One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


50. The Dinner

Gem's P.O.V
     "Okay...but don't hurt her or I'll hurt you...." Harry said strictly...
"Harry!" I scowled.
"I thought we were here just for lunch." Josh asked weirdly....yeah...I'm really surprised I fell for that.
"What? I thought you wanted to go- why did you invited me for lunch then?" I asked.
"I just want to get to know you better." He said. I was even shocked when he said that. My face all red....
   "Oh snap girlfriend you just got dumped...or I mean rejected!" Louis made that girl voice.
"Shut up Louis let's just go your making her embarrassed." Liam pushed him out the door with Niall and Ed. That just leaves Zayn, Harry,Josh, and me....
   "Oh so you didn't ask her yet?" Zayn commented. I looked at Zayn mad...the look or glare. 'Leave...' 
    He did...
  great gem you did so great! You are ruining for all that I thought he wanted to ask me out...but he didn't! It's so awkward now! I should feel awkward because no one will ever love me..

     "I'll see you at night dinner with us. Josh you can join I guess..." Harry left.
I sat down at a table with Josh. I ordered just salad and some water. He looked at me while eating chicken.
"Look I'm-" He started.
"yeah, I thought wrong I'm sorry..." I apologized.
"No actually I was about to say something...." He looked at me with his dimming eyes.
"What is it?" I asked him.
"I want you to be my girlfriend."He actually said the word 'girlfriend'
   I just looked stunned...
"yes a million times yes!" I shouted.
He gave a crooked smile still beautiful. I kissed his cheeks.
"ready for the dinner party?" I asked him.
"Yeah." He used his firm fist to make a rhythm on the table. I kept blushing...

Violet's P.O.V

    I turned on the radio. 'Beauty and a beat' was on by Justin Bieber Ft. Nicki Minaj. 

"Justin Bieber I'm hit you with a eaker." Nicki sang.
"I love this song!" Eleanor squealed.
"  It's so catchy!" I smiled.
    "When the music makes you move!" Justin sang.
"I love this song!!!" Perrie copied Eleanor.
"Shut up Perrie." Sydney laughed.
"See she's on my side!"Eleanor snuggled up to Sydney.
"I need my bubble!" Sydney laughed.
"Aha She doesn't like you!" Perrie giggled.
"I didn't say that!" Syndey complained.
    "Is it always like this since I left?" Danielle joked.
"I-ow-guess so..." I hold my stomach.
"What's wrong?" Danielle sounded worried.
"Just a kickster." I patted my stomach.
"Oh I get it, she's kicking you." Danielle pointed out.
"It's both of them...and I don't think she knows it's a girl could be boys." Perrie pointed out.
   "Oh I forgot." Danielle giggled.
"Are you craving love?"Sydney said.
"Yeah..." I said..."Not hungry yet...I guess..." I said again.
"Here!" Eleanor gave me a gum. 
"Thanks." I chewed my piece.
"Let's predict saying the boys are such in trouble...." Sydney chirped.
"That is true...they always get in trouble." Eleanor laughed.
    "Well are we going to change? It's 4:12 pm." I explained.
"Yeah. But I don't have a dress." Sydney explained.
"Are you that really not clever. I bought a dress for you already.And Ed chose some clothes for you. We put some in when you were sleeping." Perrie giggled.
   "How many dresses?" She asked embarrassed.
"12." I smiled.
"You don't have t-"Danielle stopped her.
    "They did this to me last time, so you have to take it." Danielle smiled.
"Oh." She half blushed.
"Let's go change!" Eleanor rushed us.
    I walked into my room. I locked the door....I didn't know what to wear....My dress, won't fit. I'm too fat....
I just looked at all of my dresses....nope....

