The Fame Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction - Sequel To TMABP

School's ended. Louis and the boys are in a worldwide famous boy band while Rosie is stuck in a rundown flat, studying at college in London. Things couldn't have ended more differently for the two. And things didn't end on the best note either...


2. Introductions and Radio Interview?



Chapter 2:

Introductions and Radio Interview?



"Oh Rosie, you've met the boys then?" Karmen asked with a huge smile on her face, looking surprised to see me walking with One Direction. I could tell Karmen was nervous as she started twirling her long dip-dyed hair around her fingers.

"I guess you could say that." I replied with an uneasy smile. She's going to hate me when they blurt it out.

"Huh?" Karmen couldn't have looked anymore confused if she tried.

"Actually we went to school with Rosie." Louis blurted out in the most inconsiderate way possible. I put a mental note in my head to slap him later for that. I turned my head to see Louis smirking behind me, obviously pretty happy with himself. I gave him an 'I'm going to kill you' look and he immediately stopped.

When I turned around, Karmen looked far from happy.

"How could you not have told me?" She practically screamed as she jumped around frantically, hugging each of the boys as tight as she could.

"I guess it never came to mind?" I replied as more of a question. We all know that's not why, I didn't want to bring any of my past up again.

"So wait were you guys close? Like friends?" Oh here we go. Whenever Karmen gets excited, she literally never stops asking questions. It's like some sort of disease...

"Yes and no." Liam answered vaguely, causing Karmen to giggle like a schoolgirl. Honestly I was cringing for her. She's supposed to be the professional one here.

"Again huh?"

There was a silence where I could tell the six of us were trying to find a way to break it to her that we all hated each other for years.

"We close in our last year." Zayn pointed out simply, giving us all a look to get us to agree with him.

There was a chorus of mumbled 'yeah's and 'that's right's before Karmen finally let it drop but kept a suspicious look on her face.

"Ok well if you boys want to follow me into the studio we can begin," Karmen smiled widely and pointed to the wooden door that led to where the interview would be held. "Oh and I almost forgot, I'm Karmen by the way."  


The boys then introduced themselves and we headed inside. I watched as they each took a seat at the round table and put a pair of headphones on while I went straight over to Zach and leaned into his side.

"So you met them then?" Oh god why do people keep asking me that question?

"Yeah, they seem pretty nice." I mumbled as I stared through the glass, my gaze landing on Louis. I can't deny it. At one point, I did think maybe I liked him more than I thought. That's old news now though.

I heard the ad break ending and knew that the interview was about to begin so I made myself comfortable to listen. I never really properly heard a One Direction interview before. Whenever I heard their name, I would usually turn off my TV or radio.

"Good morning London! It's Karmen Raein Johnson again and guess who I have with me? It's One Direction!" There was a wave of mixed noises coming from the boys as they said hello and soon they quietened down. "So boys, it's great to have you back at Radio 1. Of course this is my first time interviewing you but I'm glad I have the pleasure today."

"It's a pleasure to have you interviewing us." Louis shot Karmen a wink and I felt the urge to punch him in the face at least five million times.

"Oh stop it Louis!" Karmen gushed as I saw a blush rise in her cheeks.

"It's great to be back, it's definitely been a while." Harry commented ignoring Louis and Karmen as he tried to move on with the interview. He then looked around the studio with a reminiscent smile on his face.

"So boys, let's start off with talking about your new album 'Take Me Home', what was that like to record since it was your second album?"

"Well we were definitely very nervous but we didn't want to change our sound too much like most artists do on their second album." Liam began while Zach was pressing random buttons, making sure the show was going well.

"I think our sound has matured though, I think our music sort of grows with us and the lyrics have some more meaning now." Zayn smiled at Karmen as he fixed his nerd glasses.

"Well I know all of us here at Radio 1 are insanely excited to hear the album and it's out when exactly boys?" Karmen has this great way of promoting things without people even realising it. It's one of her talents and that's probably why she has such a great job.

"You can all get your copies on the 9th of November and you can preorder your copy on iTunes now!" Louis butt in over everyone making me mentally scoff at him.

"You heard them! Head into your computers and preorder One Direction's brand new album 'Take Me Home' now." Karmen broadcasted. "But right now boys would you like to introduce what sing we're going to play now?"

"Hi, we're One Direction and this our brand new single 'Little Things' right here on Radio 1." The boys chorused together in perfect unison.

