Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


21. Getting Ready

-Harry's POV-

{5 months later}

Eleanor is due in 6 days the date will be febuary 1st my birthday she said she met a girl with the same due date. Everyone's going to be busy on my birthday. My Mac book is sitting on my lap as I look at tweets from fans counting down to my birthday
"6 Days Harry!!! :) <3" I'm going to be 19... I can't wait to finally not be 18 anymore, it feels like I've been is age forever. Louis walks in with a wrapped present I put the Mac book infront of me and cross my legs Louis sits on my bed
"Hey" he says
"I wanted to give you your present because you know we're going to be busy" he says sliding a present across the bed towards me.
"Thanks Lou you didn't really have too"
"Considering me and El won't be able to be there with you and the boys at your party-" I cut him off
"I'm not having a party" I said he looked at me
"Why not?" He asked
"So everyone can be there for you and Eleanor" I said
"No Harry it's your birthday you deserve a party" he says
"I will have one just a little one you El and the boys maybe my Mum and Gemma can come over" I said
"Are you sure?" He asks sighing
"Lou your having a baby, I'm going to keep having birthdays, your gunna need us there with you"
He hugs me tight
"This is only present 1 I'll get you something bigger for your party" he says while hugging me he puts the present on my lap
"Open it!" He says I rip the wrappers open and it's a picture of me and him the first day we met and the auto graph I gave him, I looked up tears of joy filling my eyes I hugged him
"Thanks Boobear" I said
"Thanks for being such an amazing friend Harry, just because I'm having a baby doesn't mean we want be friends I'll make time for you ill get Liam or Zayn or someone to watch the baby so we can hang out maybe Eleanor will let me have nights off" he says
"Yeah maybe" I said
"We'll have my party in a few days ok?" I say
"Yeah I'll call Anne" Lou says as he gets up and walks out I sit and look at the picture and s I,e and put it on my bedside table.
I completely lied to Louis, I hate not being able to have a birthday party. But I'm a true friend I'd give up anything for Louis.... Even my 19th birthday.
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