Eleanor's P.O.V
    I hurried them. I locked my door of my room. I wondered about Violet. Will she be able to fit into her dresses? 
   I grabbed my dress. I wore my white dress, it was laceful. It had a black belt bow around the waist. It was short near my shin. It was strapless. I looked at on the dress too. I curled my hair..very bouncy. 
Should i wear my white high heels or just white converse....
I looked at my shoes...nah High heels it is. I slipped them on.
    I put on light blush on myself and walked out holding a hand purse. I have $198.20.
I knocked on Violet's door.
   "What." She blurred.
"I just want you to show you a dress I bought today for you." I replied.
"What?" She blurred again.
"Just open the damn door." I cursed.
"Whatever." She opened the door. I open the closet of her's and then the black dress with lace was on the hangers. I hid it correctly.
   "Really." She laughed.
"Yes." I laughed showing her the black rhibstones on it. With short shin dress.
  She took it and shooed me out.

Sydney's P.O.V
    I pulled up my hair and curled my bangs. And the edges of the front of my hair.
I wore my torquise dress. And I put a bow on my hair to make it look decorative. I wore my new heels. Blue sparkles. I added a bit of sparkles or ocean blue eye shadow on me. I grabbed my white purse and walked out to meet Eleanor out on the counter eating a can of cookies.
   "Where you get the cookies? Mama's hungry." I sounded like Icarly, Sam. 
"You want some? It's in the cup board." She pointed out."Do you ever consider a job?"
"I don't know what to be or do....I don't think they like me though." I muttered to myself.
"Hm? I guess I could fit you in." Eleanor said.
"What?" I snickered.
"I said I can fit you in as a model worker with me or you can always audition like Violet she does multiple of stuff that's how she bought this house. She worked as a movie actress,song writer and now a little singer.Or Become a singer like Perrie. Dance like Danielle, model like me. What?" She gave me a ton of examples.
     "I don't know I guess I want to think about about in a month." I said...right now this isn't really into my mind. I just looked at her nibbling my cookie. 
"What ever you say you need a job.Mostly all of the house people are already working even Danielle even though she got here." She pointed out. I kept nodding. I should be a designer....or a bank account...I don't know. What should I be doing? Everything seems so rightous.....Oh! Be a Voice Cartoonist!
   "I think I want to be a voice cartoonist." I smirked.
"Really? Okay..we'll start out later for the applications and see what is open for you."Eleanor looked at me all 'you are right!' look.
 I nodded.

Danille's P.O.V
   I got dresses I got. I wore my new dress.
It was a gold dress it wasn't short. It was kind of long. I also added decorations on my straighten hair. I added a gold flower and my purse. I walked out of the room and saw Violet and Eleanor and De out there.
"That's a beautiful dress Violet." I pointed out.
"Thanks but the real compliment should be Eleanor without her I wouldn't be wearing any great dress today." She giggled.
    "Thank you." Eleanor chirped.
"So De what do you think of your life now? Jobs?" I decoratively asked her.
"Cartoon or movie voice." She replied innocently.
" want to be like those cartoon voices." Violet smiled."Smart choice." 
"Smart choice? What do you mean Vi?" I asked.
"I think she means by that having a great voice to life;bringing inspirations. Right?" Eleanor paused.
   "Yes." Violet said while sipping down her ice water.
"What's taking Perrie so long?" De (Sydney) asked.
  "Must trying to impress her 'Man Tattoos' guy." I joked.

Perrie's P.O.V
   I didn't know what to wear. I was wearing a wig of course...
I dyed my hair...right They didn't know. I dyed my beautiful blonde hair into a purple hair. It was pretty....Should I tell them the hair?
    I grabbed my purple one sided dress. I noticed it was much likely plain. I didn't care. I put a black belt around the dress. Good thing the black belt had sparklfied the purple on it. 
I wore my heels(Black heels) and walked out of the bathroom. I applied make up on the make up desk. 
  Pers.(Nick name for Perrie) oh Pers. Should you take off the wig? They need to know the truth. What if Zayn doesn't like it. Would they judge me? I had this color since well I got back to here. The girlys dared me too. And so I did. Like I dared Leigh to tweet something about her awkward moment....and then Jesy dared Jade to dye her hair 'really' red.
   Come on Pers....

