The Fame Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction - Sequel To TMABP

School's ended. Louis and the boys are in a worldwide famous boy band while Rosie is stuck in a rundown flat, studying at college in London. Things couldn't have ended more differently for the two. And things didn't end on the best note either...


8. The Fame Trainer and Fake Dating?


Chapter 8

The Fame Trainer and Fake Dating?

"Rise and shine!" Louis' overly perky voice awoke me from my dreamless slumber the next morning.

I simply groaned and pulled the duvet further over my head as I felt the pain of sunlight entering the room.

"Come on! Up you get!" Louis pestered, grabbing the blankets and pulling them away from me, the freezing cold air causing goosebumps to appear on my arms and legs.

"Why? I've nothing to live for anyway?" I moaned, referring to every aspect of my life at that moment.

"Oh but you do now! I have a plan!" I opened one eye suspiciously but kept a look of seriousness on my face.

"What do you mean?" I asked as I sat up and began rubbing my eyes.

"I have a plan. No more questions please," Louis commanded grabbing me by the arm and pulling me out of the room, not even letting me put on a pair of trousers.

"If you think I'm going to follow one of your 'plans' without you telling me anything about it then you've got another thing coming," I told him and yawned straight after.

"You'll know soon! But sit down first," he was basically giving me no information at all as he made me sit on his massive leather sofa.

"Alright fine," I agreed reluctantly, holding my hands up in surrender as I took a seat. I was barely awake and the guy was making me concentrate.

"Ok are you comfortable?"

"Yes, I'm comfortable! Now tell me!"

"Ok, ok, when we first joined the music business it's safe to say we were clueless. We knew nothing about being famous or any of that stuff so... Simon hired a sort of teacher-"

"A teacher?" I asked sounding confused.

"A teacher. She's pretty well known in the management side of music and is always very successful with her clients. Milan Fox," Louis had a massive grin on his face as he spoke and clapped his hands together when he finished.

"Where are you going with this Louis?"

"I've been thinking. You're all over the news, I'm all over the news, someone is telling them stuff about us. You have no job and you've just been kicked out of college. You're a talented singer and performer and actress. You're the full package-"

I cut him off again as I realised what he was saying. "No! No! No! Now freaking way Lou!" I shouted, crossing my arms back and forth.

"You don't even know what I'm going to say!" Louis protested.

"I know exactly what you're going to say. You want this Mulan-"

"Milan actually."

"Shut up! You want this Milan woman to train me into fame! Not a chance Louis!" I placed my hands on my temples and started pacing back and forth.

"Rosie this could be your future! What happened to your dreams in school?" Louis asked, shaking his head in disbelief.

"How many times do I have to say this! I'm not seventeen anymore! I'm twenty years old and I need to start thinking practical. Being famous is not practical! I'm not doing it!"

"Well it's a little late for that..."

"What're you saying?" I asked, feeling more and more nervous.

"Oh nothing," Louis said in his sweetest voice as he skipped into the kitchen looking like a six year old girl in her new party dress.

"Louis William Tomlinson! You better not have called her!" I warned him, raising my eyebrows in his direction as I slammed the fridge door in his face.

"Well I'm sorry that I thought you'd be excited about all this! Any normal person would but no, the ever stubborn Rosie Moore just has to make things complicated! I mean what do you plan on doing for the rest of your life? Because right now I don't see very much happening," Louis retorted back, a smirk spread on his face as he realised how right he was.

I shook my head slowly back and forth. "Fine! Fine! But one thing goes wrong and I'm out! I'm moving to china to become a cooking housewife."

"One thing and you're gone! I get it! Now go get dressed, put something nice on," Louis ordered, ushering me towards the stairs.

I looked at him with so much evil, I could choke a donkey with it. "I'm gonna wear a plastic bag," I teased, sticking my tongue out at him.


"Louis! Long time no see!" I had been dreading meeting her all day and this was the moment.

She seemed to be around twenty three. She had long auburn hair to her chest and bright blue eyes. She also seemed to be dressed quite smartly in a dark grey dress suit and red heels.

"It's been too long!" Louis agreed, wrapping his arms around her and then releasing. He grabbed my hand and pulled me forward subtly.

"Ah! This must be Rosie. Lovely to meet you," she extended her hand towards me and I gently shook it.

"Nice to meet you too," I told her with a warm smile.

"So.. Louis' been telling me a lot about you and I've also been seeing a lot of you in the media. You want to get into the business is that correct?" She asked and even though I could tell she was a lovely person, I felt incredibly intimidated by Milan.

"Y-yes, it's been a dream of mine for a while and well.. Louis said you're the best in the business!"

"Oh stop!" Milan gushed, batting her hand towards me.

"It's true!" Louis added in.

"Well let's get straight down to business shall we?" Both of us nodded and Milan continued. "For a start, both of you have been in the eye of the media for all the wrong reasons these last few days, that's never a good start. But it can be fixed."

Already I knew I had made a mistake agreeing to this. I knew all about these management companies. They mould celebrities into exactly what they want them to be and you've no choice about it.

Louis brought in three cups of tea and handed us each a cup before taking a seat. "So I assume you can sing then Rosie?" I nodded in agreement.

"I always had a soft spot for acting too though," she nodded which signalled that she understood and crossed her legs. The next half an hour were filled with countless questions and answers, almost like an interview.

Finally I knew that she had gathered enough information to actually tell me what was going to happen. "Ok, I think I know what to do here but I hope you're comfortable with lying to the whole world?"

I gulped at the thought but nodded once again.

