Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


10. Explanation

(Liam's POV)

Zayn looked us over
"So have you guys heard from Dani or El lately? They like jumped off the map" he said sipping the hot chocolate he had made us
"Look Zayn some thing happened..." I started he looked up Pierrie walked in
"Hey baby oh my god you guys are back!" She yelled hugging us all and giving us each kisses on the cheeks
"Hey so Pierrie you might wanna take a seat" I said she sat next to Zayn and they both looked confused
"Eleanor and Danielle's loves were Taken." I started Pierrie covered her mouth as tears flowed down her face
"I sorry Ed" I said we called Pierrie 'Ed' because her last name is Edwards Zayn hugged her close
"Who did it?" Zayn asked
"The people who took us but don't worry they got what was coming to them" I said glancing over at Jace who was biting her lip
"So who's she?" Zayn asked
"One of them." I admit
"Then lets kill her" he says standing up
"Woah Zayn think a second she didn't mean to do anything to hurt us she has nothing left to go back too" I said
"Are you saying you feel bad?" Zayn asked
"Relax babe" Ed says holding his hands he sits back down and they hug
"We're going to get going" I say
"Where?" Zayn asks
"The hospital Harry and Louis got hurt while we were in there I wanna make sure they're ok" I said
"Pierrie can you take care of Jace make sure Zayn doesn't hurt her?" I added Pierrie nods
"Wait your leaving me here no Liam" Jace says hugging to me
"Jace please just get bathed and fed" I say she nods and lets to Pierrie takes her up the steps I shortly here the tub running
"Zayn don't hurt her" I say as we leave
"Your just going to trade her in for Danielle?" He asks I turn around
"No! That's not what I'm doing I'm taking car of someone who has nothing to hold onto or go back too!" I snap at him and take Louis and Harry out to Zayn's car where he lent us the keys I drove to the hospital and we got in for urgency the doctors checked out Louis' hand and Harry's arm and cleaned out the wounds with some sort of cleaner which stung so Harry clutched my hand and winced at the pain I hugged him after they bandaged it up they did the same for Louis but he was a trooper and did it himself they bandaged his hand and we walked out of the hospital feeling horrible I didn't get hurt when it was my fault I hugged them close to me the climbed into the cars and stopped by my House so I could grab some clothes when there was a note on my door
I read it out loud to the curious boys behind me
"Liam if you think it's over you are completely wrong we will get you we are coming for the blond one that belongs to your friend Zayn she will suffer wore then Danielle and Eleanor did you better guard her with your lives if not we will kill her band mates. P.S don't try to run P.P.S don't call the police were watching you." I crumpled it and threw it on the ground and stepped into the house and was greeted by Brit my dog Zayn must have been taking care of her because she had fresh food and water in her bowl I go down on my knees and let her lick of fave as I scratch her I walk up the stairs and shower and change I quickly walk back down and put the leash on Brit and walk out with the boys we go in the car Brit sitting in the passenger and the boys sitting in the back we arrive at Harry and Louis' place they moved back in together we open the door and Harrys cat comes running down Zayn was here too Harry picks up Dusty and kisses him and hugs him
"I missed you Dusty" he says Louis chuckles
"It's a cat Harry"
"No it's Dusty" Harry says and puts Dusty back on the floor they go up and shower in each of their own showers and come own nice and refreshed Harry took Dusty to Zayn's house too
We pull up and go into the house Brit goes right to Zayn who kisses her and hugs her Dusty goes to Pierrie and lays on her lap and purs
"I'm going to check on Jace" I said and walked up the stairs
"She's in my room!" Pierrie calls up I don't answer I knocked and walked in she was just putting on some of Pierre's clothes she was pulling her shirt over her head when I walked in
"Sorry" I apologise
She turns and smiles at me taking her long black hair out from the shirt and pulling it over the side
"Oh please Liam" she says I give her a slight smile
She walked up o me and gave me a hug I hugged her back
"I'm sorry about your two friends I had no idea Joe and Farrah had that planned" she whispered
"It's ok Jace" I whispered back she kissed my neck I backed my head away from over her shoulder and she looked into my eyes
She kissed my lips something inside me clicked she kissed like Danielle I wanted this moment it was just like kissing Danielle I kissed her back wrapping my arms around her tightly
I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I kissed her after a minute she backed up and covered her lips with her hand
"I'm sorry Liam" she apologise I had this feeling with her that I shouldn't have is it love? I don't know she went o walk out if the room when I grabbed her hand
"Jace it's ok" I said
"No it's not" she said and tried to walk away but I pulled her back and kissed her again putting my hands on her jawline her hands on my sides

(Louis' POV)

Me and Harry were in the kitchen he was sitting on the counter with Dusty by his side he was feeding him kitty kibbles one by one as he was talking to me
"Liam has a thing for her I'm telling you" he says
"Yeah I agree Harold but how could he? She was involved with Danielle's murder his girlfriend if he forgets" I said
"How much do you wanna get their up there getting all sappy just eww" he says shivering
"Yeah I bet they are but it's his life but I swear I'm still vengeful for Eleanor I will kill anyone or seriously beat the shit out of the people who say they as involved with those three girls" I said Harry pauses and looks down at Dusty and feeds him a kibble and scratches below his china and kisses his head and Dusty jumps off the counter and trots down the hallway Harry jumps off the counter and washes his hands and comes over to me
"We can't let him screw his life up even more" he says
"Yep" I say we walk out and join Pierre and Zayn for tea as Jace and Liam come down the stairs I avoid eye contact sipping my tea I look over at Harry who is doing the same I don't want them together I don't give them my blessing.
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