One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :") *FINISHED Go TAP THAT SEXY FAVORITE BUTTON <3 *


45. Traffic(Short Chapter only Violet's P.O.V)

Violet's P.O.V
    I woke seeing the star of my world....Harry Styles....
knowing the children in my stomach are going to see us. I could feel the sunlight touching me....I turned around seeing Harry still asleep.
"Wake up sleepyheads!" I heard a voice shouted...Louis....I bet.
"SHUT UP LOUIS!" I heard Niall screamed.
"IT WASN'T ME! I SWEAR!" Louis' voice outside the door screamed across the hall.
   I looked at my pillow, my face sniffing the pillow, smelled like the color violet peach.
Harry woke up, and he smiled and kissed my cheeks.
"Time to wake up sleepy head." I shushed him when he got back to sleep. He groaned and did what he had instructed.
"Today is guys and girls day out and at night we will go to a fancy restaurant."Harry said while changing his shirt. I nodded and dressed and brushed my teeth.
I walked out seeing Sydney, hugging Ed for a long time.
    "So you are cool?" Ed pointed at her.
" Is Louis loud?" I joked making a issue to Louis, Louis looked at me and then he growled. I smiled. Sydney hugged me.
"Woah? What's all this hugging about, without us?" Eleanor made a dirty look at me, joking seriously. Perrie just made her arms attached to her hips.
"GROUP HUG!" Sydney suggested. The girls laughed and hugged us.
      Harry walked out of the room, checking his phone.
"Whats with the texting?" Niall booed him. Harry just hid his phone away...
"What's going on? YANK" Liam said while yanking it.
"READ IT OUT LOUD!" Zayn cheered.
    "Mate, I'm not sure with Violet around...." Liam muttered and gave it away to Harry.
"YANK AGAIN!" Zayn grabbed it and Niall started rushing over reading it.
"Oh, yeah, Liam is right..." Niall grabbed the phone and gave to Harry again. Louis nodded....knowing what happened. I looked at Ed...
He was worried...
"Yeah too much drama." Eleanor siad grabbing Sydney's arm and Sydney grabbed mine, I grabbed Perrie.
"HAVE FUN!" I heard Harry ushed.
"YOU TOO BABY!" I ran out the door.
     We got into the car, of mine....
My mercedes was opened door it flipped up on top....
"Your car-wow...I never know you used it." Eleanor gasped.
"Or have it." Perrie clapped her hands.
"I never heard it on the news either." Sydney touched the window.
   "Well girls, I had it since my birthday, Simon gave me that. I didn't want it at first, but how about this time, I guess." I giggled.
"Who drives?" Eleanor pointed out.
"I don't have a driver liscence(don't know how to spell._.)" Sydney walked out of the way, like she didn't know how to use it.
"I forgot how to drive." Perrie talked.
"TSK, TSK!" Louis walked out.
    "GO AWAY BOO BEAR!" Eleanor shooed.
"Whatever babe, you can't drive that car, it's like, well you know not your type.Hint Hint." Louis chuckled.
"What?" I blurted.
"So you didn't get your driver liscence?" I smeered a smiled.
    "NOPE, Sh-" 
"BITCH, GET INSIDE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!" Eleanor said naughty...she actually swear.
"STOP swearing, you FAILURE!" Louis chuckled.
"YOUR DAD IS ONE!" Eleanor growled.
"Stop." Perrie said.
Eleanor nodded.
"Just what happened?" Sydney cleared things up.
"She didn't pass her test." Louis said crossing his arms.
"Sass master please." Eleanor scoffed, and got into the car.
"Don't worry, Violet failed like 5 times, until she got it right." Harry finally got out of the house. My face red...
"It was an accident okay..." I sighed under my hot breathe.
"Really?" Ed walked out of the house, and Liam followed.
"Not an accident, it was accidentS!" Zayn horsed.
"Shut up." I walked into the car with the girls, I drove, and Perrie was in the back with Sydney. Eleanor sat with me. I turned on the song,
'Don't wake me up.' by Chris Brown.
    "So, where are we going?" Sydney interrupted the awkward silence.
"Well, breakfast at Starbuck's and then we are going shopping." I answered.
"Then, lunch and we are going to MY comapany, and start on the new fashion YOU guys are going to help." Eleanor stiffened.
I heard a groan from Perrie. Eleanor gave her a dirty look and Perrie had a smiled.
I muttered to myself, why do I even try.....
"Hmm?" I heard Sydney said.
"Oh nothing, well guys um Starbucks. Yeah I would like some, caprichino with cream." I said.
"OKay anything else." He said out the speaker.
"Yeah I would like some warm hot coffee, with sugar cream, an expresso." Eleanor said.
"Okay, anything?" He said again chuckling know there is 4 people,"You guys are like girlfriends of One Direction, oh my god, my daughter loves you guys." He laughed."Will you sign later?"
"Sure, and um I would like a strawberry whipped cream with a little syrup on it." Perrie smiled....eww syrup..
"And I would like to have snikers frappichino." Sydney smiled.
"Okay, that would be 16.30." He said. We drove giving him us our signed papers, and then he gave us the coffee...
   We got into the free way.
"DAMN!" I shouted...
"What?" Sydney said shouted with a slurp.
"Traffic." Perrie pointed...
Great just great, Eleanor's place is like 30 minutes and this traffic might be 1 hr....good thing I paid attention to math in college. We waited and waited, I turned on the tunes....I bet the boys are having a blast then we are...

Sorry If it was short, but I had to go somewhere with Anna. SHE BOTHERS A LOT!!
Anyways erm, I will update the other chapter laters, the boy's view...and a little traffic and the next next chapter will be the Killer's P.o.v...
Okay <3 YOU!



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