The intro began but Karmen looked like she had forgotten to say something. "Oh and after the break, we'll be playing a special game with One Direction!"

The song started playing and the boys and Karmen took off their headphones. They then came back out to join us.

"You did great boys, now after 'Little Things' is over, we're going to play a game with you -" Zach began but Louis quickly cut in on him, making me glare at him without hesitation.

"Sorry but can I get a cup of tea please?" Louis asked in the sweetest tone that could make you sick, staring directly at me.

"I'm sorry but are you talking to me?" I replied in utter shock. I saw Niall face-palm himself as he knew what was coming.

"Does it look like I'm speaking to anyone else?"

"Well you can piss off if you think I-"

"Rosie!" Zach shouted, trying to make me stop before I went any further. "What's wrong with you?"

Louis shot me a smirk, obviously happy with his work before folding his arms across his chest.

I suddenly came up with something to get him back. "Nothing, I'm sorry Louis I didn't mean to snap at you. I'll get your tea now. How do you like it?"

Louis looked shocked that I was actually doing what he wanted but didn't hesitate to answer. "Strong and no sugars please."

"I'll be back in a jiff." Everyone stared at me in horror because everyone knows that I never act like this. They probably thought that I would blow up at any minute.

I quickly made the tea and by the time I came back, everyone had taken a seat and in barely two minutes they would be starting the show.

"Hey Zach?" I asked him when I found him alone. "Any chance I can sit in on the game you're playing with the boys? You know, it might be fun and I can give Karmen a hand." I tried to sound as sweet as possible as I pleaded with him.

He looked confused for a moment and began to think it through. "I don't see why not. Just don't try anything ok Rosie?"

I nodded in excitement and ran into the studio as fast as I could. "What're you doing in here Rosie?" Karmen asked in a hushed yet urgent tone.

"Oh Zach said to help you out, he said you might need a hand."

"Oh great!" Karmen sounded relieved to have me there as I took a seat next to her.

"This should be fun." Harry piped.

"Yeah so what exactly do we have to do?" Niall asked.

No matter what it was, I was going to annoy Lou as much as possible. "Basically it's just an easy game that we usually play here at Radio 1. You boys may have heard of it; Innuendo Bingo?" Immediately the boys sounded excited. Everyone had heard of this game and it was going to be pretty easy to irritate Louis.

"We're on in ten!" A random crew member signalled through the window and we all got into our positions.

"And we're back, that was 'Give Me Love' on your favourite morning radio station and I'm here with One Direction!" Karmen exclaimed as she fixed her headphones once again. "So as I said before the break, the boys here will be playing a game with me and also my best friend Rosie Moore. I'm sure most of you at home have heard of a special game that we play here called Innuendo Bingo?" Karmen smiled into the microphone and members of the crew began to bring in chairs, bottle of water and a bucket. "Well for any of you that haven't, it's basically a game where we will play various clips from tv shows, radio shows etc. that our listeners have sent in that they believe have some inappropriate innuendos in them. The boys will have to listen to them whilst trying to hold a mouthful of water in without spitting all over the person in front of them."

"So who wants to go first?" I knew Louis would want to go first as he has always been the competitive type and so have I. I realised this was an opportunity.

"Me!" Louis announced, raising his hand like he was in a classroom.

"Me too!" I also practically begged as I eyed Louis with a mischievous glint in my eye. He knew I was up to something and almost immediately, a look of terror appeared on his face.

"Ok so first up, we have Rosie and Louis!"

Inside my mind, I was doing that thing that Mr.Burns does with his hands when he does something evil. I hadn't done anything this cheeky in years. Since high school actually.

I sat down on the seat across from Louis and picked up the bottle of water as Karmen continued to explain about the game.

"What are you up to Rosie?" Louis whispered looking more than scared but also quite mysterious.

"Just getting you back for being so rude to me Lou. You didn't think you could get away with demanding things from Rosie Moore now did you?" I replied sarcastically as I shot him a wink.

"Ok we're going to play the first clip guys, fill your mouths!" I directed my gaze at the boys who were cracking up at the sight of us. They knew how bad we both were. Honestly were still like children.

Both Louis and I sat there, looking like chipmunks with our cheeks filled with water while we waited for the clip to begin. I was already finding it hard to hold in the laughter.

