Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


20. Baby's Gender

-Louis' POV-

{3 Months later}

Liam was driving us to the appointment today were finding out the gender El was wearing one of my Wool sweaters and yoga pants and converse she was wearing my favorite pink one with the multi colored color marks on it, I wore it in france on an interview with Harry.
We pulled in and had to wait their were women with big bellies El was talking to a girl that was 16 and pregnant she was really excited about meeting us.
"When is your baby due?" El asked
"February 1st Harry's birthday!" She says excitedly I smile when I get home I'm telling him that.
"When's yours due?" Se asks
"I no set lay couldn't tell you we don't even know if it's a boy or a girl yet" Eleanor says
"Mines a girl" she says
"Do you have a name picked out?"
"Danielle" she says
"As in Danielle Peazer?" Eleanor asks
"Yeah. I'm a big fan of Liam and Danielle" she says I look over at the door Liam was getting tea,
"I'll be right back boo" I said kissing Eleanor's cheek I walked out fixing my braces and I walked into the coffee shop and spotted Liam, I walked up to him and he turned with the tray of teas for me and El and one for himself
"can we get one more?" I asked the worker who looked like she was going to faint at the sight of me and Liam together.
She made the tea I paid for all of them the worker was about 40
"I'm sorry but do you guys have time to take a picture?" She asks
"Of course" I say cutting off a refusing Liam. She gets out her phone and me and Liam take a selfie beside her I kiss her cheek
"My daughters are going to love this thank you lads" she says
"Your welcome" we say
"Liam there is this girl and she's a fan of you and Danielle, and she's naming her baby Danielle. Like after your Danielle and would you mind talking to her you know making her happy because she's 16 and pregnant, just imagine the stress she's going through" I said
"I will if it makes her happy" he says we walk in I take the tray from Liam he takes his tea and her tea and sits beside her
"Hello" he says her jaw drops I hand Eleanor her tea and she looks at me
"That was very sweet of you Louis" Eleanor says I just land a kiss at the corner of her mouth

It's finally Eleanor's turn we walk in Liam stays out with the girl we soon learned her name as Lisa.
We go through the appointment and then the big question comes up
"Is it a boy or a girl?" I ask
"It's a...." He kept us on suspense.
"Come on" Eleanor says smiling
"It's a boy" a stupid smile spreads across my lips
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