One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


65. Who are you?

Violet's P.O.V

    I reached out of breath seeing my past death. I couldn't even speak. I'm hell? I heard a trembling voice 'Violet I'm sorry...'
Who are you! I tried to speak....All I hear was Moments.....the song....I felt a roughly brushed lips smoothly kissed me. I tried to open my eyes but darkness awakes....I began falling down....I couldn't remember anything....the past....where is it? I felt a tear drop on my cheeks....I appeared....seeing a lonley body with a person....with awfully brown hair....I moved closer to the body, 'Who is that?' I asked the rough brown hair person.
He didn't respond. Rude?
'Hello?' I asked waving my hands to his face. i walked close to him and touched him. My hand went through him.
'What the hell?' I muttered...'Excuse me who are you and this girl?'
    'Rude mu-' I looked at the body, examined the face.
'Me? How could this be? How am I on the bed and see me up hear, Mr.! Who are you???' I asked.....he didn't answer...
     I saw him press his lips on my lips....
'Hey get you lips of me you filthy weird guy! Who do you think you are?' I managed to use my rough despise british accent.
I saw the hand hand why is touching the guy's hand....I shut my eyes rubbing my temples...and then everything flashed....I opened my eyes seeing me as 1. and seeing the green eyes...
"Violet! She's awake! I am sorry!" he kissed me on the lips again....I pushed him.
"Who do you think you are rubbing your lips on a girl?" I growled. I begin to panicked.

Harry's P.O.V
    I saw her opening her beautiful green eyes.
"Violet! She's awake!" I shouted as I leaned in to kiss her lips. She pushed me away.
"Who do you think you are rubbing your lips on a girl?" She snarled. What?
"Violet I said I was sorry, please forgive me." I gave the pout.
      She started to panick, she began to scream out,
"MOM, DAD HELP ME!! THERE'S A GUY!!" She cried....
"No Violet don't cry" I cooed her, she punched me in the face.
She pulled the plugs out of her arm and nostrils, her hair was ina bun and she was wearing hospital gown.
     She opened the door. and this lead to the chasing.
"Help! Help!" She said... Then she tripped.
"VIOLET! ALICIA COME OVER HERE!" I managed to sit on her.
      "Oh dear, Harry what are you doing? Let her go...she's crying. Can't you see? Crying? Violet your awake!" ALicia looked at her.
"W-Who are you?"She studdered.
     "See Harry, you can't pressure her. It's amnesia." Alicia said."You need to remind her something to bring back the memories...take her home, let me bring out some regular clothes."

"You don't remember me?" I asked her.
She slapped me," Get your filthy hands of my wrist!"
Alicia came back with her clothes and she changed. I took the bunny out and gave it to her. Violet grabbed the bunny like she was a kid.
    "Harry, do not speed up to fast, she might forget everything, and she might go back into a coma or death seizure(Don't know how to spell that)."
    "Bye Alicia thank you." I replied as we got into the car.
"Buckle up." I smiled.
She did, we drove to the freeway.
"What's your name?" She looked at me.
"Harry, Harry Styles." I replied.
"So your telling me that your Harry Harry Styles?" She smiled.
"No it's Harry Styles. And what's your name?" I chuckled.
"Violet Vavans...where are my parents?" She asked.....
     "They  passed away." I choked...should I lie, or tell the truth.
She didn't spoke....she just glared at the bunny....I heard sniffles...I looked at her she was crying...

My phone vibrated...
"Hello?" I spoke.
"Where the hell are you? X-Factor is Now!" Louis screeched.
"When does it start?Are you at X-Factor?" I assumed,
"Yes, it starts 12 more minutes, get your ass here! Where were you!?"
"Visiting Violet."

He hunged up...they were mad at me, when Violet was in a coma.
"W-W-Where are we going." Her eyes were puffy.
"To my job." I smiled. She nodded.....
    "Do you trust me?" I asked.
"I have a feeling I should...." She said."Oh and tell me about my parents later, I don't want to cry at your job." She looked at her ripped jeans..
    We reached to X-Factor.
"DO you want to grab your bunny with you?" I smiled.
"What do you think I am? 4? I'm 21, and....yes I want to grab the bunny." She kindly joked.
   We walked into the back door.
I heard paparazzi taking photos...
'Harry Styles with a new girl??'
'How is Darcy doing?'
'Collin pased how do you feel?'
'Is violet dead?'
'Violet is in a coma, and you cheating on her makes you feel great?'

    Violet got scared.....She kept hypervating....
I stopped...time to face issues.
"This is Violet, you dumbass paparazzi are making crappy rumors, are you serious I feel horrable that she was in a coma, and Collin died! Darcy is my daughter and she is fine! Understand!" I growled...and pulled Violet inside. Paul was standing there and asked.

   "Who is sh- Violet?" He gasped.
"I'm Violet...and you?" She smiled.
"Paul...." Paul said in a strange voice like he was confused.
"I'll explained now I have to let her sit down in the changing room. I have to go change too and leave for the X-Factor, Little Things, Live While We're Young, Over Again, and Kiss You." I chuckled.
     Paul nodded.
I walked into the changing room.

Violet's P.O.V
    "Harry....what is this?" I asked.
"X-Factor, um, I sing this is my job, my 4 mates are singing with me, we are a band, One Direction. And Stay here I'll introduce later." He winked at me while he left. He turned on the t.v....and handed me my IPhone5.
    He left.
"I have an Iphone5? Oh..T.V" I smiled and stared at the T.V

"And Here is ONE DIRECTION! LITTLE THINGS!" I looked at them... They were this Live? I looked at the screen Live it is....

They kept singing...
I know the lyrics....

    I sang alone to the guy with brown and blue eyes.
"You can't go to bed without a cup of tea,
and maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep,
and all those conversations are the secrets that I keep,
though it makes no sense to me."

Harry's lyrics were so beautiful I had something in my eye....Water..
And then the blonde hair....He was so handsome... Who is the blonde guy?
I think I have a crush.

I looked at my left finger.
An engagment ring...
'Love HS: Varry'
    "I'm engage?" I lshockly said..
I looked at my phone seeing a notification. I slide it and it said
  I typed in 'Violet'
Wrong Passcode Try Again.
   I typed in,
    it worked...
It was Twitter....what's a twitter. I looked at my profile I think and saw, a pictutre of me and Harry, kissing....
"Kissing?" I said in disgust..."Although he is cute...." 

I read the twitter

@Medina12_HJ: Urgh go die already in a coma never wake up stay away from Harry! You whore.
Who's a whore?

@Directioner_DSx: Violet please wake up, we need you :(, I miss you!
@Indaof_Rob: Your baby is so cute! I'm sorry for Collin.:'( #PrayforCollinStyles
@Varry_Shipper: Wake Up please </3
@Nobody_Shit: Fuck you Violet go die already nobody likes you go STFU.

Ouch that hurt.....
What baby??

@Real_Liam_Payne: *shows picture of Violet* I'm sorry please wake up <3@Violet_VavansxX
@Louis_Tomlinson: Love you Vi Wake up I miss you sass buddy, @Violet_VavansxX
@zaynmalik:Enough with the rollercoaster, open your eyes, I need your pretty green eyes x @Violet_VavansxX
@NiallOfficial: Wake up who is going to cook my food, @Violet_VavansxX
@Harry_Styles: @Violet_VavansxX Babe wake up, I miss the kisses I gave you, we need you, You're important, your my world.xX (:

I'm dating him?
I closed my phone and put them in my pocket.
I hugged my bunny tight and heard the door slam open.

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