Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


12. Ghostly Presence

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(Harry's POV)
I sat my back against Louis' head board and he laid back to me I had to watch him to make sure he didn't hurt himself again.
"I won't do it again Harry" I hear Louis say softly he doesn't turn to look at me or anything he just says it
"I'm going to make sure if that by staying here" I said
"Harry I don't need a babysitter" he said
"Yeah but you need a friend" I said he turned and laid in his back I laid beside him and we went through all the happy memories we had with Eleanor.

(Liam's POV)

Louis' freak out caused a lot of issues with Jace she won't answer any questions anymore and she won't help us with anything she said she had a nightmare and she came in and joined me last night it didn't feel right this time there was cooled patches around my room and whispers.

2 weeks later.....

This house is totally haunted but by what though? Zayn and Niall went out to get a luigi board and a tape recorder and a camera to see if we can capture anything...
When they got home we waited till night fall and set up the stuff
"Is anyone here?" Louis asks
There's a shuffling we all shiver Jace hugs into Pierrie.
When something was pushed of the shelf what ever it is it's angry....

(Harry's POV)

I go and pick up the picture frame and it was a picture of Pierrie, Danielle and Eleanor I get a chill down my back.
Louis and Liam out their fingers on the luigi board thing
"Are you angry with us?" Liam asked it moved from yes to no
"Hold on a second" Niall says he runs into the kitchen and grabs paper slips from the counter with a marker and writes each of our names including Pierrie and Jace he wrote things that they could make a sentence we sit
Liam and Louis re ask their question
"Are you angry with us?" Liam asks and a pieces of paper fly out and the little wooden box of tacks on the ledge of the bulletin board floats over and the ghost or what ever it is slams a taco into the table on the papers
The papers said
Only One Of You I tried to remove of of the tacs when my hand felt like it got slapped I pulled it away
"Ow " I said a tac lightly came out and was placed in front of me
We're their two ghosts or a whole group?
A piece of paper slides out that says 'Sorry'
"So who are you mad at?" Liam asked a chess piece from the TV stand was thrown at him he rubbed the sore spot
"Call a psychic" Niall whispers in my ear
"Would it be easier for you is we call like a ghost whisperer?" I ask
A piece of paper comes out that says 'yes' I nod and looked it up on google on my phone
3 hours later the ghost whisperer was just arriving she walked in and nodded and wrote something down she said she writes things down and then tells us about it later
She nods
"Oh that's terrible" she says like she's talking to someone
"Oh you poor darlings and what are your names?" She asked
She writes down something and keeps walking she nods and responds like she is having a conversation
We sit on the living room I was going to sit beside her when she stopped me
"Woah woah woah someone is sitting there" she said I made a confused face and walked away and sat beside a nervous Louis
"Ok so your house is deffinatly haunted but the ghosts haven't been here for long they are Newley rivals but they've seen things they wish they could un see" she says looking at Liam he looks around
"Ok so your house is haunted by three female ghosts they are in alittle fight would you like to know their names?" She asked
Louis swallowed hard I clamped his hand
"Their names are Eleanor Danielle and- oh grow up just because I didn't say your name first doesn't mean I care less about you"
Louis started balling
"Eleanor!" He called a piece of paper came out of the pile and the marker floated in the air writing something on it it was folded and put in Louis' lap he opened it
I read
'Its ok Louis I love you xo El' he covered his mouth
"Oh my god" he whispered Liam was crying and biting his lip
"Dani?" He says the lights flickered on and off
"She's mad at you" Sharon (the Ghost whisperer) says
"Why?" Liam asked the lamps light bulb bursts
"I'd be careful Liam her energy is like nothing I've seen before" Sharon says
"What did I do though?" Liam asked another lamp bursts
"Danielle please tell me what I did!" He calls out a loud thunder boom went off and it started to pour
"Do you hear that storm? That's Danielle" she says now I'm crying
"I love you" Liam whispers
An even louder boom goes off the lights flick on and off
"Danielle forgive me"
Sharon looks at him
"Don't you see she doesn't want to" she said Liam sobbed
"What do you mean?!" He cried out
"You replaced her she wants no piece of you now" Sharon says
"Replaced her what I never-" he was cut off by a loud thunder boom
"Who's the third person?" I asked
"That doesn't mean he loves you" Sharon says then looks at me
"She says her names Farrah" a really loud thunder goes off lighting flashes
"Farrah?" I ask I feel something squeeze me
"She's hugging you"
"Tell her to get the hell off of me" and instantly something disappears
"She has left" Sharon says
"Eleanor Danielle I miss you too so much I wish I was as strong as you and I don't know what to do anymore without you I'm lost" Pierrie says thunder goes off
"Eleanor half forgives you and Danielle doesn't" Sharon says
"What why?"
"For taking Jace's Side" I hear a whisper beside me
"Holy shit" I jump
"What is it Harry?" Niall asked
"It's Eleanor she's beside me" I said
"How do you know?" Sharon asks
"I just heard her"
"How could you you don't have hearing for ghosts" she says
"Clearly I do" I said
I look back over and I see a faded image of her face Sharon gasped
"Harry she really is there" she says Louis looks across my lap
"El" he whispers
"Where's Danielle?" Niall asked
"Gone" Sharon says
"No!" Liam yells I noticed the storm had stopped
"Dani please come back! I need you I'm nothing with out you"
"Dani still loves him you know" I hear another whisper Eleanor's voice I look over at Sharon
"She can't hear me Harry its just you" she said
"Just like she can't see Danielle sitting beside Niall" she whispers I chuckle
"What's so funny?" Zayn asks
"Nothing" I look over and I can fully see Eleanor now I look around
"Harry no one can see or hear me but you"
"Same with me" Danielle says from beside a clueless Niall
"We chose you" Eleanor says
"For what?" I asked
"You can talk to us now" Danielle says
"Why wouldn't you pick Louis?" I asked
"Wait can't the boys hear me?" I asked
"Your talking from inside your head Harry" Danielle explains
"I am?" I asked
"Yeah don't you realize none of the boys have asked you who your talking to?" Eleanor says
"Yeah yeah but anyways El why wouldn't you pick Lou?" I asked
"I want him to move on and how is he supposed to do that with his dead girlfriend in his mind?" She asked I smiled
"I guess so"
"Can I tell the boys?" I asked
"Go ahead Haz" Danielle says
"Guys u have something to tell you" I said aloud they all looked at me
"I can see feel and hear Danielle and Eleanor" I said
"But Danielle left" Sharon says
"How come she's sitting next to Niall?" I asked
Niall looks to his right
"To your left Ni" I says he chuckles and looks over and puts his hand out like for a high five and I watch as Danielle out hers up to his hand
A tear went down Niall's cheek
"I feel her" he whispers the enclose their hands locking their fingers
"Danielle" Niall whispers
"Niall" she whispers
"Niall she's talking to you" I say
"She is?" He asks I remember Niall trying to save Eleanor and Danielle but he couldn't.
"Tell him I forgive him" Danielle says
"Niall she forgives you" I say Niall smiles but tears are still flowing down his face I'm just so glad they are here,...
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