One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


47. Shocked

Gem's P.O.V
   "Mom." I said.
"Yes honey?!" Mom said while watching the E! News.
"I'm getting a threat letter...well it's for the boys but it sent the adress...."I said.
Tori woke up.."I HEARD THREAT LETTER!"
"Open it and read it...."Mom sputtered.
"Dear One Direction...
      It's I, the 'Killer's group leader...'
Call me Mr. X(Hehe -.- seriously I hate that pest who is trying to kill the boys with the gun in New York, at their concert! WITH A GUN!!!)
I am the group leader, you might as well tell me, but I will get a different way to ease out of the trap. Why bother hiding Violet?
    Tell James that Niall may never wake up again....maybe >:)
Tell Harry...he will be assianated....or not...
Tell Louis and Liam and Zayn that they will never see the body of their's.....or not...
    The storm is coming....
Just btw, Sydney will not try to tell you...we will try to force her not too...BEWARE
    Remember, Violet will die one day.

~Sincerly Mr. X and Killers." I gasped(Sorry using it as an example :I)

"Do not worry, hun they won't hurt them." Mom sighed rolling her eyes.
   "Excuse me time for school Gemma!" Tori said while running to the bathroom.
"Oh yeah mom, I have to go to school remember! The new time of school, moving to University." I chirped.
"Yeap hurry your tails pumpkin, and remember to come home." Mom said while Tori rushing outside the bathroom.
    I nodded....
We both ran to my car. "SO you ready?!" Tori exclaimed.
"Not really...." I muttered to myself....what if the boys get hurt....I can't bare it anymore.
"Come on! Why can you not be happy! It's school, you get to meet the cutest guy slash famous guy that goes to school with us!" She squealed....
    Yeah who.....I guess she's talking about Josh. Ever since Josh Devine decided to go to school and yeah he wants to be the drum teacher....I am in the drumming session....since well, when I was 7 years old......he is kind off cute....URGH Ed was in my mind now its Josh....THE BOYS GEMMA! THINK ABOUT THE BOYS NOT SOME FUTURE LOVERS! 
     Bad Gemma BAD!
"Earth to Gemma!" Tori screamed while she stopped at the stop sign.
"Sorry....I am sorry.....and yeah there's Josh, we'll go talk to him." She rushed out of her seat, she drove my car, she shoved me out of the car.
I screamed. Josh looked at me....Josh Devine.....
"Gemma are you okay?" He grabbed my hand, my jeans were black....great....stupid Tori....
but this is a perfect moment.
"Uh yeah..." I thanked him, I guess.
"Um, I was wondering if you can grab a coffee with me." He said swinging his arms.
I looked at him at his eyes. His shining eyes made me feel guilty ditching Tori, for the new place, the New shoe opening. I looked deeply with his eyes.
"Yeah, sure." I giggled....

I walked with him to class. I saw Tori following us, but good thing, Mr.Rodland stopped us....
"Ms. Styles and teacher...can you please enter to room 159, the music room has changed." He pointed to the other room. I nodded and walking to the classroom.
"Woah it changed?" I gasped.
"Yeah pretty," Tori slid in and signeled me to be careful, and she left to go to science room.

He walked in and I joined and sat on the teachers desk.
"Good Morning-*Squeals* JOSH!" The Perfs shouted, urgh can't I just live without of those 3 perfs for the whole year. Ever since I was in 7th grade....

And we started on the music....

