One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


81. The Wedding (last Chap WHOOHOO~)

Violet's P.O.V

"morning love." I smiled at Harry.
"Good morning babe." He winked. I couldn't think straight on last night. I was so tired. How did I even go here.
"Don't ask. Look today is a special day." He smiled. " I gotta get going." 
I nodded. He left and got his stuff. I called the girls to pick me up.
"Ready?" Louis smiled at me pushing into the room. Lou was standing there making me dress up. The dress was flowing out.She pulled up my hair. Applying the beautiful make up. I smiled,"Really...."
She nodded,"You'll thank me baby." She curled my hair setting it in a bow, adding the veil. I was hypervating in the inside.....marrying him. It's my day.......

Simon's P.O.V

Everyone stood there, sitting down.
"Shh!" I shushed. Louis was the best man and Eleanor, Perrie, &Danielle were the bridesmade.
Harry walked out, his hair still messy, him smiling cheekly.....I standing there nodding because I will walk her the aisle. 
"Shhh...." Jesy cooed Darcy. Darcy was wearing the fanciest baby dress. I walked over to Violet....I looked at Violet walking out to the door. I grabbed her hand. 
"Ready.....your parents will be proud." I whispered. She smiled hugging me. To love someone is to let them free.
   I hold her hand walking to the priest. The boys shouted, cheering with the crowds. She stood there, smiling at me and turned to Harry. I sat down, looking at them. 
~Priest talks because I'm such a faggot to type them down >_< ~

Harry's P.O.V

"Harry Edward Styles- will you do the honors to marry VIOLET SILVER PRIMROSE VAVANS?" I smiled- as I looked into her green eyes. 
"I do." I smiled. As she looked at me.....the crowds were crying as I looked over to Darcy- my future. 
She looked at me laughing- Family.....was the thing I heard. 
"And you Violet Silver Primrose Vavans? Do you take marrying the husband- Harry Edward Styles?" The priest said. She smiled. I do.....
"And you may now kiss the bride." the priest shouted. Everyone shouted clapping their hands. Darcy laughing- I smirked as I went in for the kiss. 
"Come here you." She smiled.
"I've been waiting for this- Mrs. Styles." I kissed her. Moving every has to be Moments......

(The End T_T  I'm so proud of my self <3 Like it or favorite it if you haven't <3!! CHECK OUT 'CATCH ME BEFORE I FALL <3'IF YOU LOVE NIALL I KNOW YOU DO YOU CRAZY MOFOS~ J.1D<3 )

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