One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


69. Tear of Joy

Violet's P.O.V

    I just sat there...
"That can't be my baby is in my-" I looked at my stomach, flat.
     I heard a cry..
"Violet, you are scaring Darcy." Sydney hissed.
"It is your baby..Collin died...from a terrible accident which happens to make you have amnesia." Eleanor said.
  I drooled down a tear drop. 
"Don't cry Violet...please don't" Perrie hugged me.
"I will try and remember....but I didn't remember the accident and IS HARRY'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!?" I said.
    "About that....Harry accidently fall for one of the killer's trap becuase it was his birthday and you let him go to the club, he was drunk he took shots...and you were mad, the killer or Michie, kissed him or made out, and you were getting pissed and then left on the free way. Got into a car crash Collin died, but Darcy survived, You were in a coma for 2 weeks...and you forgot which lead you to here remembering few." Sydney explained.
    I don't know....what to say....
"It was probably an accident" I laughed gently.
Then my head hurt. It was rushing through my head memories of the car crash. And the Harry kiss...but still no baby...
    I felt a tear drop down on my cheeks.
"Harry....che-che-cheated on me....." I stammered.
"Don't worry he didn't....he apologized and he never left you at the hospital." Perrie comforted me. I nodded.
     "May I see my baby. I miss in peace Collin." I whispered.
Eleanor handed me Darcy.
She was beautiful with brown fluff hair and bright green eyes. 
"Beautiful just like mommy." Sydney whispered.
I nodded. The tear of Happiness.....
    I heard Darcy purred in my arms. 
"Mommy's here....don't worry." I cooed.
She squirmed next to my chest, sleeping next to my breast.
"How cute." Danielle took a picture."It's a keeper."
"I love you baby." I said.
       The door opened out seeing Harry looking at me. Louis looked at me and looked back at his feet and looked back amazed. Liam rushed over me giving me kisses on the cheeks and then Danielle.
Niall cried of joy...and Zayn just smiled.
"Remember me yet?" Zayn said.
"Yes Zayn Malik, where did you hid your mirror?" I asked.
" remember?" Harry mouth was opened.
"Does making out with a slut at a club on your birthday, making me pwn the slut, and kiss the slut again in front of me, making me almost die in a car crash loose Collin and had only Darcy makes sense to you?" I explained sassy.
    "QUEEN SASS HERE!!!" Louis shouted.
"LOUIS SHUT UP DARCY IS SLEEPING!" Eleanor siently shushed him.
    Darcy squirmed to me.
"Shh...Darcy it's okay.." I mumered.
     "I'm sor-" Harry stopped.
"Harry talk to me in our room later....." I explained.
"Now...please." He asked. I nodded handing Darcy to Liam.
       "What?" I said.
He looked at me and gasped....


Ahahaha take a look at this chapter number. 69!!! Lmao

I know it's short but the next one will be longer 
Anyways sorry for not updating. Had too much fun. and now school :(
    so I'll always try k~
Try to read  'The Player's Girl'   ONCE you're finished. Lol



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