I Owe You My Life (Niall Horan)

Ingrid Was Only 4 When Her Mom Passed Away , 2 Years Later Her Father Re-Married, Another 8 Years Later Her Father Had A Bad Accident , he survived but has Been in a come for almost 3 years. Ingrid had no choice but to live with her step mom who was nice to her but both her step brother and sister bullied her. Her Step sister Telly would make Ingrid do her chores and clean up after her everytime her step mom was in the hospital. Her step brother Mike always gives her a look that showed he wanted her so bad, he would try to sleep with her but she tries to stay away as possible but ends up getting raped and more abuse , and gets bad news she decides to take her own life away but this boy Niall Comes in, is He able to save her and protected her?!


3. Heading Home

I Only spend like an hour or two at the hospital , I had to go home and do my chores and Telly's too
When I got home Telly had the music up she was listen to a song called Up All Night
Thats All she listen too One Direction , I really didnt pay attention to them mainly because Telly Didnt let me, she says that there her "babies" so I shouldnt listen to them because they never like to have a fan like me, selfish brat
I walked up to my room trying to make sure she dont see me
"Ingrid?!" She turned to music down and opened her door
"Yes Telly?!" I responded back to her
"Here wash my clothes and clean my room" she said smacking her gum on my face
"Can You Do Your Chores For Once In Your Life?!" I said
"Dont Talk to me like that you slut!" She screamed
"You know maybe if you do your chores then maybe that boy band would want to date you"
I said
"Dont Go There With Me Okay?! Now Clean My damn room and was my damn clothes!"
She Said "Im Going out so when I come back I better see my room clean and my clothes in there place" she said pushing me and walking down stairs slamming the door
Before I could walk to my room
Someone came behind me and covered my mouth........
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