One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


36. Pregnapped

Violet's P.O.V

    "After all that work!" I smeared the glitter all over the paper wrappings.
"What's wrong?" Eleanor asked.
"The presents are ruined!" I said.
"No, it's not, hurry up, we're going to the Parade!" Perrie pulled my arm and dressed me into a cute little Christmas dress with a Christmas hat, just like theirs but mine was different style.
"I don't like this...."Eleanor whined.
"Where are the others?" I asked while dressing. 
I just got up and they were gone, Harry and I had Christmas sex.....and then a mistletoe kiss.
"Getting dressed at the parade!" Perrie shooed me.
I grabbed all the presents and put them into a bag like Santa.
"Hey wear this Eleanor!" Perrie smiled.
"WHAT!" Eleanor screamed into the hotel.
"It saids, Louis Tomlinson is a Naughty Kid <3." Perrie goofed making her the badge.
"You are so getto." I smiled. And then Perrie showed me the badge she made.
"Naughty Harry=my bed." Perrie smiled.
"Cheesy..." I muttered. She clipped it onto my dress.
"Niall and Liam?"Perrie smiled. She clipped it on her shirt saying," Niall and Liam are awesome :P, Zayn, mistletoe."
     Urgh these cheesy stuff.....made me gross. I put on some make up and then curled my hair. My bump made it cute....and then it was not cute until I vomit it in the bathroom. 
"Are you okay?" Eleanor asked.
"yes..." I smiled and the got out of the hotel.
I was wearing highheels and the girls were wearing boots.
I heard whistles and stuff. I posted this on twitter....

@VioletVavansVarry: Christmas dress with the girls! 

I got a lot of tweets...
but from Simon....

@SimonCowell: You look very pretty with your bump love <3 
XoXo Merry Christmas.

I smiled. Then we walked out of the hotel.
"Oh My God! Violet&Eleanor&Perrie! Can I get your autographs!" A girl shouted and then people surrounding us.
"Sure!" Perrie smiled.
And then took pictures. Paparazzi came. 
    It was snowing, we walked to the Parade. And saw the boys in their outfits.
"Hello Mrs.StylesClaus." Harry said in his sexy voice.

He read the badge,"I am naughty."
"Harry you already had it yesterday." I smiled kissing him on the cheeks as he rubbed my bump.
He kept smiling." Ready?" 
"Ready for what?" I said.
"Singing, Merry Christmas. Jingle bells." Harry pecked.
"Nope, i did the concert, so now I am doing nothing."I said.
"Okay! You and the girls stay then, Merry Christmas." He gave me a present.
I opened it, saying,
"My Pussy." 
"Innapropriate Harry!" I smiled.
"Well, it's cute!" Harry smiled. I gave him his presents.
It was a bracelet,"Belongs to Violet's Heart." 
"I love it." He kissed me.
    Then I heard a scream!
"AAA!!!" Louis yelled. We rushed over. He waved and then looked at his new D.S, Game, which had all the list of Pokemons he has to catch.
"Thanks Love." He kissed Eleanor on the cheeks.
Harry smiled and then hugged me. I saw the rest. Perrie giving presents to the boys. We pitched in for Niall and Liam, and Perrie got for Zayn.
Zayn had a shirt saying, "Forever mine, back off."
Niall had a food hat, pizza.
And Liam, he had a batman mobile car, toy.
    They loved it and gave us hugs. Then the starting began, of the parade.
I walked over to the entrance and smiled at the boys.
"Sing, Rock Me and All I want for Christmas. Please boys." I smiled.
The agreed. They went on their parade thing ship mickbobber. But then a camera man videoed us. He was on New York Times, big box, he was now a screen producer. So we are on the big screen.
     "Hey everyone I found Violet Vavans, with her baby bump!" he shouted through the camera. I waved and smiled.
"She's also in her Christmas costume! How adorable, along with Perrie Edwards, and Eleanor Calder. Aw representing Santa!" He smiled.
The people cheered. Harry looked at me because he was on the screen, interviewing then on the ship.
"Violet aren't you going to sing?" Eleanor insisted.
"Nope." I popped the P.
"Perrie, and Eleanor, go sing." I smiled.
"NO!" Eleanor smiled.
"Fine." Perrie grabbed Eleanor's hand. 

