Harry, Louis and Liam are kidnapped by a crazy fan will they be able to get free or will they be locked away forever?


1. Awakening

(Liam's POV)

I woke up my head felt heavy I looked around it was kinda dark I let my eyes adjust a little bit and then I saw them Harry and Louis tied to different polls to across from me only a few feet away from me
"Louis!" I whisper yelled
I waited no one made a sound I saw a wrench I used my foot to get it and kicked it over it hit him in the leg he moaned and started to wake up we must have been taken from the concert cause I saw the bright red chinos and striped shirt on Louis, and the navy blue blazer with white shirt and white jeans I same the 'H' crest by his heart
"Liam?" Louis whispered weakly
"Louis are you ok?" I asked
"Is that you Liam?" He said
"Yes it's me Liam"
"Where are we?" He asked he was fully awoken now
"I don't know but were in a basement" I said looking around
Louis looked around and saw Harry with knocked out still
"Is that Harry?" He asked
"Yeah it's just the three of us Zayn and Niall are no where to be seen." I said
"You don't think they killed them do you?" Louis asked putting the thought of Zayn and little Nialler dead somewhere made me want to cry
"They can't be dead and if they wanted to kill Niall and Zayn why keep us alive?" I asked
"True" Louis said
"Louis see the wrench by your foot?" I asked
"Yeah" he said
"Kick so it hits Harry and wakes him up we gotta find a way out" I said
"Look at your Mr.Clever" Louis said its funny how he can make a wise crack while we're kidnaped
He kicked the wrench over and it hit Harry in the leg and he woke up immediately
"What where are we?" He asked
Me and Louis told him everything he tried to get out of the ropes but he couldn't
"I don't wanna die Liam" Harry said crying
"Stay strong Harry" I said holding back tears of my own
"Be strong" I whispered to myself we heard the door open sets of footsteps coming down the stairs three girls came down the stairs a blonde a black haired and a brown haired the brown haired was wearing pink skinny jeans and a white shirt that showed a little but of her stomach and white heels came up to me
She kneeled and looked me over
"Please let me go" I whispered she looked at me sincerely
"I can't" she whispered back
"Carmen how's Liam?" The blonde haired one said she seemed to be the boss, she was kneeling at Harry
The black haired one was a kneeling at Louis
"Why can't you cut the ropes let me and my friends go" I whispered
"I can't please don't hurt me" she said
"I can't hurt you even if I wanted to I'm tied up" I whispered
"I'm sorry" she said getting up and walking up the stairs the rest of the girls followed her.
"What was that about?" Harry asked
"I don't know but the brown haired girl is the weakling if anyone's going to give in its going to be her" I whispered
"I hope" they said

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