I Owe You My Life (Niall Horan)

Ingrid Was Only 4 When Her Mom Passed Away , 2 Years Later Her Father Re-Married, Another 8 Years Later Her Father Had A Bad Accident , he survived but has Been in a come for almost 3 years. Ingrid had no choice but to live with her step mom who was nice to her but both her step brother and sister bullied her. Her Step sister Telly would make Ingrid do her chores and clean up after her everytime her step mom was in the hospital. Her step brother Mike always gives her a look that showed he wanted her so bad, he would try to sleep with her but she tries to stay away as possible but ends up getting raped and more abuse , and gets bad news she decides to take her own life away but this boy Niall Comes in, is He able to save her and protected her?!


2. Days Before

"Ingrid?!" My step mom yelled as a ran down the stairs
"Yes" I Said
"Im Going To The Hospital now, you want to join?" She asked me, I saw in her face she was tired and she wanted to rest she's been doing so much for me and my dad
"Uh How Bout You get some rest and I will spend a few hours with dad?" I said to her giving her a concern look
"No no I dont want to leave your fathers sight what if he wakes up?!" She said looking sad, my dads accident was hard on her I mean being in a coma for almost 4 years she really missed my father, she loved him
"Well You need rest you look exhausted and if dad wakes up I will call you as soon as possible"
I told her she still denied my request she really wanted to be with my father
"How Bout you join me and we can watch after him?" She suggested
I had no choice so I said yes anything to get out the house and avoid mystep sisters rude commenents and her chores , and to stay away from my step brothers sexuall comments
"Yeah let me get my bag and we can head out" I said running back to my room and getting my things and locking my room, I really didnt trust Telly Or Mike on my room so I kept that locked
"Ready" I said giving her a fake smile
"Ingrid sweetie I know it isnt easy seeing your dad in a coma that is serious it isnt easy on me either" she said with tears filling my and her eyes
"No please dont cry I hate seeing you cry" worst feeling is seeing your mother cry , she might not have been my real mom but I loved her like one she made my dad happy and she has always been so gentle and sweet to me, I dont get whybshe would have kids like Telly and Mike
Telly Hated Me I dont know why I havent done nothing to her I guess she jealous she isnt the only girl anymore. Mike ugh I hated him! He always looks at me like he is dying to sleep with me that dirty idiot just wants to get on my pants! He is always saying really disturbing things and tryong so hard to sleep with me but that will never happen! Not even if me and him were the only 2 people alive, I mean he is a bit handsome but I cant with my step Brother
A Few Minute Me and My Step Mom showed up at the hospital and headed towards my dads room
He looked so peacefull , so still , no movement I couldnt help but break down and cry, I hate seeing my father like that my father the only thing I had left my daddy ugh I hated this
all that ran through my mind were flashbacks of me and my dad playing and running when I was a little girl, being chased by him along with my mom, my real mom seeing us laughing and enjoying a nice family time, I would see my dad coming home from work and how exited I was to see him home I would run to him and hug him and he woukd pick me up and spin me around even if I was a teenager, I missed him so much........
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