and stabbed the knife right threw his hand Harry winced at Louis' loud scream in agony
"Did that hurt?" She said in Louis' face
"Fuck you" he muttered as she walked away she turned and kicked him in the leg
"Stop hurting him!" I yelled
"Shut the fuck up Liam!" She yelled
"Make me!" I yelled she walked up and got in my face
"If you don't shut the hell up I'm gonna cut Harry" she said
I cried softly she walked back over to Louis as took the knife out of his hand he yelled again she wiped the blood off on Louis' pants then she picked up her things and left
"What happened to her being on our team?" Louis asked
"I don't know" I said
"Liam it hurts" Harry said putting his head back a tear rolling down his cheek
"I know Harry I'm sorry" I said
"I just wanna go home" Harry said
I looked over at Louis who had his wounded hand in a fist and was wincing at the pain
"How is it Louis?" I asked
"It hurts like a bitch" Louis said, I looked down this was my fault.
The thoughts of Me,Harry and Louis escaping was fading away as a possibility.

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