Violet's P.O.V

     "You guys bought a new house!"Danielle choked Perrie into a huge luggage as she swung it fell open. The clothes fell out. 
"PERRIE!" Eleanor screamed.
"No worries those are the clothes that I was going to throw away." She giggled.
I picked it up and put it in the luggage."Really clothes that you got." I smirked.
"Shut up." She snickered.
"Sydney Darling can you open the door with the lock keys?" Perrie said while closing the car gates.
"Yeah." Sydney ruished opening the door house.
   I locked the car, we walked into the house.
"Well you want a seperate room so you and Liam can move into together or just put you in that room and later we'll deal with this." I said carrying the luggage.
"Violet stop carrying I will!" Sydney grabbed it.
"Thank you." I sighed.
"Your welcome." She carried it into a different room.
"How many room is there in here?" Danielle gasped.
"15 rooms. Yeah we share haha" Perrie cheered.
"Thats impossiable." Danielle hurried to the kitchen table.
"It is so. There's 3 saftey room." I smiled.
"OKay what are we supposed to do?" Danielle asked.
"Well, we should go to a cup of coffee together?" Eleanor grinded the idea...I swore I could have saw her dance.
"Erm, no paps." Sydney chirped.
"Well how about the beach?" I suggested.
"But your pregnant." Perrie whined.
"I'll wear the pink bathing suit, its not a bikini you know, you know the girl who wore it in Sex In The City. Eleanor bought it." I piped.
"OH YEAH!" Danielle said.
"Let's go!" They shouted as they grabbed the whole bathing suit of theirs.
"Sydney you don't have one here, I'll buy you one." I smirked.
"Okay." She replied.


~Drives next to the beach, the boys left :I~

"Come on I got the best beach shop out here!" I scurried her around.
"We will see you at the beach then!" Perrie waved at us.
I nodded. Danielle and Sydney followed me. We were going to buy some beach stuff. Well for Danielle and Sydney.
"What about the other?" Sydney replied.
"Erm, later we will get you and Danielle beach clothes." I explained.
"Ooh how about the-" Danielle explained.
"The Beach Hut." I said.
Danielle and Syd dropped their mouth.
"What?" I said shrugging my arms, my belly moved a bit...great I'm craving for something....
"That's expensive." Syd gasped.
"I couldn't let you afford that." She said moving to her purse.
"No need, I got plenty of allowances." I showed them my 1,000....I know I know, what kind of person who brings that much money? Me. On vacations.
"I'm sorry I can't it's really rude." Syd turned red very embarrassed.
"Any do you have any money?" I sneered.
She turned silent and dissappointed...yeah...
then Danielle just bit her lip.
"Fine." They said.
"Great now shut up and dress." I pushed all of them into the store.

"Oh my god..." I heard a customer said.
"MOM IT'S-" The girl squealed.
"What's wrong with you....." She looked at us blankly.
"Welcome welcome!" The lady who owned the store looked at us.
"C-can't believe this, One Direction and now the girls!" The girl squealed.
I kept moving and smiling.
"Go choose a bikini or something." I told Danielle and Syd.
They nodded.
"C-C-can I have your autograph?" She asked.
"Sure." I smiled.
"A-And a picture?" She stammered.
"I guess." I smiled again.
"Say cheese!" The mom took a picture.
I signed the paper. and then walked away....
"So did you find anything?" I asked.
"Yeap Violet." She nodded.
Syd walked out in a blue bikini.and with white poka-dots.

I smiled.
"You like it?"
"Yeah." She smiled.
"Great all we need is dani."I giggled.

I was in my big puffy shirt that Harry bough for me. and I was wearing short.
I didn't really like the style of wearing bikini with pregnancy.

"Done!" Dani shouted jumping out with a white bikini with yellow stars around it.

"Great now I'll pay." I said. I paid the lady 100 dollars for them.
We walked out of the store and ran out of the beach. Perrie was in her red bikini with blue plaid.
Eleanor was in a white bikini with red stripes.
They smiled and told us to go to the waters.
"Sorry i can't duh." I ponited at my stomach.
They giggled and the 4 of them went in the beach. I was sitting on the sand and building the sand castle.
My stomach growled.
"Hey guy's I'll be right back, I have to eat." I shouted.
"OKAY!" Eleanor shouted while splashing water at me.
I walked to the Sandwich store. I bought 5 sandwiches.
One was for me and the others were the girls.
I walked back. The girls came up.
"I'M HUNGRY!!!" Perrie screamed.
"oh just shush, here's the sandwich." I shoved it at her.
She smiled and took a bite out of it.
"YUM!" Dani smiled.
"Yeah, do you want to go home?" Syd asked.
"No, let's go to the mall."Eleanor yorked.
"You guys cool with it?" I smiled.
"Are you going to ache?" Perrie asked...she was right...but oh well....
"What time is it?" Syd said.
"ADVENTURE TIME!" I shouted.
"Oh wow, I meant the real time silly." Syd laughed.
"Erm. 3:02 pm." Dani looked at her phone.
   "Let's change back and go to the mall then at 5:30, we'll go home and get ready." Perrie explained.
"Okay then!" Eleanor chewed on her sandwich.
We changed into our clothes...
I got into the car and drove to the mall....and guess what...traffic....

