I Owe You My Life (Niall Horan)

Ingrid Was Only 4 When Her Mom Passed Away , 2 Years Later Her Father Re-Married, Another 8 Years Later Her Father Had A Bad Accident , he survived but has Been in a come for almost 3 years. Ingrid had no choice but to live with her step mom who was nice to her but both her step brother and sister bullied her. Her Step sister Telly would make Ingrid do her chores and clean up after her everytime her step mom was in the hospital. Her step brother Mike always gives her a look that showed he wanted her so bad, he would try to sleep with her but she tries to stay away as possible but ends up getting raped and more abuse , and gets bad news she decides to take her own life away but this boy Niall Comes in, is He able to save her and protected her?!


5. Life Saver

*Niall's Pov*
This Morning I woke up still upset about the arguing .
I went down stairs to get me something to eat .
The boys were eating as well , but they were giving each other the silent treatment .
It was really akward and frustrated .
It looked like Liam was more upset about being charged at .
Nobody was talking , they were really silent .
It was frustrating , I couldnt take it any more .
"Are You Really Still Mad About The Damn Album Being Leaked?! Wow Guys!" I said trying to break the silience .
"Niall , The whole album was leaked , that was unacceptable" Harry Said
Before I knew it the arguing started again .
"Seriously! You Guys can do better then this!" I said , as I got the car keys and walked out .
I was thinking of going to Nandos , the only place that made me feel more calm .
When I got there , Nandos was closed .
So I waited in the car .
Suddenly I noticed an old bridge , no cars driving through .
I noticed a girl sitting down , I stared at her for a while .
She got up and my guess she was leaving but I thought wrong .
She stood up on the bridge , like she was about to fall .
I quickly got out the car and ran toward the girl .
I was glad I made it in time .
"Woah Woah What Are you doing?" I said trying to make sure she didnt drop .
"Wh..Who Are You?" She said , tears in her eyes .
"Dont worry about that , right now , but please love come down" I said trying toncalm her down .
"N...No..I Want to die , I dont deserve this!" She said , it broke my heart .
"Love , you're to young , you still have alot to look for in the future , please love come down" I said , I felt tears forming in my eyes .
She looked at me and our eyes met , She looked at me so hurt , she looked undecided .
I gave her a look "Please" I said as I held my hand out , she gave it a look and gave up .
She took a hold of my hand , I pulled her towards me , and she hugged me and cried on my arms .
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