Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


6. Deal Wth The Devil

(Liam's POV)

"So you want me to tell Farrah that you wanna make a deal?" Jace asked

"Yep" Louis said she nodded and got up from the ground

I bit my lip I looked over and saw Harry leaning against the wall looking down He had a blank expression on his face Louis looked at him full of sadness he went to crawl over when I put my hand on his arm

"Let him be" I said

(Harry's POV)

*(Listen to Craig Armstrong's World Trade Center It Is What Drove Harry's Sadness)*

I've come to realize I'm not going to get out of here alive I will never see Gemma my Mum my Dad Zayn Paul no one I will die down here I will die because of my passion for singing I finally made it being sucessful being important to the world to people most of that being teenage girls but I still meant something. I had a hole in my stomach I will never be able to see sun light ever again I only will be able to see the faint lighting of this basement I have Louis and Liam but I wish I had more I need more I dont want to die I will fight to the minute I die I would die for Louis or Liam even Poor Niall I just need to know if Zayn is safe or if any of them are safe then I could die at peace

Why havent the police came yet? arent they looking for us? No one must care they must think we were just one of those foolish boy bands that were stupid and full of themselves when all we ever wanted to do was proceed in our dreams of being singers of bringing joy to people by doing what we love

I dont wanna die.. Its not my time.

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