One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


48. Who Are You? ~(Killer's)

Michie's P.O.V

    "What is taking Sydney and Helen..SO LONG!!!" Neal moaned.
"I don't know let me call them!" I growled.
Great where are they! I do not even understand I told them after 1 day just report the plans how they are going to do?!
   "EERHI EEKK- Sorry this item phone number you called has been deleted, please try a different number." The phone said.
"They aren't picking up." I said waving my phone.
"Maybe they just need space?" Steve laughed.
"No they don't." Fred tapped madly.
    "I don't understand-" I stopped looking at the internet's post.
"Look at this!" I pointed.
"WHAT?!" Fred shouted jumping out of his chair and to the computer.
    "You should read it outloud, Mich." Steve suggested. I nodded.
"It's been past 2 days. It seem that Sydney Le is with Ed Sheeran, One Direction's songwriter is dating. Seems like they are having fun. But the latest news are that Helen is under arrested, for the moment of the cover shoot of the One Direction. Helen is in jail for some years...not sure. We will sure be looking forward for another group...something suspisous about Helen. She said, no about having some groups....but Fbi or some reports accord that there are. If you find them contact us. 911." I read out loud.
   "She betrayed us."Steve growled.
"What should we do now what if she tells!" Neal started sobbing.
"No she won't we will do something." I calmed down....
My face was red, she betrayed us? How could she....
I looked at betrayal....she did it..Revenge would help.
"What now?" Fred bit his lips.
   "Just wait....we need new people....we can always...choose another person in the 'dump alley.'" I twitched my face.
"Are you okay?" Steve muttered.
"Don't worry..." I said. I'm the only girl, great. We'll get more at Dump alley those bad kids...
Steve's P.O.V

    She listened to me except for Helen. I didn't tell Helen. I told Sydney, my plan is working..Now for plot 2....
"What do you mean the Dump Alley." I asked curouisly.
"I meant we need a few more people." She coldly sneered. I looked at her knowing that everything is ruined....great I must train the little snurps to be in action. I know Mich kill's any person in the way....It happened to Gina. She found out. Poor her. She died by a shot from Michie at high school...we removed her body, throwing her in the lake removing finger prints....
"Are you serious risking their lives?" Fred looked at her.
   She slapped his face. His face all red and mad. Just stared at her and shouted," I'll be right back...." He rushed out of the place and outside he threw rocks and kicking over the sand and grass...rumejing stuff.
   "Why did you slapped him?" I asked.
"Don't worry he needed it, because risking their lives is nothing." She snarled.
"What if they told?" Neal abberlently asked.
    She walked to the computer and typed in Dump Alley.
It wrote,'Alley poppulation: 34.'
   "34 people, we will just have to take 4 more." She said.
"I understand bu-" I said but then I heard noises. I looked at Fred shaking somebody's hand....
"Who is that?" Neal said in shocked.
"Nothing, just get the hell out of here..." I said frightned.
"HEY WHO ARE YOU!" Michie opened the window and shouted.
    "Michielle Anderson Toni. I have been wanting to meet you, remember me?" The voice shouted back.
"Who the Hell are you? "She pointed back.
"Let me come in. And I'll introduce myself." He warned her with the gun at Fred.
"P-p-put the gun down." Michie said.
I saw Fred raising his hands up....The both of them walked in. Fred ran to us. I faced the man taking off his hat. No wait....


AN: Sorry guys for not updating but I need a name for an extra killer part of the clan would be helpful. Please comment <3

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