One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


73. Where Are We Going?

Niall's P.O.V

 I texted Harry.

To: Harr :D
From: Food :3

*Hey it's Niall....I need you to bring Violet to the judge's court, they are sentencing Michie to jail.*

From: Harr :D
To: Food :3


I looked at the judge,"Michie, you are in trouble, for threat." 
She sighed, and nodded.
He mom sobbing through tears with Alicia.
Louis looked very glum, Eleanor was just nodding. 
Liam awfully looked pleased, Danielle was confused.
Ed looked right, Sydney scared.
Zayn-same. Perrie really pissed. 
    She's pissed because she didn't liked Michie.
I waited for this boring thing over...

Harry's P.O.V

"We have to go to court." Harry said.
"Why?" Violet's green eyes looked at me.
"Michie..."I sighed.
"It's best for her to go to jail, now go..." Simon shooed us out onto the car.
    Violet hold Darcy. 
"Why? She-"
"She's going to jail." I muttered.
"Maybe she got it, from her dad, she can change...." violet muttered.


We arrived to the courthouse. Violet ran in while I hold Darcy.
"WAIT!" She shouted.
I looked at Niall and handed him Darcy. I sat down....calmly...this is her battle.

Michie's P.O.V

"I hear sentence you, guilty." The judge slammed the hammer. I saw my mom tearing down.
"Any last words?" He said looking at me.
I shook my head. Nothing...I tried to avenge my dad....I lost. Right?
"Take her ou-" He stopped.
"WAIT!" I heard a voice.
I turned around facing a perfect-well....her face had a small bandage. She was in jeans, and a shirt that said.'Love'


Crowds were mumuring and some shouted.
"ORDER IN THE COURT!" He banged the gavel."Violet, what are you doing?" 
"She's not guilty. She can change, just because I killed her dad, doesn't mean she has to go to jail. It's all a big mistake, don't arrest her, arrest me." She said.
     Paparazzi were taking pictures.
Gasps were shouting.
"VIOLET!" Harry stumbled up. 
"NOO!" Another person said.
Voices were shouted.
    "She didn't kill anyone. I did. Even though they didn't arrest me, they said it was the right thing....I believe that she can change, her father's clan killed not her, she's not evil, it's just she hasn't found the freedom. Her friend, Sydney Le. also changed."
She said.

I turned facing Sydney...I half smiled. I can change.....

Violet's P.O.V

I'm doing the right thing, saving her ass.
"I insist..." I said. I thought to are one stupid dumbass girl, Violet....
The judge looked at me crazily.
"No." He said. He looked at me and shooked his dark colored head.
"If you want Michie to be free. You must pay the bills, but you were going against her." He said. Everybody in the room thought I was crazy.
"I-I-I was. but I thought to myself...maybe she was lonely. She didn't had nice friends, except for Sydney. Maybe she needed a friend ever since her dad passed away from my hands.I was the one who caused this. She just needs...some friends someone to hang out." I explained.
    I saw Michie nodding her head with tears in her eyes. Crying...
"We will let her out, I just need some questions from her." He explained. "Have you ever caused a murder scene, Michie."
She stood silent...she mother...I closed my eyes shut...hearing wailing of my voice,'Mum, Mummy...don't leave me.'
    Just say no, Michie.....
"No..I only sent threat." She sighed.
Thank you..
"I think your ex-friends are in jail now, but you are not, I sentence you, unguilty and uncharged!" He banged the hammer. Everyone cheered.'Thank god that's over.' I heard a voice in my mind.

    She walked over to me.
"Thanks." She half smiled.
"You did killed my mom right?" I wondered.
" dad's group did. I saw it to inform you but you cursed at me, plus I was mad at you...." She stated.
    Everybody left including the judges. All but Nurse Alicia, her mother I think, he, and the boys also girls.
"I understand, friends?" I suggested.
She stood still...."I never had real friends....asking me to be friends.....I'm sorry....and" She stopped crying.
"Yes I want to be friends, I never wanted to be evil. I'm sorry." She explained. I hugged her.
"There's nothing to be sorry about.I forgive you.I understand about the friends and lonliness you have been into." I said.
She nodded. I let go.
" I'm sorry for not listening to you." She faced her mother.
"It's fine sweety. I wanted you to be happy, not you to turn into a gang bang or something." She kissed her cheeks. "A 21 year old doesn't have to be this way." 
She nodded. "I have friends here." She pointed to all of us.I smiled.

Friends or enemies, you can change.


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