One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


72. Simon;Give Us The Honor

Violet's P.O.V

    "This is why I never wanted to leave you." Harry whispered into my ear. 
"Harry," I muttered, while letting go his neck.
"I love you Violet, if I could redo it, I will forever, I will make you the happiest women in the world." He kissed my cheeks.
   "I know Harry, I love you,I forgive you, just please don't do it ever again." I whispered.
"I won't princess, I won't break your heart,just tell me if you will still marry me." He said while looking into my eyes. My naked eyes were staring at his green emerald eyes with little stars shining in them.
   Those pubes were so magical, so stunning, no wonder I laid my eyes onto him when I came home from Ireland University.
   " Hell yes I will marry you.If I wouldn't, then why would I still keep this ring." I pointed my right finger at my left marriage ring.
    "I understand, now let's go outside and tell Simon." He smiled while opening the door. I stopped him. Simon?
    " Why tell him, wasn't he at my birthday party when you proposed to me, he gave us the honor did he?" I confusingly asked.
     He didn't flinched. He stood there blanklessly.
"Harry..." I waved my hands. Didn't blink. I sighed.  You're doing it again Harry Edward Styles....I looked at him....Just tell me before I ask the others.
    "Umm...well...when you erm in a coma, Simon banned me from you, and canceled the wedding." He struggled.
"That's not bad...." I winced.
"Not bad? It is! He won't let us get married! I'm going to be a lonely fat-" I slapped his face.
"Chill." I said. He rubbed his face,"Sorry baby." I cuddled him. He relaxed
     I opened the door hearing the girls and boys talk. I grabbed Harry's hand and intertwined it. Harry smiled cheekly with me. 2 words.
"We're together." 
    They all looked at me happily, even Darcy giggled. I needed to tell them one thing on my mind. The marriage is still going on, the bridesmades are ready, grooms, and a bestman. The lovely dress and all except Simon's permission.
"What now." Louis said while crassing Darcy to me.
"I should get Violet and Darcy to Simon." Harry whispered for them to hear.
"Why?" Dani sat up.
      I looked at them. I grabbed Darcy's little hat and put it on her, while holding her light body. 
"Well Marriage of course, the honor and permission and yeah, I know where the lovely place is going to be at." I laughed.
Darcy squirmed while I was laughing, I know she loves my laugh.
"Should we come?" Sydney sat up with Ed.
"No, no, lads we are staying here, it's their buissness, we can start inviting guests to the wedding, even if Simon won't except it." Liam intengentlly proped.
    "Okay we will." Harry said guestering me to the car as we left the house front porch.
"Good luck mate." Niall said to Harry and pecked Darcy's puffy red cheeks. He also as well hugged me.

*Skips Car ride*

We arrived at Simon's devilish big Mansion that usually scares the crap out of me.
I used to dream about Simon's mansion with gargoles and a bunch of jar filled with eye balls. He has a secret cave. Lighting struck mostly everyday. But it was just a dream, his mansion still the same, with a gate and a huge front porch with swimming pool and a drive way. I punched in the code with my other hand and we drove into Simon's house. The gate closed.
"Do you think we should have come?" Harry muttered.
"Yes." I said as I knocked onto the door. I saw Paul standing, openeing the door.
"Violet? So can you explain me why-" He stopped.
     I saw Harry mouth-synced to Paul 'She Remembers.'
He nodded and let us in.
"Harry get out." Simon sat there looking at the news.
"Hello Uncle Simon." Harry nervously said.
"You are lucky I didn't kick you out of One Direction, and do not call me Uncle." He growled. Woah did I just see Simon's ear blew out steam?
    "Uncle Simon, stop! Dacry doesn't need the fighting between both of you, I want the marriage to be not cancelled." I bit my lip.
Simon dropped his newspaper and walked over me. He looked sterned.
"Plus, Edward would like this." I said using my dad's name."And Marie." 
    "He hurt you." Simon hissed.
"I still love him, at least he didn't kill me, or cheated on me without me knowing, or, or have a billion sex." I said.
"Ew no don't say that word!" Paul covered his ears.
    Harry chuckled, holding Dacry too.
"Listen, Styles, I want you to care for her, if you even break her heart, you won't see her again, nor Darcy, and your life will be twisted out like lemons." Simon gave him the death stare.
    "Simon, STOP NOW! YOU'RE SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF HIM!" I sternly growled. Harry nodded.
"I understand." Harry simply said while holding Darcy.
"I don't think you want to mess with Violet..." Paul said. I smiled.
    Simon pulled his hands in defeat.
"Son, let me tell you a story, Violet is tough, you break her, she glues herself back, and she breaks you, and if you break her again, she goes out onto cutting, she dies, meaning she has a desprate life, and I will beat the shit out of you." Simon ended it.
"SIMON COWELL......" I growled.
"See there." He pointed.
"I love her, I won't ever hurt her." Harry said.
"Then I give you permission. I have trust in you. Now,I want to see my god child!" Simon clapped his hands.
   I smiled lightly. Thanks Simon. 
Simon hugged Darcy lightly....
"She's so beautiful." Simon smiled.
    "All in a handy's work." I giggled.
"When's the wedding?" Paul asked.
"Today is about next Saturday." Harry suggested.
"Okay." I smiled.

A/N: Like how it's going (;
   Well let's see the wedding next time.....but the next chapter is about planning.



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