One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


18. Truth or Dare


  Violet's P.O.V    
 "Are you mad?" I asked...

"Nope we're just amazed that you actually said it." Harry smiled snuggling up to me. "I'm happy for you." Anne smiled," I can't believe that I'm going to be a step-mom and a grandmother." She teared up.
"Don't cry mom." Harry said giving her a hug.
"Guy's I made lunch." Eleanor smiled. We sat on the table. The guys let me eat. 
"I don't really-" I was cutted.
"You have to eat." Simon said. I shook my head.
"There so you guys can share each other I won't eat." I sputtered. They all look at me in disappointed even Niall.  
"Please!" Gem begged.
"No." I walked away washing my dishes.
"Come on!" Liam and Zayn both said staring at me.
"I already ate, you guys are so..." I slowed down my volume.
"Harry what are you doing?"Ed said.
"Harry- No-Don't you dare do that to Violet!" Anne and Louis shouted
but Louis said it differently,

"Do what?" El said.
"The Sexy face and dance." Simon whispered. 
"What?" Niall smiled.
"Well a face with his doing stuff plus begging." Gem said.    I stared at them confused and then there it was, Harry dancing and making sexy faces to me and then said,
     "Please eat." He whispered to my ear while dancing making sexy faces. I laughed," I-I-I wow..." 
"I'm twitting this!" Liam shouted.
"Me too!" Niall smiled. They both video this.
     "Eat Eat Eat," chanted Gem, El, and Louis. And Ed, Anne, and Simon kept smiling while taking pictures.
"Come on eat." Harry mummered while smiling again. I kept staring at him while he bit his lip.
       "FINE!" I smiled. They all cheered and Harry came kissing me on the cheek,
and his husky voice said,
"I knew it would work."
I rubbed his hair,
"I'll eat only salad."
"Is that fine?"Niall asked.
"erm, yeah that will be." Harry smiled.
"But-" Liam said.
"No butts." I teased.
"I didn't say buttom I said but." He replied.
"Anyways Liam means you have to eat like something more fat too than salad." Zayn  blurted while standing up giving me a cupcake.
I shook my head,"I don't eat sugar,"
   "Why not?"Simon asked.
"Hyper." I smiled.
"Really so you don't go trick or treating?" Ed mild.
"Yes, but I give my candies to Niall." I peered.
"Yes she does,she gets the good ones." Niall smiled.
"WELL EAT ALREADY!JUST EAT THE BABY IS HUNGRY!" Louis shouted breaking glass I was holding.
"Louis...."El said.
"LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" Harry shouted.
"No worries Harry, maybe he does have a pitch voice to breaking glass and shouting." I joked.
They laughed except for Harry and Louis.
"I-I- I'm sorry Violet."Louis apologized.
"It's okay Louis, it's an accident." I smiled.
I got a broom in the brushed it off and threw it in the trashcan. I put back the broom back and walked out saying,"Let's just eat!"
They nodded.
    I took the salad and ate it.
"Hey, isn't Harry and your's wedding in the month, it's July, but it's now August now." Niall asked while chewing.
Harry nodded,"But well actually she didn't want to get married while pregnant."
"That's smart, so you don't want to look fat." Gem teased.
"Gemma!" Anne shouted.
"Well I have to go, Ed?"Simon said.
"Where do we have to go?" Ed answered.
"Well we have to go get some of the album records and make the new album thanks to you and Violet." Simon smeered.
He nodded,"Okay bye guys."
I waved.
"BYE UNCLE SIMON AND ED!" Louis shouted.
"Shut up, Bye." Liam said.
"Bye bye." Anne and Gem said.
Zayn said,"Remember the album has to be awesome! So bye!"
"Byes." Niall and El said.
Harry waved,"Good bye mates."
As he shut the door.
"Well I'm tired." He teased.
I washed all the dishes and dried them.
"Harry let's play Pokemon!" Liam and Niall cheered.
They played Pokemon while Gem, El, and I went upstairs to the 'fireplace' room.
Anne went home and she wanted to chat with her friends. 
    "Let's play truth or dare!" El said coming up with the idea.
We agreed.
"Truth or Dare Gem." El smiled.
"Dare!" Gem said.
We stared at her completely crazy.
Oh no...
"Okay, I dare you to KISS Niall on the mouth!" El said it.
"Okay! Plus I have a huge crush on him." She said smiling like an idiot.
I thought she was saying it like sarcasm.

