One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


59. Try (Short P.O.V & Chapter)

Alicia's P.O.V (Doctor)

  "Doctor!" M. called 
"Yes Marlene?" I stared at her for information.
"We have a situation...Violet in room 69." (Ah, 69^~^)
"Is she going in labor?" I smiled.
"Yes, but more...pain." She pulled my arm.
"What do you mean?" As I rushed to the room 69.
    The room 69 was the operation room. I saw her on the operation bed, she was bleeding, her heart rate was going low....there were blood packets connected to her arm....there were some tools to her surgery, doctors were covering her. 
   "We need your help! We have to seed surgery on her! The babies! Then she has 3 broken ribs...and head surgery. Doctor Alicia hurry!" Marcie..(Marlene) pushed me into the room. I locked the operation room and rushed to her side....she looked horrible.
   she walked away. I was in there. I grabbed the anesia spray and put in her mouth...
I grabbed the scalp knife. I cut opened her stomach...
   "Stephen! Give me the scissors!" Hilary shouted.
It was bloody...a mess....I looked through the following insides....
   "WE WON'T MAKE IT! WE'RE LOOSING NUMBER 1!" Jaiden screamed while looking for the babies...
  No...please god don't loose...the baby.
"THERE'S 1!" Stephen reached into the baby. He pulled the baby out of the stomach.
  It was bloody...He used the scissors to cut the line of the baby. He wiped him and Devin helped the baby. 
  "Is he crying?" Jaiden asked.
"YES!" Devin slapped the baby's butt...the baby cried.
"BOY OR GIRL?" Hilary said while looking for the other baby...
   I smiled in for one more. Hilary and I looked over for the baby....nothing...
   I grabbed the baby x-ray and searched inside......
"WE GOT IT!" I shouted....but the baby wasn't moving...
"The baby is being crushed by the inside ribs...and the line(I don't know what those strings connected to the baby's are called...cords?)
  is half ripped...the baby won't make it!" Stephen crowded.
"WE HAVE TO TRY!" I shouted, I nearly cried....the baby nearly pained...we pulled the baby out...knowing it would never survive...but hope...has never been forgiven. 99% bad luck and 1% of good luck.....
This is hard to say goodbye....
The baby was out of the ribs....but HE was bleeding. He was crying in pain....he was crying little....welcome...HIM...he looked awfully horrible...
A/N: Hmm...not going to spoil you. I made a few mistakes for some words to spell. I'm horrible..(:
And I know a few tools for surgery.  x)



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