Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


17. Baby Shopping

-Harry's POV-

"Dan stop putting so much stuff in the cart like look how small this stuff is what if he babies fat?" I asked holding up a cream green onesie she sighs and takes it from my hands
"Don't say that" she says I chuckled
"Imagine it came out with like a huge ass and every ones like Louis" I says laughing she hurt me in the arm but looked to be holding back a smile.
"Harry stop" she says smiling
"Imagine it was like booosh" I said making weird loud noises holding my hands out far apart she started laughing
"Stop!" She yelled laughing I smiled when she saw a cute shirt she started jumping her curls bouncing
"Oh my god Harry I have that dry were buying it!" She says I sigh and roll my eyes smiling she runs across the isle and takes it
"What if it's a boy?" I ask
"What if it's a girl?" She says
"Ahh good" I say pointing to her
"I just can't wait to see the baby now to see how big it's ass is gun-" she cuts me off by slapping her hand over my mouth I lick her hand she pulls it away
"Stop swearing were in a baby section" she says
"Oh yeah right but I just can't wait" I said
"What if El dies?" She says
"Why would you say that Dan talk about downer!" I said she looks at me
"I'm just bringing out reality Haz" she says
"I hope she makes it though" I say
"Me to" she says

-Liam's POV-

"El Lou come on we got a doctors appointment to get too!" I call up the stairs Lou and El come into view we walk out people taking pictures the public knows El is pregnant with Louis' baby so they've been like camping out side of out house
"Wait!" Niall yells runny out if the house and jumping infront of my car while I'm trying to drive down the driveway I out my head out the window
"Jesus Niall I could have ran you over are you stupid?!" I yell he smirks and gets in the passenger door Eleanor is laughing
"Nice one Nialler" Louis says
"Don't encourage him Louis" I said Louis put his head down we were pulling out when they kept flashing
Niall rolled down his window and before I could stop him he yelled out the window
"Can you guys go home instead of take pictures of us like seriously don't you have anything better to do than sit her all day just to get pictures like seriously your lives must suck! You-" he cut off by me pulling him back inside by the collar of his shirt and closing the window Niall smushed his nose against his window Louis and Eleanor were dying of laughter
I sigh and drive forward Niall flips off a pap I smack him in the arm
"Ni stop your going to get us in trouble" I said
"Relax Liam" he said
"I hate you guys" why couldn't Zayn take them instead of sleep?!

-Harry's POV-

"Oh my god Harry look this onesie has a carrot on it!" Dan says excitedly
"Oh and little bunny ears on the hood" she adds
"Just get it Dan I wanna go home" I said getting tired
"Your no fun Haz" she said
"Yeah well I'm not a girl shopping can only be fun for so long" I said
"Oh quit whining and lets go" she said as we went to the checkout
"Is this all?" The cashier girl asks
"I hope so" I said the cashier girl giggled
"Your baby?" She asks me and Danielle look at each other and laugh historically
"Us a baby?" I say between laughs
"Imagine that?" Dani says to me laughing Eventually we stop laughing
"Yeah that's all" I say handing her my credit card. I put the pin in and we grab the bags and leave we load up the boot of my car and got in we started driving back to the house when we saw milkshake city we pulled in and walked in getting pictures token of us we got our milkshakes and drove home finishing them.
We got home and Zayn looked like he was just getting up we put down the bags and Zayn looked at us
"Why so much?" He said
"Dan went a little crazy" I said
"Do we know the gender yet?" He asks
"Nope" I say plopping down on the couch
"Ok then, oh yeah Harry Louis wanted me to tell you, the bird flies solo or something like that" Zayn says
"The bird flies solo.." I said remembering and then it came to me I quickly got up and ran to Louis and Eleanor's room and checked under the bed and pulled out the bin and opened it
I smiled at its contents
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