One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


53. Tell&Understand

Harry's P.O.V
   "Hey Harry..." Louis whispered to me. I Just felt shocked, I can't tell Violet about this. She'll freak out by saying,'I can't believe you would do this! What if the delivary comes!'

   Violet walked over smiling while the girls kept congratualting her.
"Hey babe." She kissed next to my ears.
"URGH." Louis sputtered.
I felt Niall nudging Louis.
  "We have some news." Niall said scared...This happened one time....
Niall was playing some game with Louis, and Violet tripped over the soccer game they were playing, and Violet kept Niall was scared of Violet.

  "Yeah you guy's are going on X-Factor performing 'Live While We're Young' and 'Little Things.'" She said it proudly clapping her hands.

  "Not that." Zayn replied innocently.
"What?" Pers. retorted.
"Purple head is going cranky." Louis sniggered. Pers. flinched and gave the 'death stare' to Louis. 
"Sorry..." Louis apologized.

   "I'm sorry, do you mean that you guy's are going on tour?" Eleanor said shockfully.
"No babe it's not that." Louis sputtered.
"Then what is it?" Danielle and Sydney said it at the same time.
"It's just a concert we HAVE to DO in this month." Liam explained.
   And I looked at Violet laughing crazily.
"Is this the hormones again?" Ed chuckled.
"Is it far?" Danielle raised an eyebrow.
   "No 30 minutes from here, It's the arena." Zayn said.
  "Are you okay Violet." I gasped.
"Yeah! Do you think i would go cray cray on you? It's not far, plus i have to do something on that date too." She smiled.

   "It's the 23.." Niall smiled.
"Wow we had to go all nervous for nothing, I thought she would be like,'GRR BITCH WHY WOULD YOU GO ON THAT DATE!' Or something like that.." Louis smiled.
    We all laughed at that joke.
"Shut up, and stop making fun of me Louis, do you want me to cut your making baby parts and sell it to Becky!? That girl who collects weird things in your High School Reputation?" Violet snarled.
   Louis just backed away...looking scared.
"Violet he needs that." Eleanor puppied. She just laughed.

   "Violet and us have a song and interview on the radio with Cher Llyold. On that date." Danielle cooed us from scariness.
   "Here?" Ed sounded confused.
"No silly it's in Alaska. No Durh! It's here." Sydney joked.
"Ahh....okay." Ed agreed.
"We all do." Liam added.
"Always tell and understand!" I smiled.
"Let's go birthday boy,we're going to the ice-cream palor and then somewhere else. Plus we have a birthday present for you at home." Violet pulled my hand to our group car. We followed....

A/N: Kind of scared Violet would cut of the baby making parts.... O.O..... Anyways! This chapter is teaching a lesson. 
I'm awesome haha...well get ready for some DAMN drama..
~J.1D<3  (Jackie)


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