The Fame Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction - Sequel To TMABP

School's ended. Louis and the boys are in a worldwide famous boy band while Rosie is stuck in a rundown flat, studying at college in London. Things couldn't have ended more differently for the two. And things didn't end on the best note either...


12. Eleanor and Blast From The Past?

"Rosie!" Meg screeched as soon as she clasped eyes on me, running crazily through the train station. I opened my arms to prepare for oncoming impact and she immediately grabbed me into a bearhug. I could almost feel Karmen mentally stabbing Meg from next to me.

"Meg!" I replied with the same amount of excitement in my voice. I was actually quite happy to see her. My gaze immediately turned to the beautiful brunette standing next to Meg when we had finished our greetings. Meg noticed as she grabbed the stranger by the arm and spoke again, "Rosie Moore this Eleanor Calder, Eleanor this is Rosie."

I smiled widely at the girl which she immediately returned. Meg then looked at Karmen and then back at me. "Oh right sorry! Karmen this is Meg, Meg, Karmen," I said quickly with a nod. I looked over at Karmen who look more than suspicious of Meg.

"Anyway!" Meg dragged out as she clapped her hands together. "Let's grab some lunch shall we?" We all quickly agreed and headed out of the station.


"So Eleanor, tell me about yourself!" I asked, trying to spark conversation as Eleanor had been quiet for the whole meal and Karmen had been basically interviewing Meg on every aspect of her life like the F.B.I or something.

"Well i'm a student at the University of Manchester with Meg. I study politics and sociology, I used to work at Hollister and I'm twenty years old. What about you?" Eleanor stated with a smile as she crossed her arms over the table.

Wow. I must seem like a bloody doorknob compared to her. I mean what have I achieved? Getting kicked out of an extremely unknown college?

"I uh.. Well I recently dropped out of college and.." I couldn't tell her that I was trying to start my career, Milan said I couldn't say a word about that but I could say, "I'm dating Louis Tomlinson from that band One Direction," I said it like it was no big deal but then saw her face light up with shock.

"Oh wow. I had no idea," It was like someone shot her with a bottle of energy juice because Eleanor immediately became more talkative. "So you know them then? One Direction?"

"Yeah.. I actually went to school with them," I replied a little more confidently as I ran a hand through my hair.

"Oh really? That's so cool. I'd love to meet them," There was something about Eleanor that I just found a little strange. I couldn't put my finger on it but something was up.

"Yeah uhm.." There was an awkward silence where I found it incredibly hard to find the right thing to say. "Do you maybe want to.." I paused again. Don't do this Rosie. You'll regret it. "Want to meet them?" You ignorant little shit.

Eleanor's mouth formed into a large toothy grin and she nodded. "I'd love to!"


"Louis, boys. Meet Eleanor." As soon as we ate, Eleanor was practically begging to go back to Louis' place to meet the boys. Karmen had been extremely quiet the whole time and refused to speak to either Meg or Eleanor.

I saw Niall's face light up immediately which was exactly what I was looking for the moment I walked through the door. One of my main missions was to finally get them together.

"Boys!" Meg exclaimed before she was even fully in the house. She ran straight towards them to engulf them in a hug and I smiled at the reunion.

"It's just like old times aye?" Niall breathed after being released from Meg's grasp and Eleanor began to shuffle awkwardly causing me to cough and clear my throat as I subtly pointed towards her with my thumb.

"Oh right. Nice to meet you Eleanor!" Louis stepped forward and reached a hand out towards her like the gentleman he is and she smiled and shook it in return.

"So.. where are you two staying while you're in London?" Zayn asked, looking up from his phone as he was probably texting Perrie.

"We actually didn't even think of it. I kind of assumed we could stay at Rosie's but.. well yeah," Meg explained quite awkwardly, fiddling with her hands as she remembered me telling her about Zach and I.

"Well you two are more than welcome to stay here!" Harry told the two girls with a smile and Eleanor looked more than thrilled at the thought of it.


"You're so funny Louis!" Eleanor - or as the boys now nicknamed her - El squealed with delight as Louis made yet another one of his horrible jokes while I sat completely unamused by how annoying she was being.

I'm not even kidding when I say she had not stopped laughing in a whole day and I was about to crack. Also she hadn't separated herself even once from the boys especially Louis.

Her squeaky, high-pitched and obviously cute laugh to the boys ran straight through my head as I stared a hole into the back of her head. I didn't even notice that Niall had come up behind me from where I was sitting in the kitchen that overlooked the sitting room.