Fine I will do it! 
    I yanked off the wig. and my floppy hair fell out of place. Purple light dim hair out onto my shoulders. I straightened my hair leaving some of my bangs onto the side of my right eyes. I clipped the bang onto the top of my head. Voila! I said.
 I walked out of my room...
"Perrie!" They all gasped at me. 
"Is it that bad." I whimpered under my hot breath.
"No. It's beautiful!" Vi cried.
"I have to should have told me! But still i love the nice touch though makes you more feminine." Eleanor scowled while giving me a nice compliment.
"Your such a hot head." I barked.
"Shut up." She said.
    "Not satisfied enough?" I smiled at Danielle.
"Nope I'm not surprised either. I already knew. Leigh called last week." She shook her head.
"Is it bad though?" I asked her. 
"Nope!" She popped her P.
"And you Di(Sydney's nickname either Dede, Di, Sy, Ni, or De)?" I asked her.
   "I'm speechless! It's so pretty, I'm also thinking about dying my hair red. Haha But I love it!" She clapped her hands.I kept smiling.
"Do you think Zayn will think of a difference between my natural hair color and this?" I asked
"What EXACTLY happened?" Eleanor asked awkwardly.
"She took a dare." Danielle retorted. I looked at her. Really Danielle I could have explained. Just let me....don't need people going into my business....
   "Really a dare with Little Mix group. You are so brave hun." Sid scoffed.

"I want to see you try." I grinned.
"Sure anything would be awfully great to be that brave." She took the dare.
"Sid, before you take the dare...don't she makes a mean dare." Violet said.
"What happened to you when you took the dare." She said blankly.
"You don't wanna know..." Eleanor giggled.
"Tell me so I might take the dare." She asked.
    "When Violet wasn't prego. She took a dare from me. And I gave her the dare to stay away from our house and live in the woods for a week-" 
"That isn't so bad." She said weirdly.
"Actually it is. She had to stay away from technology, and Harry, us, and pretend to go missing for the whole week. So, she much likely didn't eat. She had to stay in there for a LONG time. The only fun thing to do is sleep. Plus I told her not to eat for a week too." I explained.
    "So she actually took the dare. Violet? What did she look like when she got back?" She said wanting more information.
"She didn't go home for 2 weeks....she was much likely missing and we found her in the wood in the tent we only gave her. She had to be in the hospital for the whole week. Haha she was starving and plus she caught the cold." Danielle giggled.
    "Shut up." Violet walked away.
"Don't take it." Eleanor warned her.
"I'll pass...might think about it." She smiled.
    "Yeah-" I said I was cut there was a knock.

