One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


39. Secrets Were Made To Stay Hidden

        SPOILER ALERT!!!

Hey guy's well this is weird um, well my friend came over today slumber party, you know my best friend, Anastasia, well call her Anna, she wanted to help me with this story. So she is the one making the fights and stuff. Well, give this chapter credits to her, OKAY! ONLY THIS CHAPTER SHE HELPED >:O, taking all the credits :P.

        SPOILER ALERT!!!

~Love you readers! 
~helper BFF---->Anna&Jackie<-----Author
Ed's P.O.V
     "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"We all shouted,(Niall, Liam, Zayn,Harry,Louis,Violet,Perrie,Eleanor,Simon,Gemma,Tori,Paul).
The clock has turned to the new year.
"Well it's 2013 now!"Louis shouted.
"Come here Louis." Eleanor said,"Pucker up!"
They kissed.
"EW GET AWAY FROM ME!" Niall moved away next to the food,
"Hey did it hurt when you fell from the skies ,food?" Niall used the cheesy punch line.
We laughed. And so he ate it.
"Um well, I think I lost my appitiete to the corn." Simon chuckled.
"I think I need some fresh air." Violet smiled as she walked out of the door.
"I'll go too." Harry said.
"Awkward." Zayn muttered.
"Is this to awkward to you?" Perrie smiled.
"Wh-" They kissed.
"STOP KISSING!!!"Liam shouted as he turned to the news.
"In broadcasting news-Happy New Year-
Sorry for the interuption! Some how the 2 prisoners have escaped, if you see them call 911! Hurry, they have only just escaped, 4 killed, 5 injured polices. They look like this.
*Shows Picture* 
On the Left is,Neal Frenchasco and on the right is Steve Delon!
Lock your houses, do not let the intruder out!" 

Liam turned off the T.V...
"Tell both of them to get in!" Anne shouted.
Gemma and I walked out our hands felt a spark.
"Sorry.." I said.
She smiled,"No worries..."
"HURRY UP!" Paul growled.
    We ran outside, seeking 2 shadows...
"Thank God." Gemma came hugging Harry, and Violet.
"What's wrong?!" Harry sputtered.
Violet was all gloomy and stuff,
"Mate, time to go in..."I said.
"Tell me why?" Violet developed a fear.
"No time to explain..." Gemma and I said the own same words...
"HURRY UP!!!" Louis shouted.
They looked clueless but listened anyways we ran inside the gates and locked it.
We ran back into the house....
Locked the door.
"What's going on?" Harry said...
"Those 2 left jail." Perrie terrified to say...
"WHAT!" Violet almost screamed at the top of her lungs...
"Don't worry...okay, hun just relax...they don't know our house, do they?" Simon calmed her down...
Anxiety kicked into her....
"Actually..." Niall said.
"WHAT!?" Gemm looked shocked.
"Zayn tell.." Liam said.
"Well when we got back home we-" Zayn said.
"A sign,saying time to die...V...." Paul easily whispered.
Violet all scared, but straightened herself.
"Are you okay?" Anne patted her.
"I'm fine, as long as they stay away from my loved ones." Violet beamed...
"AWW!" El smiled.
"What now?!" Tori whispered.
"Well we have extra rooms."Niall grinned.
"We have 4 rooms." PErrie suggested.
"Okay, umm Violet, show Anne her room."Simon said.
Anne followed Violet.
"What about clothes?" I asked.
"Well, I have always kept extra stuff in case if Violet gives birth in this house, I would like to sleep over." Simon said.
"And I have kept an a lot of extra in the closet.."Paul said.
"Anne said she brought extras too." Violet coming out.

We looked at each other...
    "Guys, here's the room plans." I said.
"Niall, Liam, and I will sleep in our regular rooms, Harry and Violet regular room, Zayn and Perrie same, Eleanor and Louis same, Paul alone, Simon alone, Tori and Gemma together, and Anne alone, there problem solved plus we have bathrooms in mostly each room." I chuckled. We nodded.
"What about food..." Niall grinned...
"Nothing to worry, we have tons. NIall don't start eating A LOT..." Eleanor chimed.
Niall nodded.
"SO get ready to sleep." Simon scolded.
We did...I closed the door with Niall and Liam...
"I'm worried...about...the 2 of them..."Niall said.
"Don't worry, Niall.." Liam patted his back.
"We will find them tomorrow.." I utterly had the courage to say.
They looked at me with shocked.
Then they nodded.

Niall's P.O.V
    Crazy much that would I would they get to the feeling of killing Violet....
"Hell..." I said.
"What?" Liam whispered.
"I said this is going to be hell, there is no reason for them to break free but how?" I whispered back.
"Don't worry, we will figure out." Liam angrily said, I can tell he is pissed....
"Why are you SO pissed?!" I scolded.
"GUY GO TO SLEEP!" Ed muttered.
"FINE!" We bot said.
I shut my eyes, hoping nobody will get hurt....