"Someone likes Eleanor then," Niall remarked sarcastically and practically scared the living daylights out of me by grabbing my shoulders.

"And why would you say that?" I asked, confused thinking I was hiding it so well. Oh who am I kidding, I was always terrible at hiding things.

"Well how about the fact that you've just made orange juice with what's in your hands." Niall pointed down to the squished orange that I had grasped so tight, the juice had started to pour out of it. I immediately dropped it on the counter and let out a groan.

"I don't even know what's annoying me so much? I mean she's a nice girl, she seems funny and she's clearly beau-" Niall cut me off with a smirk. "What?"

"You know exactly why you don't like her here Rosie." Even more confusion filled my face and I shook my head.

"No dear Nialler, I don't. Care to tell me?"

"She's all over your boyfriend. I mean obviously you're going to be a little jealous!" There were two words in that sentence that did not sit right with me. Anytime anyone dared to mention the word 'boyfriend' around me it just reminded me that Louis and I were still in our stupid fake relationship. Stupid Louis.

And ever since Eleanor had arrived, Louis hadn't even been near me. Did he not realise that would make the boys suspicious?

"You know, you're probably right. I'm going to go spend some quality time with myboyfriend," I exclaimed with a grin and pranced into the living room where the other four boys were sprawled on the couch with Meg and Eleanor.

"Hey babes." I shot Louis a flirty wink, mocking him in my head as I practically jumped into his lap causing him to exhale as if he'd been punched in reaction.

"Uhm hi.." Louis mumbled awkwardly when I blocked his view from Eleanor. "What're you doing? You're messing this up for me!" Louis whispered harshly under his breath and I swear I felt like I had been punched in the gut at least a thousand times in that one second.

Of course. How couldn't I have guessed? He's too busy with the girl who'd been here five seconds to even look at me.

"Right," I muttered and jumped off the sofa, heading straight towards the front door as I called Milan. There was no way I could let myself get upset over something as stupid as that. What was I thinking?

"Hello?" The feminine voice asked into the phone.

"Hey Milan. When did you say that audition was? I need to get some work done."


The next two weeks flew by. The audition went well and maybe you can guess it but I got the job and was to perform as a side act on the night of The Jingle Bell Ball.

Eleanor went back to Manchester (thank god) along with Meg but I'm pretty sure Lou still speaks to her (much to my disappointment).

Before I knew it, the night had arrived and I was nervous as hell. But as usually I was getting no emotional support whatsoever from my 'boyfriend'.

"How're you feeling Miss Popstar?" Niall joked and squeezed my shoulders from behind me.

"I swear if my stress levels go up anymore I'm going to puke." I stood over the sink in the bathroom in my tiny dressing room as I waited to go out and perform.

"Just relax! You'll do great. All you've gotta do is imagine everyone in the audience is holding a gut to your head."

"Are you serious? How the hell is that going to make me feel any better!" I slapped Niall upside his head and he was quick the rub it straight after.

"Ok one; ouch and second; I was kidding. It's this thing called joking? You know you need to lighten up. You've been on edge ever since we've met back up with you again." Niall's smile was sympathetic and I sighed, releasing a little bit of the tension from inside of me. "What happened to the old Rosie?"

I couldn't help but laugh at Niall's words. If I had a pound for every time someone had told me that I'd be a millionaire. "Why does no one seem to understand that people grow up? Move on? Mature? Can I not do those things too? Or do I always have to be treated like the seventeen year old slut I used to be!" Niall's face had dropped and I realised I was a lot angrier than I thought.

And then I broke down. And cried. And cried. And cried. "It's just so hard Niall. I can't do this anymore." Niall didn't say anything. Instead he just held me close to him and it was nice. Nice to know that I could actually trust someone.

"Ssh it's okay. Everything's okay Rosie," he whispered into my hair and then kissed it before releasing me.

"And what if it's not? If I mess up tonight I'm done for. I'll be back in that shitty apartment with a boyfriend who beats me when he gets upset. I can't go back there Niall," I whimpered and Niall wiped the never ending tears from my cheek.

"Lou would never let that happen Rosie, you know that." I scoffed at Niall's words as the tears kept streaming.

"Yeah of course. That's exactly why he hasn't paid the slightest but of attention to me in weeks. Besides, he seems more interested in Eleanor than anything else in his life at the moment. Where is he now? You're here instead of him right now and that says a lot Niall." Then I looked at myself in the mirror, dried my eyes and headed towards the door. "As soon as I get my career going, I'm out of here."