Violet's P.O.V
   I understanded....friends are always there for me. I wore my black lace dress. It wasn't long. A next to the shin. It was black with white shimers. It had a puffy bow and like a tutu on it. My hair was curled with braids on my bangs pulled to the back and I applied some mascara on my eye lashes. I added a black bow on my brown hazel hair of the braiding. My dark chocolate eyes shown. I wore my black heels. 
    I heard a knock on the door when Perrie was suppose to talk. 
"I got it duckies!" I retorted. I opened the door and saw Gemma and Amy-Amy Green.
"Amy? I thought you were-" I said.
"Niall invited me to the dinner." She blushed. (A/N: Who knows Amy Green? She's Niall's Best Girl Friend! Ah...I'm so horrible :") So if you knew give yourself a 'YOU ARE SMART!' think haha. Well back to the story. Tori is with Anne. She isn't really a lot of main characteristics.)
   "Really?" I said appauled (I done it again(: )
"Why aren't you guys in your dresses." Danielle smiled while hugging Gemma and Amy.
"I was dropped off by Josh and Amy was on the car, he told he'll pick us up, he needed to dress up too."Gem explained.
    "And the rest of the boys." Amy said.
"Who is that?" Eleanor walked out with Perrie.
"AMY!" Perrie shouted.
"PERS!" Amy ran to a hug.
"GEM!" Eleanor goofed.
"Lmao(lamalo-how you pronounce it)" Gem smiled.
    "Who's this?" Amy asked pointing to Sid.
"Sydney Le." Sid said.
"Oh your Ed's girlfriend, I'm Amy Green, Niall's friend." Amy greeted.
    "I'm Gemma Styles, Future in law sister of Violet, Harry's sister, girlfriend of Josh Devine the drummer." Gem described her self.
    "Hehe nice to meet you guys. We'll be great friends." Sid giggled.
"Okay get dressed! And we'll get ready!" I hurried them.
~20 minutes later at the exact time of 6:30~
Gem walked out with her color dress, Scarlett Teal. Was the creator of that dress. Much likely a cocktail dress. It was the color platinum. and she straightened her hair. 
   Amy walked out with her dress. Her dress color was just plain red, with white stripes around it.
She straightened her hair....I didn't really felt that good to go out...but it's the plain with it.
"Ready?" I mumbled, while looking at the ground.
"Yeah but the boys are picking us up." Sid showed me the text.
"What happened to Simon and Paul?" Danielle asked.
"Oh they are having a little of summer fun haha...Hawaii." I smiled.
   "Okay..well the boys are on their way I guess? Anyone know the plan of the schedule?" Eleanor muttered.
"Nope." Gem shook her head.
"Not a clue." Amy said. I just didn't say anything...s'pose they could have not drive here....
   "What's wrong with you?" Perrie asked.
"Well...if they are coming the won't fill all of us." I said.
 "s'pose a limo?" Danielle smiled.
"Guess so." I said.
   "I guess....wonder WHO will drive it though...insecure about Louis...never look at the road." Eleanor fiddled her fingers.
"Come one let's just wait and tell stories or watch a movie..." Amy suggested. 
We agreed to watch a movie.

Harry's P.O.V
   "Hurry up!" I hurried them adjusting my tie. 
"Well sorry I have an apartment with like small rooms." Josh scowled. I looked at him.
"I'll slap you silly, it's Niall's fault for taking so long to buy us our size of tuxedo." I smiled.
"Don't slap him..and plus Niall invited Amy the wrong time." Liam much likely stood up and straightening his curves on his tuxedo.
   "Whatever mates, not my fault, tell Zayn. He want's a mirror but Louis is hogging the damn door. So blame Louis, he takes forever." Niall confronted his tittle.
"Hurry up Louis I have to take a leak!" Ed whinced.
"WELL I NEED A MIRROR! JOSH YOUR PLACE IS SO SMALL!" Zayn shouted across the hall.
"Oh my god..." I muttered.
"Don't worry...I'll handle this...Zayn do you have a Iphone!"Josh asked Zayn.
"No." Zayn mumbled while walking to us.
   "I do." I raised my Iphone.
"What does this have to do with mirrors?" Niall said while pulling his hair up.
Josh grabbed my phone and turned on the taking pictures and faced it to Zayn.
"I look so handsome with blonde highlights!" Zayn smiled as he pulled his jacket tuxedo.
Josh handed my phone back. I took it.
   "One problem down the next one to go."Liam nodded.
"Finally!"Ed shouted while locking a door.
Louis walked out with his sass on. He had his hair up and his clothes were grey tuxedo.Ed finally walked out with his red tuxedo.
   "Done?" I said.
"Deffinatly." Louis walked out of the house with his sass on again.
"Who's driving? Paul is on vacation, though...."Ed said.
    "You guy's know how to drive." I smiled.
Louis car was parked next to Niall's, Zayn's, Ed's, Liam's,Josh's and then mine.
"You bought us a car?" Niall gasped.
"Well we all chipped in." Liam explained.
"Our driver liescence then?" Zayn said.
"Already got it." I gave them it.
   "So you mates pick them up and drive to the resteraunt." Ed explained.
"Okay!" Louis jumped in his car. While the rest did too.
    I drove to the speed of my limit while I saw the rest of them having a great time.
I looked out of my window. Louis kept voorming like he was in a race. Perrie and Eleanor didn't wasted money for him to break his car easily. I chuckled to myself.
"Hey!" He rolled down his window. I ignored it laughing to myself...
Again he shouted. I looked at him. 
I rolled it down.
"You know Perrie and Eleanor didn't wasted money for you to waste the car!" I chuckled.
"SHUT UP-"He said.
"HEY GET MOVING IT'S A GREEN LIGHT!" A man was totally Zayn and Niall.
   "Oh my god IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!!!" A girl shouted while knocking onto my car...this is a millionare car!I most likely drove fast so the girl wouldn't catch up to me.
I kept laughing, I turned on the radio.
  "Taylor Swift looking for a relationship from Harry Styles? Is this true? ABout 13 minutes we will announce the news." The man said. What? No..I'm with Violet.
'Gangnam Style' by PSY came on.
   That girl is such a trouble maker...(A/N: I'm not a Haylor shipper #NoHate. They aren't dating, they are close friends. Taylor isn't prego. SOme bullshit just made it up. -.- seriously.)