Liam's P.O.V
   Urgh, Liam, stop being so piss, BAD LIAM!  I couldn't just believe, the police are so irresponsible to take care of their DAMN hostage. I can't believe I cussed...
I am mad, I will protect....Daddy directioner is out for now, sleeping...I closed my eyes, hoping nothing will happen badly.

Simon's P.O.V
    "Violet,"I spoke.
"Yeah?"She turned around.
"Why did you want to go outside?"I asked.
"Well I have an appointment tomorrow." She replied.
"For?" I said in an accent.
"for the baby check up but Harry said, he wouldn't make it...the father always has to make it...he said that he has an interview to go, you know Ellen." She made a stop.
"Well, it's fine, I'll come and see,or one of his families, you know Anne, and Gemma, or even Robin, well Robin is on a trip..." I smiled.
She nodded and gave me a hug,"I love you Uncle Simon." 
"I love you too." I kissed her on the cheeks."Now go to bed." 
She let go and then went off to bed.
I walked upstairs and then off to my room, took a shower, and then changed into my sweats and went to sleep.

Paul's P.O.V
     I closed my eyes, not again please don't let anyone hurt, including Violet, she is like a daughter....I was looking out of a window, I saw the wind blowing...thinking how good is the air to blow evil away....I closed my eyes...thinking about that...

Eleanor's P.O.V
     "Louis off to bed!" I grabbed him, pulling his shirt off.
"Hey! You are so weird, wanting me to sleep, not sleep." He pulled my waist and spinned me around.
"NO DIZZY!" I fell on the bed. 
Grabbing Louis on top and flipped him over and started tickling his sides,
"HAHA OW HAHAHAHA SUPERMAN!!" He flipped me over tickling me.
And then I said,"SURRENDER!" I teased.
He kissed my lips. And went to bed...

Zayn's P.O.V
    "Go to sleep, stop reading that book!" I snarled at her.
Reading the 'Harry Potter' books.
"It's interesting!" She smeered.
I grabbed that book and tossed it in the trash,
"Now that's what I think!" I smiled evily.
"YOU ARE SO MEAN!" She pushed me down to get that book. I tossed her sitting on her legs....
She kicked me, and we played 'Pillow fight while kissing' and then went to bed. I fell into deep sleep, still stress from the crazy killers...

Violet's P.O.V
    "Violet, I'm sorry, but I just can't ditch the interview." The voice said in my mind, remembering he said that about 20 minutes ago.
I flipped over my back facing Harry, me facing a different side. My mind frustrating, why do I live....People are killing me, I'm putting people in danger....

One tear fell on my pillow. The doors were locked so no one could check on us.
Another one flushed down with another tear, and another, until half of it was wet on the pillow. I flipped my hair on top of my face to show that I wasn't crying.
To show that I was asleep. Then I felt a warm touch flipping my hair over, 

please don't leave me...please please not harry or anyone, just an imagination..

I looked at Harry, he was looking at me all puzzled.
"Why are you crying, love." He kissed me on the cheeks.
"Bad dream." I lied.
"What was it about..." He asked,as knowing that I lied...
"Um, I'll tell you in the morning, tired, from all this nonsense.." I still didn't stared at him. He kept looking at me, all sad.
"Why can't you tell me?" He said wanting to get mad.
"I'm tired okay." I growled.
I can't believe I growled...I-I-I actually growled at him.
"FINE!" He said,"I don't need to solve YOUR PROBLEMS!" He almost woke the entire neighborhood. I was sickened....
That killed me
He actually said that, fine I will die.
"FINE I WILL DIE, IN THE BATHROOM, WHERE DO YOU KEEP YOUR DAMN HAIR BLAZER!" I shouted. His expressions all shocked. He grabbed my wrist. I slapped him. My hands went all numb...then ran into the bathroom. He knocked on the door, which I locked.
"I'm sorry..." He said.
"Leave me alone." I sniffled up..
"What was that?!" I heard Louis' voice awoken....knocking on the bedroom door.
"Oh it's fine, it was acting play for Violet's movie." Harry laughed in amusement.
"Okay."Louis said fading away.
I turned off the lights and shut my eyes, sleeping in the bathroom, amazing, a 8 month pregnant girl sleeping in the bathroom....

