One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


49. Samantha Xavior

Sam's P.O.V
    How did I arrive here? Well I took a huge trip.....on a taxi of course. London is so amazing....I was in New York. Then now in London. I found out that my best friend Michie is actually assasian One Direction. Well I am....but Michie is assasian with that girl Magenta? No wait Violet. Wow just calm down Sammy your holding a gun at Fred. 
"Your finally here huh." Michie smiled as I pulled down my hat. 
"Yeap!" I screamed.
"Welcome back Sam, and you sent them a threat note?" Fred persume.
"Yeah and sorry if I kind of got a gun in your head." I joked.
"Well girly time over time to get our plans done! Pronto." Steve said.
"Nice to see you too." I glared.
"Well Sydney and Hel-" Neal started.
"I know I know....Here's the plan new people. Then train and once she gives birth we kill her and the we kill the rest of the group. End of discussion." I said.
   They all approved...I couldn't believe Sydney betrayed us.
"Should we break Helen out of jail?" Fred asked.
"'ll be harder." Michie blanked...
    "It's great to have you back Samantha Xavior, or Mr.X." Steve greatly chirped...


Sorry if it's short and the 8th month of the pregnancy is very long :) gives out more informations you need! 

Have you heard about 12:14:12?

Conneticot(Sorry don't know how to spell it) shooting....god bless those 26 people who died....and the guy who shot them died too that makes it 27....

And have you heard of Haylor? It's fake!

And AND 

Is no more :O until 3000. But we won't be alive...or maybe?

Okay but I will update <3
   And um January has a lot of funz and dramas in it! Just a reminder and February is a wonderful day...maybe MWHAHAHAHAHHAHA *Cough*  xXx

or Jackie~


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