One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


30. Regrets/Thanksgiving

Niall P.O.V

    As we tried to pack, I was finding some new snacks for the trip. 
"Mate it's 9:29 p.m, what are you doing right now, c'mun and pack." Liam opened the bag of chips he got.
"Looking for food,you know for the tour in the plane." I said.
"Mate, you get food there." He stared at the calories of the chips.
"I know but what if they run out." I complained like a kid.
"No what if's go and pack!" He said cheeky.
"Remind this, I will get revenge for you eating the chips." I growled walking upstairs as he came with me.
"That was mine" He grinned.
I chuckled seeing Zayn looking for his new pair of Ellen's boxers.
"Are you looking for the boxers that Ellen gave you?" I said in a pinchy voice.
"Aye." He looked scruffing his legs around.
"In your pillow case." Liam sighed as he finished his last packing of his, and checked my packings which I finished.
"Done! Thanks mate." Zayn hugged him.
He finished packing and we walked over to Louis and Eleanor's room. 
Their rooms were not to shabby, 1 bed...I get it...And they were almost done.
"You guys done, we're loading next to the other rooms and tomorrow of we go!" Louis smiled.
Eleanor just finished.
And so did Louis but he was looking for his hair gel.
"Misplace?" Eleanor mummered.
"Yes." he replied.

Louis' P.O.V
  I was finishing until I was looking for some hair gel of mine....
"Where is that hair gel!" i shouted looking for it.
"I advice you to next time put it on your desk." Liam gave him an advice.
"Oh Liam, help me other than, tell me what to do!"I  commanded.
    He walked to me while holding this toy, which Eleanor kept throwing out of ehr closet and trying to find the stupid gel.
"I find it!" I shouted while looking at the gel being hold at the guy.
   Of course it had to be him, with nerd cute glasses and some white shirt with some skinny jeans. He used some of it as I can see.
"ZAYN WHY YOU TAKE IT!" Lou snatched it out of his hand.
"Sorry mate it was very interesting to have it." He replied....sadly.
"it's okay now let's check on the love birds." Eleanor skipped Lou's fighting.


Violet's P.O.V
    I was getting such a big fever, everything went dizzy, my face sweating. Red puffy cheeks, my stomach kept kicking for some reasons I wanted to go away and jog somewhere. I fell down on the ground, my butt. Harry grabbed a luggage and saw me fall he rushed over to me.
"Are you okay?" Harry whispered, worrying.
"Yes I am , love, just tired..." I muttered sadly.
"Stand up." He pulled me.
I stopped him.
"Tell me what's going on?" He kissed my cheeks.
Flaming hot red made a mark on my cheeks.
"The baby's kicking in, I fell and still kicking, sick." I explained to him.
Harry smashed his lips onto mine, making the baby stop. He walked away grabbing a thermometer and giving it to me. I turned away, like a childish kid.
"Say ahh." He patted me.
"Ahh." I said.
He put in my mouth, until it beeped.
"128" He sounded worried."You won't be able to go." 
"I will, I'll get better, promise!" I kissed his lips. He hugged me.
Until it was getting heavy, he kept hugging me and kissing me hardly.
"Woah! We'll leave then..."I heard Zayn's voice teased.
"Forget it." I blushed crazily.
Harry put the thermometer away. We packed until we were done.
"And finish!" Harry smiled gladly.
"Dinner?" I said.
"YES!" Niall and Liam announced hungrily.
"Who has seen Hunger Games before?" Eleanor kissed Louis on the lips.
"It's a movie about food." Harry said helping me prepare the food.
"Nope, it's about this girl acting about it, and in a fight and stuff." Niall explained.
"Are we going to watch it!?" Zayn exclaimed.
"Yes, Next Next week, when it's out..."I said.
  They cheered and waited on the table. I started to chop out some of the meat to make it great. Then. I grabbed it cooking it till it was done and Harry made the tacos, I grabbed it and put them all in with lettuce. We finished eating and I brought out the dessert,and soda, it was Pumpkin pie.
"Happy Thanksgiving!" We shouted.
We finished until Niall and Eleanor came up with the idea.
"Let's go to Black Friday!" 
"Racist..."Zayn muttered.
"Okay it's a day Zayn! A holiday, so shall we?" Niall utterly danced.
We agreed. 

Harry's P.O.V
   Her food was amazing I couldn't believe it. Best pie in the whole pumpkin pie universe.
Louis drove and I was with Violet in the back with Niall, the other were in the front.
We arrived there, wearing out best hiding outfit ever....
Same thing but we wore wigs, with some nerd glasses and different clothes, saggy ones!
Our wigs looks the same thing as real hair.
Niall was gone....we couldn't find him.
"Josh!" We yelled his fake name.
We lost him, Liam 'Halo' was a daddy directioner.
We kept running around and finding him, and guess what he was in the food court down by the side of the right. We kept shopping, but Violet didn't. She kept walking away until a fan came and rushing pulling her hair.
"I KNEW IT'S YOU!" She shouted and everybody in the mall stared at her, fanboys,fangirls kept following her and she backed up to me.
And until I could do it the rest of the fan pulled our wigs off.
"VAS HAPPENING!" Zayn shouted kissing a fan and another fan.
That ought to distract them....
I saw the rest of us signing and smiling and Violet kept signing and until she had to leave and then a fan pulled her, she almost tripped. I caught her. Again.
"Thanks Harry, without you our baby-" I stopped her with a kiss.
I heard squealings and taking pictures from paps.
"We ran away from the maniacs until I couldn't fine the rest...We ran to the vans.
"Where is Louis and Eleanor!!!!" Niall screamed.
.....Minutes Later....

Louis' P.O.V
 I kept running until Eleanor fell.
"Louis!" She whined.
She got up and slapped me. I did actually earned it.
We got to the parking lot saw our friends, ran away but then a girl came flashing pictures at us. asking us questions and more about Violet. We kept trying to walk away, knowing she was trouble until she kept telling us that please she's a huge fan...a creepy one....
"TELL ME ABOUT VIOLET!" She screamed.
"Umm calm down." Eleanor said staring at her. Knowing she was trouble.
"What's her middle name?" She said.
Gay question....look online smart ass.
"Silver and Rose." I said......
"Her favorite thing to do!" She said again.
Holy.....Shit, really....
"Everything I guess." Again Eleanor nudged me.
"Where does she live and you guys?" She asked.
"Why?" Eleanor said madly.
"Never mind I know where she lives." She rudely teased.
91 Peterborough Road in Matrix Complex in London!" I shouted. "Whoops...
"Really we're just kidding," Eleanor stomped me.
"Thank you, and number?" She said.
"Sorry I have to go." I muttered grabbing El's hand.
"WHERE WERE YOU!" Violet shouted.
"She knows where we live...." Eleanor shouted pointing the creepy stalkish girl.
Silence came between us when we got home. Violet running upstairs sleeping. We went to sleep, tomorrow is a big day, let's just hope they forgive me.....I regret saying that....


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