I Owe You My Life (Niall Horan)

Ingrid Was Only 4 When Her Mom Passed Away , 2 Years Later Her Father Re-Married, Another 8 Years Later Her Father Had A Bad Accident , he survived but has Been in a come for almost 3 years. Ingrid had no choice but to live with her step mom who was nice to her but both her step brother and sister bullied her. Her Step sister Telly would make Ingrid do her chores and clean up after her everytime her step mom was in the hospital. Her step brother Mike always gives her a look that showed he wanted her so bad, he would try to sleep with her but she tries to stay away as possible but ends up getting raped and more abuse , and gets bad news she decides to take her own life away but this boy Niall Comes in, is He able to save her and protected her?!


4. What Was Going On


I was scared I didnt know what to do, I saw Mike
What in the hell is he trying to do ?!
I kicked him and he let go
"Ahh you bitch!" He yelled
I Made a run for it , I ran down the stores trying to head of to the front door
But somehow he caughed up to me and pushed me so hard I fell to the ground
I tried crawling away so fast but he got me by the legs and pinned me down
"Leave Me alone please!" I begged , tears streaming down my face I was scared I try to escape
But he was so strong
"Instead of that how about I show you a good time!" He said as he had my arms pinned down and kissing me down my neck, it felt so disgusting
"GET OFF ME! HELP!" I yelled I Really needed to make a run for it but I couldnt
"Shut the hell up!" He yelled at me he got some duck tape and covered my mouth and taped my hands to the wood floor he got up and took his pants off and started taking mine off I kept kicking so he wouldnt but he pinned them down with his knees
I tried yelling screaming but I couldnt with the type on my mouth
He finally took my pants along with my underwear
He went in , it hurt , I was being raped
I couldnt belive this was happening
I couldnt stop crying tears coming down so fast so many of them, they all had a meaning!
Why me , he was hurting me , he was going so hard so deep!
I hated him so much! I wanted all to be a dream! But it was reality


"I Cant Believe they would do that Ugh!" Harry yelled with anger
"Its not a big deal Harry" Liam Told him trying to calm down
"No big deal?! Are you fucking kidding me its a big deal! Those songs werent suppose to be leaked!" Louis Yelled at Liam
They started arguing and it really got me upset yelling at each other cussing each other out
"Thats not acceptable Liam! Those songs were suppose to have a date to be realeased , we wanted it to be a suprise for the fans!" Zayn Yelled at Liam
"Calm down lads!" Liam said
They started yelling at Liam I felt bad for they way they talked to him when all he try to do is calm them down
"Guys! Please calm down! It isnt a deal those songs were going to come out sooner or later please stop gaining at Liam" I Said
They continued the argumet I couldnt take it so I went to my room and fell asleep.
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