Harry's P.O.V
    I couldn't believe I yelled at her, STUPID! Why did I raised my voice at her, i knew she was sensitive....but didn't mean to yell. I screwed up. What kind of person am I. I looked at the bathroom lights turned off. She can't be there.
I tried to open the door but it was locked. I knew I had a key somewhere. I went into the girl's room, 'Tori and Gem's room for now'
"What's going on?" Gem asked while rubbing her eyes. 
"Oh nothing looking for a bathroom key, that opens every bathroom door, in the house." I said.
"It's on the make-up table." Tori pointing while shutting her eyes to sleep.
"Thanks girls." I shut the door and turned the lights off. I walked into our room, and closed the door. 
I opened the door, finding Violet on the ground sleeping. 
"What do you want?" She said coldly
"I'm sorry."I said while locking the door. 
"Get out." She said 2 words.
I turned off the lights,"I'm sorry I broke your heart." 
She started to cry,"Get out, you said I needed to die with my parents you didn't cared!" She pushed me away from her. I was sorry.
"Will this make up for you." I said. 
"What." She looked away.
I pressed my lips on her warmly. Her cool lips were cold.
She pulled away....never happened...
"Stop." She muttered.
"Look I was frustrated, just tell me what happened..."I whispered in the dark.
"I forgive you" She hugged me.
"Tell me later okay." I smiled.
She nodded. 
"I- love-you." She smiled.
I giggled,"I love you even more."
     I leaned in kissing her...
"Are you going to sleep her." I teased.
"Um, no." She giggled.
"I thought so." I laughed.
We went to bed.....
"Harry..." She muttered in the bed.
"Hmm." I said.
"Speaking of sleeping, kind of, um well so you aren't going to the the check up." She  said while I looked in her teary eyes..
What kind of father am I......

"I'll see....mwhahahaha." I laughed evily, i turned and looked at her, puzzled, I kissed her forehead and she went to sleep not knowing anything a surprise.
She slept like a baby, I chuckled and took a picture and twitted it...although I did put kitty whiskers on her.

@Harry_Styles: Look at @VioletVavansVarry, doesn't she look adorable with that make up, eyeliner, kitty whiskers on her,PUSSY! Baby bump.

I was amazed that she didn't wake. I looked at the tweets, well some....

@Alexa_4ever: Tell me she didn't kill you :)
@Obeex23: Aw so cute! That baby bump makes it cuter!

And there was Simon....
@SimonCowell: Well, Harry aren't you smart, if she kills you, I won't be at your funeral..mwhahaha :D

I chuckled Ed...
@edsheeran: Oh mate, she is going to kill ya.

And there goes all my tweet function, being spammed....
I went to bed shut my eyes, hoping tomorrow the 2 will be under arrest again.

Steves' P.O.V
    "HURRY UP NEAL!" I whispered.
"Hold on, I got the tracking device." He climbed into the car.
"That girl thought we got us so badly huh." I snarled.
"I guess, so we planned to meet, the others?" He said while I was driving to our sneak hide out.
"Yes, and the plan starts, you know, we meant to capture her, to lead them to bate." I snatched.
"I don't really get it..."Neal budged the device (GPS)
"Shut up, you are stupid, what don't you get?!" I growled.
"Sorry.....anyways, what now?" He kept asking me, frustration went throughly my head.
"Um, we go to meet the gangs, and then we plan killing her." I sputtered(Lie)
"Oh." He sniffed.
"What are you sniffing?!" I blurted.
"I don't know!" He started to have teary eyes, we went through the meadow....
"Allergies..." I snikered. He punched me....
"So what, at the hotel, I saw you had feelings for her." I started a conversation.
"Who.."He dumbfounded.
"Well you know, Tori." I smiled.
"Yeah, to bad she left, I liked her." He squirmed.
"Haha, if you apologized." I kincked.
"Really you think so?" He asked.
"Yup, if you clean up your act." I adviced him.
     "Did you really agreed to kill, Violet." He gulped.
"I do terribly don't want to kill Violet, I think she is nice, I'm not evil, it's just if I follow her, I would be able to be her boyfriend for a long time...." I half smiled.
"So you follow, that means you aren't a leader." Neal pattered.
I sighed," You know what, yeah you are right! We shouldn't be able to follow her, plus you did something to Violet..." I looked to him...
"Well I did liked it."He smiled.
"YOU ARE GROSS!" I giggled.
"I never thought you would usually be all tough." He smiled.
"Well, what should we do?" I said.
"Um, pretend we are in her team and at last struggle the game. Meaning switch it back, so Mitch would give up all being all evil, so we can apologize..." He explained.
"I understand." I understood.
"Deal!" We shook hands....
We got to the place, Mitchie gave me a huge hug for 'pretending.'
I grinned,"Ready." 
"You betcha." She snarled, the mates came out. 
"Come on, the plan is that, we will wait until birth and we attack." Helen smiled.
We nodded. Just 1 more month, I looked at Neal, he nodded, I nodded too.
Our deal is risky, i will try to convince the others.....

My team is on Violet's...................


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