"Ok so this first clip was sent in by a listener and it's of Jamie Oliver. Are you two ready?" Louis and I both nodded, making weird inhuman noises at the same time.

It started playing and we began listening intently but I knew I was going to make no attempt to hold in this water.

"Yeah it was definitely a huge milestone for me getting the chance to go to the White House, just fingers crossed that when I get there Mrs.Obama will let me through her back door." The clip stopped and almost instantaneously I thunder-stormed all over Louis' face and trousers.

I have to admit, it was pretty funny but nothing was more funny than the look on his face. I'm sure the people in China could hear Niall and Harry's laughs. Harry had always been pretty perverted anyway. I have never seen Louis look so pissed though and I know he's going to get me back.

"I'll get you back for that Rosemarie Moore, just you wait." Louis gave me the evil eye as he tried his very hardest to dry himself off.

"Get a little wet there Lou?" Zayn said sarcastically after calming down from all the laughter. Louis laughed sarcastically but I still couldn't stop.

"Oh you think this is funny do you?" Louis asked in quite an evil manner and picked up the nearest bottle of water. I then realised what he was about to do.

"Don't do it Louis. We're live in the radio." I warned him as I rised from the chair. Obviously Louis being Louis, he was stubborn and wasn't going to listen to me.

"Don't you dare open that bottle Louis Tomlinson!" Liam ordered but I could see he was struggling not to laugh behind his seriousness.

Slowly Louis opened the cap and practically drenched me in the full bottle.


"Oh you're so going to pay for that." I grabbed the bottle from his hands and squirted it directly at his crotch, where he screamed from the coldness.

"Ok you two, out!" Karmen demanded, like an annoyed school teacher. I had completely forgotten that we were live on air.

"Well done Louis!" I whacked his arm when we had exited the studio. He rubbed his arm and was about to answer when an extremely angry Zach met us.

"What was that about Rosie? Do you realise what you just did? You just embarrassed this whole radio station right on air. You know I could get fired for you pulling stunts like this." Here we go again, you see I never felt as if I was good enough around Zach. He's the big shot who goes to fancy dinners and is nearly always business, business, business. Whereas I'm stubborn and childish. He can't change me.

"Hey it wasn't her fault. I started it." Louis pointed out, trying to stick up for me? Wait what? Louis Tomlinson. The Louis Tomlinson trying to stick up for me? This can't be true.

"I don't care who's fault it was, I just need you two to stay out of that studio. Anyway you should be getting to college." Zach told me and I honestly felt like he was my dad. Seriously, sometimes I ask myself is Zach bipolar. Like he can be so nice and charming and funny but then he can go straight to being an ass within a seconds notice.

"Yes father." I replied and rolled my eyes subtly at him.

Zach then stormed off, leaving Louis and I alone.

"See what you did!" I shouted at him as soon as Zach was out of ear shot. "I was trying to play a nice friendly game of Innuendo Bingo in the radio with you but no, you just had to go and get us kicked out and my boyfriend is pissed off at me."

"Hey, I knew your plan. I could see it in your eyes, you were ready to soak me from the word go! Besides, your precious boyfriend is a right ass. I don't know what you see in him."

"As apposed to who? You? Because the last time I remembered, an ass named Louis Tomlinson left me to go and live his dream without a single word of goodbye. At least Zach treats me right. He loves me and I love him. It's your fault he was even angry in the first place." So maybe he does get angry a lot but only for certain reasons.

"Do you think I had a choice? I barely got a chance to say goodbye to my family. I tried calling you and you wouldn't answer your phone. Do you not think it hurt me to leave you like I did? I know how much you wanted this, but obviously you're too happy with your perfect life as it is. Perfect college, perfect boyfriend, perfect new friends, perfect everything." He did not just go there. I could feel my blood boiling at every word he spoke. This is why Louis and I are destined not to be friends.

"Perfect? Bloody perfect? My life is far from perfect Louis and you know it. It's about time you copped onto yourself and realised it. But right now, you're the last thing I need. I don't need you and your boy band ruining what I have left. I'm trying my best to get a shit at a career and your just going to mess everything up like you always do." With those words I turned around and walked out of the radio station. I don't know why I even came there in the first place.

Nothing ever turns out good for me anymore.

And when Louis Tomlinson is involved, things only get worse.


I'm not sure how long this is. It doesn't seem very long so sorry if it isn't but tell me what you think! :) xx

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