"Well the best thing to do here is keep you in the spotlight. And we do that by keeping you and Louis together. Fake dating," she stated as if it was the simplest thing in the whole world.

"I'm sorry what?" Louis asked, sounding just as shocked as I was. My eyes had widened and I felt like my insides were eating each other.

"Fake dating. Don't act like you're killing someone! A lot of celebrities do it. You're certainly not the first. Both you and Rosie go out in public together, you act like a couple and get her into any public events that One Direction are invited to. Meanwhile, we set up auditions for Rosie and in the background we can help develop her career."

I began rubbing my temples and squinted my eyes shut as I shook my head in horror. "I don't think I can do this," I looked over at Louis, my eyes saying it all. "Louis I can't do this."

He placed his hand lovingly on my back and began to run small circles in it. "How about I leave you two alone for a minute aye? Let you discuss it maybe?" Milan asked as she stood up to leave the room.

"Look I know this is hard to take in but this is the easiest way to fame. Some people have to change their sexuality, stop talking to people and change their whole personality but you, all you have to do is pretend to date someone-"

"Not just anyone Louis! You!" I stopped when I saw a look of hurt spread across Louis' face which he immediately tried to cover. "That's not what I meant. But you're you! I grew up with you and I don't think I could just pretend to date you!" Lies. I was telling myself lies. And I'm surprised Louis didn't notice.

"I get it. I do but if you don't want to end up living on the streets, I suggest you go along with this!" Louis' attitude had completely changed and he was suddenly really cranky and angry. "I'm done trying to help you."

At that moment Milan walked back into the room. "I'll do it," I told her more in spite than anything else. I was going to prove to Louis that I could do this. With or without his help.



"So wait, you streaked because you didn't want to get arrested?" Karmen asked in disbelief and I could tell she was trying to hold in laughter. "That is hilarious!"

"It wasn't the next morning! The whole world knows about it!" I was sworn to secrecy over my sort of project to get famous and Karmen was no exception. I certainly wasn't allowed to tell her. "And now the media are trying to find out about what happened with me and Louis when we were kids. It's so annoying!"

"Yeah well I'm sure they won't find anything more out. Do you know who told them?" Karmen asked through the phone as I drank yet another cup of tea.

"Not a clue, although I did have quite a few enemies in school," I chuckled at my own words before taking a massive, very ladylike gulp.

"Speaking if enemies, when's this Meg coming?" Karmen asked and I could tell she wasn't exactly excited about someone who once betrayed me coming to visit.

"Two days," I told her simply. "She's bringing a friend with her from her university too," I mentioned, remembering that Meg had told me about a girl she had met in Manchester.

"What's her name?" Karmen asked sounding slightly more interested.

"Eleanor I think? I can't exactly remember."

"She's sounds like a bitch," Karmen stated bluntly and I couldn't help but laugh.

"You're so nice!"

"Aren't I just?" Karmen humoured and I put the empty mug into the sink. I heard the door unlock and realised that Louis was probably home from an interview that the boys had done.

"I have to go, the boys are back but I'll call you later 'kay?" Karmen agreed so I quickly hung up and ran to the couch. I opened a magazine on a random page and made myself look as natural as possible all before the boys even opened the door.

I heard the shouts and laughs of the five boys but kept my look of boredom clear. Louis hadn't let me leave the house since the whole Zach incident so I couldn't have been more bored.

"Oh look it's Mrs Tomlinson!" Harry exclaimed the moment their words became clear. My head shot around as fast as the wind and I gave him an immediate death glare.

"I suggest you shut that dimpled mouth of yours before I sew it shut Harry!" I warned him, as I sternly pointed my finger in his direction.

"I'm just surprised it's taken this long to finally happen if I'm honest," Liam added in as he made himself comfortable on the arm chair.

"Yeah well, were together so everyone needs to get over themselves," Louis put his arm around me as he spoke and I felt my face heat up and even though I didn't want it to, my whole body tensed and I felt breathless.

I gave a Lou a look as if to say; 'treat me like a princess or you'll pay for it later'. Louis' face paled and he loosened his grip slightly on my shoulders.

"How come you never said anything Lou?" Zayn asked suspiciously as he narrowed his eyes at the so of us. This time Louis tensed up and he coughed awkwardly before answering.

"I uhm.. Wanted it to be a surprise and I knew one of you would tell her."

"Nice save," I whispered in his ear, goosebumps appearing on his neck straight after.

"Anyway," Niall began and I realised he hadn't said a word since he arrived. "We got invited to The Jingle Bell Ball at the 02, it's on next week so I guess you and Louis are going together?"

This is what Milan meant. This would be my first entrance as Louis' girlfriend. Oh my god...

"Yup!" Louis exclaimed and I looked at each of the other boys.

"What about you four? There's got to be some special girls for you right?"

"We're all single apart from Zayn," Harry informed me pointing towards Zayn who was smirking to himself in the corner.

"I'm smooth with the ladies," Zayn shot me a wink making me burst into laughter.

"I can see that Zayn." My phone began to ring and I got up to go answer it in private.

"Looks like she's already cheating on you bud," Zayn teased Louis as he nudged his shoulder. I just gave them the finger and walked off.


"Good evening Rosie. I got you some auditions!" Milan spoke excitedly into the phone and a grin spread across my face.

This is the reason I'm doing this.

"Really?" I asked sounding quite surprised at how quickly she'd organised anything.

"Yeah it was pretty easy since some had already heard of you from the papers. They're not too worried about what happened though."

"So wait what are they for?"

"Well one is for The Jingle Bell Ball."

I'm going to die.
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