Gem's P.O.V (Only the kiss part)

   I was dared to kiss Niall on the mouth. I had a huge crush on them since they were formed as a band it's actually sarcasm.
I walked down and sat next to Niall playing with his D.S...
"Niall..." I wondered.
"Hmm." He said.
"Can you face me." I asked.
I saw El video camera it. Might put it on twitter...
" What?" He faced me.
This is my chance... Crap I hope Harry doesn't kill me...
I saw the whole boys staring at me. Pausing the game.
   I bent down and kissed him on the lips. He dropped his D.S and then I ran away.

Harry's P.O.V

    I heard the girls playing a game. Then i saw Gemma walk down and sat next to Niall. I wonder where this was going. I saw her say.
Then Niall paused the game. 
I heard a groan from Liam and Zayn.
Louis just walked next to El, she was video camera it. So weird....
"Hmm?" Niall said.
"Can you face me?" She asked.
"What." He said.
 I saw a pause to them, then she bent and kissed him, his face was touching hers. My face was red....I looked at her and then she ran and El too.
Where was Violet?
"What was that?" Zayn asked.
"She digs you!" Louis teased.
"What?" Niall said still looking weird with a red face.
"The hell was that." I said.
"Truth or dare!" Liam smiled.
"Really." Niall asked.
He nodded but then we kept playing the D.S

Violet's P.O.V

"Okay Truth Or Dare, Violet." Gem smiled.
I smiled a dare wouldn't hurt would it.
"Dare." I teased.
"Okay, you have to tell Harry you're going to kill the baby." Gem smiled evily.
"No!" I smiled.
"Why not?" El asked.
"He'll freak out." I said while rubbing my stomach.
"Umm well, you're hard then....OH! I know." Gem said.
I stared at her weirdly.
"Well?" El asked.
"Act dead... and I'll tell Harry you had a heart attack!" Gem smiled.
"You can act you're an actress." El smiled.
I nodded I felt weird.
I laid there  unconscious.  Acting dead was easy...
"Eleanor stay there and I'll cry to make my mascara drip to make more drama."Gem smiled.
Then Eleanor screamed,"VIOLET!!!NO!"
I heard it wanting to laugh but died.

Louis' P.O.V

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Harry yelled.
"I hear my babe is yelling." I yelled with Harry.
"Just a game." Liam smiled.
"Hahaha, shut up Liam, I WIN!" Zayn smiled.
"I'm getting something to eat." Niall said.
But then Eleanor ran down and cried.
"What's wrong babe?" I said.
"V-V-V-" She stammered.
"Spit it out." I wondered.
"VIOLET IS DEAD!" she cried out a big sob.
"WHAT!" Harry shouted.
We ran upstairs seeing Violet 
"Violet..."Harry whispered.
She can't be dead.

Violet's P.O.V

I wanted to laugh but I had to stay calm.
"Violet...How did she died?" Niall asked.
"Heart attack I guess I don't know." Gem said.
"Oh well let's throw her in the trash can!" Zayn said.
"Yeah I'm down with it." Liam smiled.

  I can't believe they will throw me away like that.
"Ermmm... okay!" Harry said.
The hell...
The picked me up..
"NO NO NO PUT ME DOWN!!!" I shouted and the dropped me lightly.
"Who told??" Gem said.
"Someone's guilty...." El smiled.
"You guys wanted to throw her in the garbage!" Gem said.
"How mean." I looked away from Harry's green eye. His cheeky smiled kept haunting me.
"I'm sorry..." Zayn apologized. 
"No..." I looked away from them.
"We're sorry." The whole of them said.
"The baby is mad." I said.
"Really?" Harry said giving me the puppy eyes.
"Care to eat nachos?" Niall insisted eating.
"Leave her alone." El said,
"I'm mad at all of you." I teased.
Harry gave me the puppy eyes. AWWWWEEE!
I kissed his cheek and the boys hugged me.
"Sufficating.." I said. They let go and we all played 
Truth Or Dare....
Until Louis lost....


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