Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


9. Back Ups? Really?

(Liam's POV)
Harry finished hot wiring the car Niall wanted to drive Harry sat up front with him and me and Lou sat in the back Niall pressed the garage door opener and and sped out pulling out of the drive way we all squinted from the sun light Niall sat at the end of the drive way and pulled out another car instantly ramming us frightening all of us it spun us around
"What the hell!" Niall yelled I peeked over the seat and Jace was still unconscious
"Jeez Styles how much coloraform did you use on her?" Louis said
"I didn't know how long to keep it over her mouth" Harry said from the front seat Niall and Louis got out of the car because they were closer
"I've got a bad feeling about this" I said I reached over the chairs grabbing Jace and holding her close incase we had to run
"Go go go!" Niall and Louis yelled while running toward us Harry crawled over the seats and opened the passenger door Niall came around and took Jace from my arms and threw her over his shoulder and we ran there was a forest up ahead Louis pointed it out we ran Into it Niall carriing Jace still he had her like a princess again and we ran down a steep hill Harry tripped I helped him up Louis was leading the group the men who had crashed us were hollering after us it was noon it would be getting dark soon we ran our hardest Harry was holding his forearm where Carmon had cut him I put my hand on his shoulder while running
"Everything alight?" I asked
"When I fell I scrapped it open it won't stop bleeding" he said he took his hand off of it and it was covered in blood
"Here" Niall said from behind us he handed us the Bandadna from Jace's eyes I folded it so it could cover his wound and he held it there we continued to run behind Louis I looked behind us and I could only see faint figures following us we kept running breathing heavily
"keep going boys" I said
We ran and ran eventually we went through the other side to leave us in an abandon garage and you won't believe what we saw there...a car we all climbed in and the spare key was hidden but we found it easily He passed the keys to Niall and we out Jace inbetween me and Louis this time and Harry sat up front
"Nice to see our luck has turned" I said Louis chuckled he pulled water bottles out from under the seat
Louis passed them out Harry cracked one open for Niall Niall drove with one hand as he drank the men that were chasing us hi jacked a car from someone
"These people are crazy and relentless!" Harry said watching them
Niall leaned over and turned on the radio The Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the devil was just starting he smiled and turned it up and sped up it was a car chase now he sped up the roads nothing but dirt no cars at all he sped fast down the roads being chased by the men in a mini van I put my head out the window to look behind us and saw that they were on hot pursuit
"Here" Louis said handing me a handful of pebbles
"I filled my pockets while Harry was getting the key just in case you know I could hold them off with rocks
I nodded and hung out the window and threw rocks at the window I missed for about 2 and then got one right on the passenger side the speed we were going it craked the window the rock was stuck in the window I chuckled Louis threw a whole handful out landing most of them on the windshield Harry changed the channel and We Will Rock You by Queen was starting Harry cheered and turned it up loud hitting along on his legs Niall was hitting the steering wheel to the beat singing along occasionally Niall swerved around a corner and a GPS fell Harry set it for Zayn's address and told Niall where to turn it turns out we had to turn around
"What are we supposed to do now?" Harry asked
"I'm a better driver then I look" Niall said he swerved and turned complete around while our procures had to do it slowly we chuckled I high fived Niall we had a head start now We Will Rock You ended and the next sing came on Its Time by Imagine Dragons Niall turned it up he loves this song
I looked into the review mirror and saw his eyes focusing on the road blue with a little bit of green coming out of his peuple his Quiff big and blond but his brown in growth looked good he looked up his eyes connecting with mine in the mirror I nodded my head and he looked back at the road Jace woke up she tried to talk but the duck tape muffled her voice Louis peeled it off not trying to be gentle
"Ways going on?" She asked
"We took you" Louis said
"Where?" She asked
"On the road your not aloud to know" Louis said
"No seriously where are we going?" She asked
"Tell her" I said
"We're going to Zayn's house and if anything happened to him I will kill you like I did Farrah" Louis said
"I actually killed her" Harry said turning around Back in Time by Pitbull came on and Niall turned it up ignoring the fact we wanted to talk to Jace I guess he had zero respect for her the men were still chasing us it was still dirt road as well Niall was actually a really good driver Harry told him to turn and Niall made it look like he was going straight until he swerved loosing our procures he still sped not risking them catching up we hit concreat road we got into London as our procures caught up to us we got stuck In a traffic jam I untied and held Jace's hand as we got out of the car and ran threw the never moving traffic Niall leading he lead us threw the skinny path
I was behind him holding on to Jace our hands linked Harry behind her and Louis at the back people were shrieking when they saw us we have been off the map for about 2 months and now we were back Niall knew the way to Zayn's he led us down a street we ran through a park looking behind us the men had lost our track at the traffic they must not know where Zayn lives we reached Zayn's front door out of breath Niall dug in his jean pocket and pulled out a single key and unlocked the door we walked in the house was silent it smelt like cookies we walked up the stairs Zayn was just getting out of the shower he had sandy skinny jeans on but no shirt he was drying his hair with a towel when he noticed us standing
"Oh my god guys!" He yelled he ran up and hugged Niall close then Harry then Louis then me he looked at me and Jace's hands
"Who the hell is she?" He asked
"Long story" I said with a sigh
"Well tell me come lets go down int he living room" he said leading us to the room we sat on the couches he sat across from all of us
"So tell me" he said we all took a big breath and told him everything apart from Eleanor and Danielle we didn't think he could take that they were his friends too...
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