Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


14. In Search For A Life

(Harry's POV)
Niall and I got teleported or flashed or what ever to the place where El and Dani Said could help us and we flashed to..... The dump.
"The dump?" Niall says looking around
"Well we kinda have to find our bodies..." Eleanor says
"What?!" Niall yells
"What we need them" Dani says
"This is just nasty can you um flash me back?" Niall says
"Nope your helping Harry needs your help" Eleanor says
"See this is why I need super strength and why can't you do it? Dd you just get your nails done at ghostly perfect nails?" I said Niall chuckled
"Did you like that one?" I said he nods
"We are still ladies we don't dig through trash eww" Eleanor says
"I throw you in the Trash" I say as I smile at her she looks up at me and smiles and shakes her head
"Where are we supposed to start?" Niall asked
Eleanor closed her eyes and pointed
"Over there I'm the wooden boxes" we ran over ant opened the wooden boxes to see there bodies still intact not decaying but they smelt like garbage from sitting here
"Ok grab us and we will flash you back to the house I grabbed Danielle and Niall grabbed Eleanor and they flashed us to my bathroom
"Nw we have to bathe us and make us look all pretty" Eleanor said Danielle runs the tub and we came fully strip her down it was kinda weird because she was watching us strip herself ad stuff
We put her in the tub and I rinsed her off I sent Niall down to wash their clothes and I gently scrubbed Danielle with the sponge thingy I washed her hair and rinsed her off I didn't want to re run the bath tub so I sat Eleanor's body in the shower and took the shower head off the hook and rinsed her down washing her hair as Danielle went into Pierrie's room and got some make up and a blow dryer and a few hair products she dried her body off and blow dried her hair and straightened it and did her make up Niall came up with their clothes Danielle dressed herself as Eleanor was finishing
"Isn't it weird to do your own make up?" Niall asked
"You mean to your own dead body yes" Eleanor says we chuckle Eleanor dresses herself we leave the bodies up stairs and go down stairs to see everyone in the living room we stand at the front gathering their attention I look over at Louis and then Liam
"Me and Niall are able to communicate with Danielle and Eleanor on ways you can't imagine" I start off
"What?" Liam says
"Yesterday I experienced a change Eleanor and Danielle had come to me and abled me to see hear and feel them and even talk to them smell them anything" I continued Eleanor came in and sat next to Louis and Danielle came in and sat next to Liam they were still in ghost form
"And as I speak Liam Danielle is to your right and Louis Eleanor is to your left" I say Louis and Liam LOL in the directions of their late girlfriends Eleanor put her hand on Louis' face
"Louis Eleanor has her hand on your face" Niall says
A while later Danielle and Eleanor were getting ready to go into their bodies they was a bright flash and then the bodies' eyes opened and they talked to us the were human again I put their jewelry on for them and Eleanor took my arm and Danielle took Niall's we walked them down the steps as Louis and Liam waited when Louis saw Eleanor he started to cry and smile he walked up to her and kissed her and Liam did the same
They're were so happy I felt darkness approach me and it was coming from Eleanor my heart sank I had a feeling we,thing had was going to happen. And I could tell Niall felt it too
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