     I reached the goal to our house. I was the first one there.
I knocked on the door. 
"THERE HERE!"I heard Amy's voice shouted. Some girl with straighten hair opened the door.
"Danni?" I asked weirdly.
"Harry!" She hugged me.
"Welcome back, Liam doesn't know! Where's Violet?" I said. As I saw Violet walking out. Wow she was fit. Though I ignored how she was having the bump, I loved how she was. Her dark chocolate eyes were very beautiful. Her lashes were flaming hot. Her hair were bouncy. I smiled like an idiot, she looked sexy in that dress.(A/N: SOrry to interrupt Violet is british :))
   "Ready beautiful?" I smiled.
"You look handsome Styles." She giggled and nodded.
I opened the car door for her. 
"Why Thank you Mr.Styles." She laughed. I love her laugh.
"Your welcome Mrs. Styles." I grinned. She gave me 'You are such a typical boy Styles but you are right I am a Style.' look.
    I walked over to my car door I started the engine. As I started the engine I saw Louis' car pulled up.
Surprise Surprises. I started driving to the diner. I stopped at the stop sign. I sighed looking at the red light. 
"Harry..."She killed the awkward silence.
"What baby?" I looked at her.
"I heard the news." She looked at me with fragile eyes.
"What news?" I looked at her dumbfounded Is it the Taylor News...I didn't know what happened. I swore...Violet I didn't do anything about the new name Haylor she made up. I love you....Man oh Man we're real close friends. Damn what should you say Harry! Am I seriously that dumb...

    "The Haylor thing, is-is it true?" She said while the green light popped up.
"No." I was certainly absolutely positivly right. 
"Are you sure?" She sounded scared.
"You are Irresistible. I love you. I am sure!" I sounded right.
"Okay, I love you!I believe you" She smiled.
   We reached the place. Ah...London 
'NAMEO LONDON GARDEN~' Was the places name. It was only reservations only.
" we really have to have the expense of this place...." She said uncomforatable.
   "Do you have a reservation?" A waiter asked me.
"Yes, the name is Harry Styles." I said.
"Ah..Harry Styles...sorry we can't find you...."He said...
   "What? How is that possible?" I said.

