I Owe You My Life (Niall Horan)

Ingrid Was Only 4 When Her Mom Passed Away , 2 Years Later Her Father Re-Married, Another 8 Years Later Her Father Had A Bad Accident , he survived but has Been in a come for almost 3 years. Ingrid had no choice but to live with her step mom who was nice to her but both her step brother and sister bullied her. Her Step sister Telly would make Ingrid do her chores and clean up after her everytime her step mom was in the hospital. Her step brother Mike always gives her a look that showed he wanted her so bad, he would try to sleep with her but she tries to stay away as possible but ends up getting raped and more abuse , and gets bad news she decides to take her own life away but this boy Niall Comes in, is He able to save her and protected her?!


6. Speak

*Ingrid's POV*
I couldnt do it , this blonde who had an accent stopped me .
I had no choice he had a convincing look .
As as soon as a came down the bridge I fell straight into his strong arms
I cried my pain out for what seemed hours .
Finally the silience was broken .
"Why?!" The boy asked with sad but caring eyes .
"Huh?!" I said as I sniffed and Cried still holding on .
I felt safe and protected in his arms .
"Why did you want to jump?" He asked as he hugged me a bit tight .
I hugged him back , "I.....I...Hate my life!" I said as I bursted in tears again still holding on to him .
"Calm down love , look lets go get some Nandos and we can go to a park and eat there and you can talk to me about it" The boy said as he patted my hair down .
I felt safe , but I wasnt sure if I wanted to tell him about my step sister , my step brother raping .
My dad in a life or death situation .
I wasnt sure about speaking .
I just nodded my head and he took me by my hand and we walked across to Nandos .
He order almost the whole menu which was adorable .
He was sweet enough to order me some food .
When we got the food we went to his car and straight to a park .
The ride to the park I was silent .
"So you never told me your name love" The boy said .
"Erm...Ingrid" I said in a low voice .
"Ingrid , thats a pretty name" The boy said as he gave me the mosy attractive smile .
"Yours?" I asked also in a low voice .
"Niall , Niall Horan" He said as he pulled his hand out so I can shake it .
But some how I was scared , but I trusted him so I took it and shoked it .
"Nice" I said and things went back to being silent .
We finally made it to the park which looked more like a clearing , but it was beautiful .
We finally came to what looked like a forest .
We went through and we came across a clearing , the same one my dad use to bring me to .
I felt a knot on my throat , but I try not to cry but it was hard , I dropped a tear .
We Finally came straight to the big oak tree .
I couldnt help but brust in tears .
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