Zayn's P.O.V
   "Well little vermin? I'm hungry!" Niall complained again.
"Niall we know! We are going to Nando's!" I complained.
"How many more minutes!" He whined...I am so mad...
"15 more minutes!"Harry said growling.
"URGHHHH!!!!" Niall groaned.
"SHUT UP!" Louis shouted.
"Well, this is wierd..." Ed joked.
"Okay what should we do now? Keep Niall busy?" Liam scowled.
"Go to sleep." I shouted.
"No....too hungry to sleep...." Niall shouted back.
"WE'RE HERE!"Harry freaked out.
"Thank god." I heard Louis whispered.
"I bet the girls are having fun than us." Ed replied.
"Let's just go eat." Liam said.
"It's like a roller coaster Niall, you have to eat and you don't" I pointed out.
"It doesn't make sense." He ran out of the car, into the resteraunt.
"Exactly..."Harry smiled.
    I kept smiling. I ordered salad and some water.
"So what should we do next? After this." Ed asked.
"We should just go get some clothes...for the fancy dinner." Louis suggested.
"Wow you never been that smart." I grinned.
"SHUT UP!" Louis shouted.
"Now here comes the shouting..." Niall muttering.
"Maybe Louis is right. Then we can change at well...." Liam muttered.
"Where?" Harry said.
"Your mom's house, haha" I said.
"Okay." Harry nodded.

Gemma's P.O.V
    I walked home with Josh.
"Sorry Tori, I can't hang out with you." I called her.
"That's fine have fun though!" She hanged up.
She was always like this...
   "Hey Josh." I smiled.
"Sup' ready?" He smiled.
I kept glaring at myself in the mind. Am I fangirling? NO! He's your brother's best friend! Why am I doing this like Ed and then Josh.....
  "You okay?" He smiled.
"Yeah!" I smiled widely.
"Are you okay?" He giggled.
"Of course!" I lied through my sweating inside my hoodie, hope Harry likes sweats in his Jack Wills jacket.
"So would you like to go to Nando's?" He suggested.
"Yeah, aren't you suppose to be with the boys?"I wondered.
"Nah my team or music helpers don't hang out with me." He said.
"Oh. Let's go to Nando's then." I gestered.
"Okay." He nodded.
   I really didn't understand...why did he asked me?
We walked past some fans.
"Oh my gosh, Josh can you sign my shoes?" A brunette hair asked.
"Sure." He hold out his hands.
She gave him her DC Shoes. I looked at him using sharpies to sign for her.
"Thank you!" She giggled while wearing her shoes. After all of those signing for the other fans we actually made it to Nando's surviving the attacking fans. 
     I looked at somebody in the 'Hipsta Please.' shirt. And his shoes were white converse and just jeans. And 5 guys followed him.
"Harry?" I said.
"Hey Gems! Hello Josh!" Louis Chirped.
"Yo!" Niall said while enjoying his hamburger..
"VAS HAPPENING!?" Zayn shouted.
"WHat are you guys doing here?" Harry said.
"Agree with Harry." Liam and Ed pointed out.
   "Wait, where's Tori?" Liam asked.
"Enough questions we're here to eat." I nervously said.
"Hey Harry...we will be getting out tables." Josh halfly smiled.
"Wait...are you guys-" Louis said.
"Yes we are." I gasped...all that pressure....
    I looked at Harry....shocked.


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