Louis' P.O.V
   I arrived the house. 
"Danielle, nice to meet you." said Niall. As Niall hold out for Amy's hand.
Niall drove Amy away. I smiled at Eleanor. 
"Hello beautiful." I gave a grinnly smile.
"You look pretty fit. Mr. Tomlinson." She smiled giving me a kiss on the cheeks.
"We are Fit, Elounor." I smiled while bringing her to the car.
   We reached there. I saw Harry sitting there with Niall and Violet and Amy and Josh and Gemma. 
   "Finally you reached! Our reservation isn't there!" Harry exclaimed.
"Louis?" Eleanor tugged on my shirt,"What did you put..."
Uh oh....
    I walked up to the man...
"Reservations?" He said.
"Mr. SexyAssSassMaster from Doncaster." I said.....I heard the guy's laugh.
    He looked at me.
"There you are. Table for?"he asked.
"14." I smiled."Keep it as a V.I.P Section."
"Sure." He looked at me. I followed while the rest to. Zayn finally made it with Perrie. Ed and Sydney. Where is Danni and Liam?
   We sat at the table. 
"We're going to wait for Liam and Danni." Violet said.
"Danni's here?" Ed said.
"yeah."Sydney smiled.
    "I hope they're doing fine." Perrie said...trying to relax.
"Zayn, how do you like the hair?"Amy smiled.
"It's pretty. plus I have blonde streaks here too." He showed us.
"It's perfect." harry laughed.
    "Speaking of perfect, Louis why did you put that under the reservation." Niall giggled.
"He just want's to be cool I guess." Eleanor laughed.
    "Wow...."Josh laughed.
"You had to say ass." Gemma blurted.
 I smiled lightly.

Liam's P.O.V
    I looked at Danielle, in the car..
She was wasn't my fault. She got hate mails, I never wanted her to get hurt.
"Danielle." I spoke.
I was waning....
"Danielle." I said.
She looked at me with teary eyes. We were at a red light.
" said you don't want me back." She sniffed.
"I love you, I want you back in my life." I kissed her on the lips.
She blushed."I love you too, that is why I came back." 
"I know, now do me a favor don't cry and be my girlfriend." I blinked.
"Yes." She laughed. 
    We reached to the place and then we walked into the V.I.P area. I saw the whole group there.
"Ah. I see your together!"Paparazzi took pictures. 
We dazzled together into the room and sat down. The manager pushed the paparazzi away.
"So made up?" Zayn asked.
"Yes!" I chirped happily.
"Looks like somebody is giddy." Josh made a funny joke and comment.
    We ordered some food. Harry had to ordered Violet A Lot of food.
We ate,
"Man I'm full." Niall said stuffed.
"......." We said silently.
"Your never full...."Danielle looked at him.
"I'm KIDDING!" He laughed.
"Niall you want my wings, Harry ordered too much, I can't eat that all." Violet looked like she was going through soem troubled.
"Yeah sure." Niall said. Ad he grabbed the whole plate . and started munching.
    "Are you okay babe?" Harry looked at Violet.
"Excuse me." Violet rushed out of the room.
   "Looks like some trouble is there." I laughed.
"SO what next?" Louis finished his plate.
"I wonder if we can go to that fireworks place...." Eleanor suggested.
"I can't I have to go home mom and Tori needs me." Gemma said.
"Me too. I have to go get into business." Amy walked away"Bye." She went home.
"I have to sleep haha." Josh drove Gemma home.
    "Okay it's just us, how about go home and sleep." Danielle laughed.
"We're going to watch a scary movie then sleep." Violet walked out. 
"That baby of yours is huge!" Niall said.
"Shut up Niall." Harry kissed Violet on the cheeks.
"EWW LOVE!" Louis shouted.
    But then Louis was tackled by Eleanor kissing.
I kissed Danni on the cheeks.
Perrie was kissing Zayn. Ed kissed Sid.
Niall kissed his chicken.
    We went home

~20 minutes later reached home: 8:47pm.~

    "Let's watch Sinister." Ed suggested.
"No The Notebook!" El said.
"Priest." Violet grinned.
"Okay! Priest it is!" Harry said.
"YAY!" Danni clapped her hands.
"Popcorn?" Niall brought out popcorn. As 11 of us watched we screamed and some slept 

   Don't go in that cave don't go in that cave....ahh he died...




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