     They went on to the ship, where One Direction was performing on that thingee.
"Bye guys." I waved.
They smiled and then talked to the guys.

Liam's P.O.V
   "Mates, the girls are asking to perform except V." I said.
"Sure!" Louis smiled.
"YAY!" Eleanor said sarcastically.
"Zayn, what song first?" Perrie smooched him.
"Rock me."Zayn crumbled.
"Then, when it starts to snow,we will sing All I want For Christmas." Niall shoved some pie into his mouth.
"Where's Violet?" Harry asked as soon as he got onto the parade float.
"Over there watching us." I pointed.
She blew an air kiss at Harry, he did the same.
We started.....Everyone cheering, we saw each other on the screen. We performed the song, Rock Me.
And then when it started snowing we started to sing All I want for Christmas. 
     Rihanna was there. She sang,'Christmas in the Stars.'
And then Justin Bieber,
And then a tripleat was Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, and B.O.B.
singing,'Winter Wonderland, while rapping.'
       The parade was over, we walked over to Violet. She was missing.....
there was something that fell. I picked it up, it was a note and a Santa Claus hat....
The note was a threat note, saying that they will kill her....if we give them money...or Niall have to have sex with a girl...that belongs in they're Killer........
"Where is Violet?" Niall asked.
"Her hat fell." Zayn picked it up.
"Mates, E& this..." I cried, we walked into a room, where celebrities were.
   Perrie read it out loud,
"If you want to see your bitch again, you must have sex with our group killer, meaning Niall....or give us money, but beware, if you tell anybody or the police, we will abort the baby, and kill her...

-Killers clan."

    I looked at Harry, he was crying....We ran outside finding Violet, asking some people. No luck, except for one of this little girl.
"She was pulled from this guy with bunch of tattoos. He told her to go with him or he will cut her, so she didn't then he put a white paper on her mouth and she fainted....
and he took her in a van..." The about 14 year old said.
Harry started crying more...."Have-yoouu-s-s-s-ee the driver's pla-a-tt-ee.." I looked at him sad, I had tears in my eyes..
"No, sorry." she left.
"Harry, we will find her,promise." Louis said while crying. Eleanor and Perrie was miserable. Zayn and Niall were hugging each other...
I flipped on the back,
I read it out loud...
"We will watch you, if you don't find us, we will cute her neck and then kill the baby, and keep stabbing her...or worse."
That made cry even harder...Harry kept crying,"What-sho-o-uld--w-e d..oo?" 
"Contact Simon...." Zayn whispered.
"We should go home and yeah do that, and then find her..." Niall whimpered.
"I'll stay here, with Harry and Eleanor, while you guys go over home, and do what to do."Louis said. We nodded. We packed our stuff and went on the airplane.

Harry's P.O.V
    I kept crying, where is she? Where is my love, please don't kill her. I went around looking for her but nothing, I knocked on every door, Eleanor and Louis did too....but then I went to the top floor, I knocked on 593....
A guy with bunch of tattoos.
"Hello" It was dark....
"What?!" he commanded.
"Steve! Should we rape her again, She's alive!" A voice yelled.
"Umm, Have you seen Violet Vavans?" I should him a picture.
"Harry?"A voice like Violet asked.
"Violet?" I said while walking in, the guy blocked.
"Excuse me you should not be here, leave!" He said.
"Begin." A girl voice said,"You are lucky we haven't killed you yet, but we will later after they give us the money..."
I pushed him and saw Violet across the floor, bleeding a lot. 
"Violet-" I was hit by something, I fell next to Violet, I guess.
"HARRYY!!" She screamed, please don't let her be raped....please...I love her, WAKE UP USELESS BODY!!!



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