"- And that ladies and gentlemen was the up and coming Rosie Moore with her debut single Give It To Me Straight." There was a roar of applause as I left the stage but I felt no joy. I wasn't happy with myself which meant I wasn't happy with my performance. When I looked into the crowd, Louis refused to even look me in the eye.
Instead his head was buried in his phone hidden under the table and I knew why.

"You did great Rosie!" Harry cheered with a slow clap and grabbed me into a hug which I smiled weakly into.


All of a sudden I was being surrounded by everyone, them cheering congratulations in my ear and I couldn't breathe. The room was spinning, my vision blurring and then my legs gave out.



"Performer at Jingle Bell Ball takes ill after show!"

"Rosie Moore collapses after long awaited performance!"

"Girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson in bad condition after panic attack!"

It wasn't that I couldn't open my eyes. I could if I wanted to very easily. I just didn't want to.

I knew if I opened my eyes I'd have to face everything once again. I felt as though everything wrong in my life had been pushed underneath my bed like I did with my messy room when I was younger.

Nothing was solved and as long as I kept fooling myself I knew things would get worse.

Every time I thought about it my head started to spin. My parents were probably watching the news, even more disappointed in my now than ever. Zach was probably planning a way to get back at me for hiding from him. My singing career was on a very thin line. And then.. Louis.

That boy had caused me more pain and heartache than anything and still he manages to make me blush.

I felt like I needed to scream at that moment but considering I was in a hospital, that probably wouldn't have worked out very well.

"Ms Moore you've got visitors.. Again," my nurse, Lynn told me in an exasperated tone. Lynn knew I was fine but somehow I had managed to all her into telling everyone I still hadn't woke up. Cruel, I know but in my opinion it was better for my own health anyway.

"Rosie isn't here right now, please leave a message after the beep," I groaned and pulled the hospital sheets over my head.

"Well you might want to see this one. Your brother's here." My head shot up immediately and a massive grin spread over my face.

"Get him in here!" I persisted as I struggled not to dance around. I hadn't seen my brother in over a year and there was no way I was giving up an opportunity in seeing him.

The next minute, Tyler walked through and I swear I could barely hold back tears. He was exactly the person I needed to see. I jumped out of the bed and ran straight into his arms much to the nurses' swears at me to stay still.

"I missed you so much," I managed to choke out through tears as Tyler wrapped his arms around me.

"I missed you too." Tyler released me from him and then look me in the eyes. "You've gotten yourself into some shit Rosie." I couldn't help but laugh and so did he as he took a seat on the edge of my bed.

"I'm a mess I know. Don't remind me," I buried my face in my hands, refusing to face my old brother because of the shame I was feeling.

"I think it's safe to say you have the most interesting life out of the lot of us anyway. That's not so bad aye?" Tyler was only trying to make me feel better. I knew he was secretly dying to slag me to the moon about how much of a fuck-up I was.

"Let me guess? You've gotten your law degree. Valeria is living her perfect life with a perfect boyfriend. Charlie is a perfect little child and so is Cora. Am I right?" I asked sarcastically and Tyler nodded subtly.

"You couldn't be more spot on if I'm honest. Mom and dad are furious at you. Apparently you're an embarrassment to the family right now." Oh joy.

"It's not like they couldn't expect this was coming. When was I ever going to end up like you?" I asked with doubt in my voice, raising my eyebrow at him.

"I just don't understand how we're only hearing about you now? Why are you suddenly getting into so much trouble." Then Louis' face and every sort of mishap he'd gotten me into over the past month popped into my head.

"I'll give you one guess. Blue eyes. Brown hair. And a real fucking asshole. That's who." Tyler dragged his hands down his face and then turned to look at me.

"Why do you let things like this happen? I thought you moved here to get away from him. I swear to god I feel like strangling hi-" Tyler paused for a moment and narrowed his eyes. "Are you still in college.

My eyes widened and I had to fake a massive grin. "Well my assignments were a tad late so they decided it would be better for me to move on."

"Oh so you're in a new college?"

I kept the same expression on my face and nodded. "Sure."

"Rosie!" Tyler breathed out in exasperation. "I swear you're like a five year old! Please just come home! You can't live like this anymore!"

I paused for a moment and thought.

Maybe it's for the best.

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