The Fame Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction - Sequel To TMABP

School's ended. Louis and the boys are in a worldwide famous boy band while Rosie is stuck in a rundown flat, studying at college in London. Things couldn't have ended more differently for the two. And things didn't end on the best note either...


4. Party Number Two and Jail Babies?

Good evening/afternoon/night/morning people!

So I'm in a really good mood and I decided to make this chapter kind of funny, light hearted and hopefully pretty entertaining..?

I hope that's what you want haha.

Tell me what you think in the comments please :)


Chapter 4:

Party Number Two and Jail Babies?


Two days later and I was slowly but surely getting better but that didn't mean I don't like a lie in every now and then.

"Come on," I was still in that stage of sleep where you couldn't make out if you were dreaming or not as I buried my head further into my pillow. "We're going out tonight and I'm taking you shopping loser."

"Karmen?" I moaned. "What're you doing in my room? What're you even doing in my flat?" I tried my best to wipe the sleep out of my eyes as I sat up.

Sure enough Karmen was standing in front of me all dressed and ready to go out when I certainly wasn't.

"I took the spare keys," she dangled the set of keys in front of my face making me wince. "Now come on! We don't have much time. I got invited to a party tonight and guess who I'm taking?"

"Olly Murs." I said the first name that came to mind as I looked Karmen square in the eye.

"Well yes he will be there but I'm taking you stupid!" Karmen then walked over to my wardrobe, looking through my clothes curiously.

"I'd appreciate if you didn't shout abuse at me in my own home thank you very much!" I shouted irritably, sounding muffled underneath the large duvet. "Wait so Olly Murs will be there?" I asked confusedly popping my head up then it hit me. "Oh god you're not taking me to one of those celebrity parties again are you? Do you not remember what happened last time?" I saw Karmen's face scrunch up as she tried to hide the laughter.

"You really shouldn't be allowed near chocolate fountains..."

"It wasn't my fault! That thing was going to flood over anyway. I may have just speeded the process up slightly." I tried to defend myself but it only made Karmen laugh harder at my clumsiness.

"Anyway! It's sort of a Pre-Christmas party and all of the Radio 1 crew has been invited. Along with a few other celebrities..." Karmen shot me a wink before leaving the room, not saying another word.

"Karmen..." I said sounding more than suspicious. I jumped out of bed and followed her into the kitchen.

"Well.. A certain Doncaster boy and his band may be there but you know I'm not too sure to be honest." Karmen replied sarcastically as she started digging in my fridge.

"You're just not going to let this go are you?"

"Never. Now go get dressed! Show this guy what he's missing!" Karmen turned me on my heels, pushing me back into my room.

"I have a boyfriend!"

"That doesn't mean you can't be a tease!"


"I cannot believe you're making me go out like this," I tried to pull down my skin-tight skirt as I examined myself in front of the mirror. "I haven't dressed like this since I was seventeen! I look like a fucking prostitute!"

"You look amazing Rosie!" Karmen stated as she finished applying her make-up. "Louis' gonna be all over you! He'll see exactly what he's been missing."

Karmen looked slightly more covered up than I was as she stood in my bathroom, sticking on a pair of fake eyelashes. She decided on wearing a simple white peplum dress that complimented her sallow skin extremely well. She also had on a pair of black Lou Boutin heels that she had gotten as a conjoined birthday present from the radio station. Her dip dyed hair was hidden in a bun done to the side and a small white flower sat on top of it.

Basically Karmen looked beautiful. I however looked like a complete slut. Well I thought so anyway.

Karmen had picked out the whole outfit, not letting me input on any of it. I was wearing bodycon black pencil skirt that reached just below my ass, an Aztec printed bralet that just touched the top of the skirt and a pair of spiked heels. I also had on like a million different multi-coloured bangles on my wrist.

"Taxi'll be here in five minutes, are you nearly finished?" I moaned, grabbing my red clutch bag and keys from the coffee table.

"Yeah I'm done. But the question is, are you ready to have a night to remember?" I cringed at Karmen's cheesiness but grinned anyway. I was actually really excited. I hadn't been to a party in months and even then, they weren't exactly 'night to remember' parties.

