Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


3. Blades Are For Fakes

(Liam's POV)

I sat looking at my injured friends not a scratched on me she didnt do anything to me but I was the one being rude she thought it would hurt me more if she hurt my friends and she was completley spot on seeing Louis and Harry hurt was heart broken

"Louis Harry I am so sorry" I said

"Liam stop apologizing really its ok" Louis said

"I feel horrible thought this is my fault" I said

"None of this is your fault were going to be ok" Harry said

"Aww thats sweet how you can pull yourselves threw these dark times" Farrah said as she enetered the room followed by Jace and Carmen

"Jace" I whisper yelled

she came over and knelled beside me

"Whats wrong Liam?" she asked

"Are Zayn and Niall ok?" I asked the cirnes of her mouth curved up

"Oh yeah about them I cant tell you but nice try" She said and got up and joined Farrah and Carmen again I saw Carmen glance at Harry's Wounded arm

"We've decided to take the ropes off" Farrah said I noticed She had a srtong Irish accent

"We can go home?" Harry asked

she kneeled beside him, she looked at his wounded arm

"Who did this to you?" She asked

"Carmen" Harry sau weakly

Farrah stood up and slapped Carmen across the face

"Woah what was that for?" Jace said standing infront protecting her little sister

"She should keep her hands on her own member" Farrah said

she kneeled infront of Harry again

"Im sorry for what Carmen did to you she can be a bit.. you know anyway this is your new home here with me" she said kissing his tear stained cheek

"were not going to be roped?" Harry asked

"No your gonna be shackled so you can atleast crawled around" She said

Harry just put his head down she lifted it lightly

"Hey I love you" she said

"Atleast that makes one of us" Harry said

"Ooh" Louis said

Farrah glared at Louis he looked down

"Dont hurt him Farrah Louis is mine" Jace said

"I wont touch him" Farrah said

"Just tell him to keep his mouth shut" she added

"Goodluck with that" I said Louis chuckled

"Whatever, come on girls thats grab the shackels" Farrah said

she kissed Harry on the cheek and went out of the room Jace and Carmen following close behind

Harry struggled to get out of the ropes and then yelled in anger

"I want to get the fuck out of here!" he yelled

"Harry yelling is just going to make it worse" Louis said

"I dont give a shit" Harry said and tried on the ropes again and then put his head back against the poll and cried softly.

 I sighed softly.

"Oh Boys" Farrah chimed

"Fuck me" Louis said

she came to the room and dropped a bag of chains I swallowed hardly

"Whos first?" Farrah asked

"I'll do Liam" Carmen said she walked towards me

"Dont fucking touch me" I said Jace bit her lip probably holding in a laugh

"Your mine remember" She said

"Fuck you and your Mine shit I said dont fucking touch me" I said

"Can you guys hold him down while I shackle him?" Carmen asked Farrah and Jace walked up and held me down as Carmen cut my ropes with her pocket knife and put shackles on my wrists, they were cold at first Farrah went over to Harry

"Now do Jace and Carmen need to hold you down?" she asked

"I wont fight you" Harry said

I had a spark of hope Harry was going to hit her and run out perfect just what we needed he could tell the police!

but when she un roped him he didnt fight he just sat there what the hell?! she shackled him and Jace went over to Louis and shackeled him he didnt fight either after they took our ropes up the stairs

as soon as they left Harry crawled over to Louis and cuddled up to him their friendship was the strongest one of all I went over to them and we hugged we sat in a huddle praying for Niall and Zayn










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