Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


5. Devil Inside Me.

(Liam's POV)

I was crying because its been half an hour since we've heard anything any noise any movements from Niall.

"He's not dead Liam" Harry tried to sooth me

"we dont know that promise me Harry if any of those bitches comes down help me attack her" I said

"Your not going to do that Liam thats not you" He said

"I guess" I said then we heard the door open I felt anger boil up inside me

her heels clicked on the wood and as soon as I saw her face I went into attack mode

I tackled her to the hard ground and held her by the throat stranggeling her straddling her so she could not move she couldnt scream to much of her oxygen

the Devil Inside Me came out Harry came over and tried to pull me off but I was not going anywhere her eyes started to close when I got tackled off of her and I looked up and Louis was starddeling me holding me down

Harry was cheaking the girls pulse

"She is alive but barely" He said dragging her over to us

I was still angry

"Thats for Niall!" I yelled and spit on her

Louis covered my mouth

"Liam stop" he said

I was trying to get loose so I could finish what I started

"Liam stop it!" Louis yelled at me snapping me back into reality.

Harry was leaning over her when I realized who I attacked Jace the one who was actually being nice to me

I got out of Louis' arms and kneeled over her

"Oh my god I am so sorry Jace" I said

she was crying

"You were killing me"

"Your killing us" I said

"Whatever" She said

"Wait dont go" Harry stopped her she looked at him and sighed

"Fine what?" she asked

"We wanna make a deal with Farrah" I said


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