"Hopefully." I winked at her, turning around and wiggling my bum before heading out the door, Karmen close behind me.


"Oh my god! It's Conor Maynard! Oh my fucking god Tom Daley! Is that Jesy Nelson? I'm going to die!" Karmen was currently hyperventilating to the extreme as she kept spotting more and more celebrities. I, on the other hand was too busy making sure I didn't fatally injure anyone.

"Calm yourself Kar! I swear it's like you've never seen anyone famous in your life!" I placed my hands on her shoulders, making her look me in the eye as she took a deep breath.

"Well can I just say one last thing?" Karmen asked, holding up her index finger in my face. I nodded in defeat and a smirk filled her face. "Louis Tomlinson's behind you." She winked and I turned around, probably a little too quickly and managed to trip myself up.

"Why am I such a klutz!" I cursed to myself as I tried to lift myself off the ground but not before someone did that for me.

"Are you ok?" Louis chuckled lightly at me as he stared deep into my eyes. I suddenly found my train if thought had disappeared and realised I was just staring at him.

"I uh.. Yeah I'm fine thanks." I smiled lightly at him and tried to fix my slightly curly brown hair. I turned and saw that Karmen was busy flirting with what looked to be Ed Sheeran in the corner, completely avoiding my gaze.

I looked back at Louis, immediately regretting it as his blue eyes captivated my senses. "Are you sure? You look like you're about to pass out."

I felt like I was going to pass out. "I'm fine, honestly!" I reassured him, placing one hand on his shoulder as I fixed my shoe with the other. "Let's go get a drink shall we?" I asked trying to lighten the mood as the last thing I need was for this party to be awkward.

Louis was nothing less than fit. He was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. He looked effortlessly cool as he pushed his windswept hair to the side.

Shut it Rosie. Shut it now.

When we reached the table, decorated with multiple different alcoholic drinks and snacks, Louis stopped and took my arm. "Look Rosie, I'm sorry." He stopped and nervously rubbed the back of his neck, letting out a light chuckled. "Christ I've been saying that a lot. I know I've been a-"

I cut him off before he could finish. "A douche-bag, dick, prick maybe?" I answered humorously. I wasn't being serious but it was something I subconsciously wanted to say.

"Yeah those things. I guess I just missed you. And I didn't realise until I saw you again. But of course as usual I-"

"Screwed up." I looked at him, a twinkle in my eye as I held back laughter. "I'm used to it by now Lou. The two of us are only trouble together. You're forgiven. As long as you'll forgive me for drowning you on live radio." I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him into a hug. We stayed like that for a moment before it could awkward, causing a cough to splurge from my mouth.

"So uhm.. A drink then?" Louis asked as he handed me a bottle of Heineken.

"Let's do it." Oh god why didn't I stop then?


"Shit." I cursed as I placed my hands gently on my throbbing head. I didn't dare open my eyes as I feared blinding myself.

"Oh you're awake." An unfamiliar woman's voice greeted mine but I still couldn't bare to peel my eyelids from their slumber. I felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing my brain with a machete. In other words, I was dying.

"W-what?" My voice was hoarse and my throat was so dry, it seemed like it was turning to sandpaper.

"You have no idea where you are do you?" The woman spoke again, this time sounding a little close as I heard a few creaks from above me.

At this, I forcefully opened my eyes and sat up, obviously too quickly as I managed to full on whack my hand on a metal bar above me.

"Fuck!" I cursed once again, placing my hands on my now probably concussed forehead. "I'm blind!" I exclaimed, sounding overly dramatic but at the time, I couldn't see a thing.

"Well seeing as you're blind, stranger, you're in a jail cell." Another woman stated bluntly.

I almost choked on my own spit as I fell out of what I then realised was a cell bunk bed. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I'm going to kill him. Every single time." I began pacing back and forth trying to control my anger but I still hadn't dared to actually look around me. My hand was rested on my forehead as I tried not to explode.

