Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


16. Big News

(Harry's POV)

Day 2

I sat with the boys and Danielle and Pierrie as we heard Louis and Eleanor cheer with happiness when they came down the hall
"Guys guys!" Louis yelled
"What is it?" I asked worried
"I'm going to be a father" Danielle squeezed my knee I look over at her we exchange worried looks Niall chokes on his food as Liam slaps him in the back Zayn just sat there mouth open same with Pierrie
"Excuse me El can I talk to you I wanna one something" Danielle says with a big smile on her face Eleanor nods and they walk out of the room

(Danielle's POV)

Are you crazy?!" I whisper yell at her as we get up to me and Liam's room
"What do you mean?" She asks
"That baby isn't even going to have a chance to live remember your 7 day count down?" Say she frowns
"Maybe my body accepted the change other wise I wouldn't be pregnant right?" We says I nod
"It's a possibility..." I say nibbling my nail
"What do you think it is?" I ask
"A boy same with Louis" Eleanor says putting her hands on her stomach
"You know your going to have to name him Tommy" I said
"Yeah Louis explained the whole thing to me this morning" she says I smile
"Are you guys going to get married before you have the baby bump?" I ask
"No we wanna wait" she says looking at the engagement ring
"I'm happy for you Eleanor" I say as we hug
"Thanks Danielle" she says we walk out Louis gets up and laces his fingers in Eleanor's
I sit next t Harry again
"So what gender do you guys think it is?" Liam asked
"Boy" they both say
Louis kisses her cheek
He hugs her from behind putting his hand on her belly
"Lets take a monthly photo!" Zayn says excitedly
"She's only been pregnant for like 2 days Zayn" Harry says
"Oh right" Zayn says we all laugh
"So should we tell the fans?" Pierrie asks
"No!" I shout everyone looks at me
"I mean lets just see how long it takes for them to find out" I say smiling
Harry squeezes my knee the same I did to him his touch gave me butter flys
"Actually I've been pregnant since the day after me and Dani came back" she says
"What's the difference really?" Liam asks
We all laugh
Eleanor smiles
"A lot actually it brings him closer to us" she said blushing Louis kissed her cheek

The 7th day : the moment of truth

(Harry's POV)

I was reading my book (Twilight) (don't judge me!)
When Eleanor comes running down the stairs and stands infront of me I don't even look at her I keep reading it was a good part she gets impatient and rips it from my hands and throws it across the room
I look up
"What?" I ask
"I'm still alive Harry!" She says I get up
"Yay" I cheer with her for about five seconds and go across the room and pick up my book and go up to my room to read in peace

1 month later....

(Louis' POV)

El is 1 month and 1 week along Liam took the first month picture I sat on the ground beside her with a piece of paper that said
"1 Month!" I smiled and pointed to her belly
We joined everyone else for breakfast.
me and El had to dress in disguise to go to the baby doctor place where she would get a ultra sound
We walked through the doors and Eleanor whispered her name and we were shortly allowed into the room where the doctor out the gel on and showed Eleanor her little baby
"Aww" Eleanor said we smiled
'Are you her partner?" The doctor asked I looked behind me and pointed to my self when I turned to face him again
"Me?" I asked
"Yes is this a sperm donation?" He asks
"No" I say
"Her and her boyfriend conceived naturally I guess" I said
"Oh so your the best friend"
"Yep." I said the rest was just awkward I couldn't wait to leave, she. We did El got her pictures and we drove home still in our disguises we got into the house I pecked Liam and she kissed Louis and we showed them the pictures that's when Niall and Harry came up and grabbed the picture and looked at it I looked behind me to see Zayn. Still engaged in the TV show
"Thanks fr being so chill Zayn!" I call down the hall over the fighting boys
"No prob Dani!" He called back I smiled
"Alright alright stop fighting!" I yell they all stop. Get the picture back from Niall and hand it to dark or her and Louis go up the stairs
"Hey Lou keep it in your pants we don't want twins!" Harry calls up the stairs I laughed
Hoping Eleanor would survive through the pregnancy longer.
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