"Woah. I didn't think the pretty little brunette could curse like that?" I finally looked over to my side to see at least five seriously strong built women.

I ignored their rudeness and instead asked them, "Do you have any idea how I ended up here?"

"Oh now I can answer that one," a tall blonde stood from where she was sitting and I couldn't exactly tell if she was definitely a 'she' if you know what I mean. "You came in here completely hammered around three last night. You're friend was taken to the male cell."

"Louis. I swear as soon as I get out of here I'm going to murder him with my bare-"

"Seriously Tinkerbell, you've got some anger problems there!" The woman who had first spoken to me scooted closer, hunching over and leaning on her elbows. She's the kind of stereotype woman prisoner. Tattoos, piercings and a lot of muscles but for some reason I wasn't scared of her. I was too busy trying not to kill everyone around me.

"Sorry, I'm just a little annoyed." I sighed, slumping back onto the bunk bed, my head in my hands. I sat there for a moment as everyone else stayed silent.

"This guy you came in with. He your boyfriend?" A dark skinned, Hispanic looking woman asked leaning nearer to me.

"No! Jeez why does everyone keep thinking that?" I exclaimed more to myself than anyone else.

"Well you looked pretty cosy together last night, even if you both were drunk out of your minds."

"We weren't doing anything stupid were we? I've got a boyfriend." The five girls suddenly 'ooh'ed at my response and I couldn't have looked more confused.

Thirty minutes later and these five girls had basically learned off my life story.

"So he loves you but he's too scared to admit it?" Cheryl, the blonde one asked as the other four stared at me, intrigued waiting for me to continue.

"Well I'm not sure. Niall, his bandmate said so but I'm with Zach. Louis and I aren't right for each-other anyway. We never were." There was a chorus of 'aww's as I sat there awkwardly staring at my hands.

"But do you really love this Zach? Is he any more right for you than Louis?" Kelly, the one with the tattoos asked.

I hesitated and I felt as if I was being judged. "I mean yeah. I do but..."


"Rosemarie Moore?" My head shot up at my name being called and I saw a man in a police officer's uniform standing behind the gate.


"You're allowed one phone call. One phone call only." He lifted his finger just to clarify and then unlocked the gate, letting me out. I followed him to a phone on the wall where we stopped.

"Excuse me but can I ask why exactly I'm here?" I tried to sound as polite as possible but I probably sounded like a sassy bitch.

"Check the news darlin'." The officer said before walking off, swinging his set of keys and whistling.

I looked up above my head to see the TV set on the news channel. My jaw dropped at the headline.

'Louis Tomlinson and mystery girl spend their night in the slammer!'

"Shit." I muttered to myself, banging my head repeatedly against the whitewash brick wall. How the hell do I manage to get myself into these situations?

But hey at least I'm not naked like last time? I didn't nearly have sex in front of a camera. But there may be the slight negative that I'm in jail and I don't even know what I did or how I'm going to get out.

Zach's going to kill me.

I tried to clear my thoughts as I stared intently at the TV screen, waiting for the full news story before I called anyone.

"Who would have thought that funny man of the group, Louis Tomlinson would be the first one to end up in jail? Well last night at the Radio 1 Pre-Christmas party, he and a mystery girl who apparently was brought along as a guest caused some mischief." The blonde woman had a wide fake grin spread across her face as she spoke, her Liverpool accent clearly audible when she spoke. "The two appeared to have had one too many before proceeding to-"

The TV screen went black, making me practically jumping out of my skin. "Just make your call, you need someone to bail you out, not a daily dose of today's gossip." A cranky officer informed me, taking a massive slurp from his paper cup of coffee.

I faced away from him, masking his annoyed facial expression as I did so. "You need someone to bail you out, not a daily dose of today's gossip!" I mimicked in a much higher, girlies voice as I tried to think of who to call.

I had no money.

How was I supposed to get out of there?

I had no idea where Louis was and I had no idea how I'd gotten there in the first place.

Finally after what seemed like hours, I dialled the number, hoping to the mighty heavens that they would answer.

When they did, my throat turned dry but I picked up the courage to say something.

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