One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


6. Positive or Negative

Violet's P.O.V

We were walking to the groceries Niall protested and said LETS GO so we agreed.It was only Harry,Niall,and I. The rest Zayn,Liam,Louis,and Eleanor were at the mall.Mary was at her mom's. Anna and Simon working on X-Factor plus talking about decorating our wedding.And Ed writing a song for us at the wedding. My stomach hurts,even though it was our 4th sex I think I was pregnant thinking about what is happening in my stomach.Last night was the best night of mine my birthday and plus I opened all of their's present.

~~~~~1 hour earlier~~~~

Come on open it!I thought to myself.

I opened Zayn it was a neckalace that wrote ~V.V~I hugged him and messed his hair I laughed evily.

I opened Niall it was a ring with a heart and it wrote princess.I kissed him on the cheek.

I opened Louis it was a lace bra and a thong I was disturbed my face was all red and Louis was laughing on the floor.

I opened El and it was a best friends bracelet,She had another on it was a magnet connection on. I had a kitten one and she had a panda.I hugged her.

I opened Anne's and it was a memory book. I kissed her on the cheek and she did the same thing too.

I opened Liam's it was a dress he knew I loved One direction so it was a dress with a leather jacket. We hugged for a long time because Liam didn't let me go and Harry had to help.

Last but not least there was Simon he gave me a record for being the best secret singer plus a actress on then there was a note:

I am happy that I knew your parents and took you in. Remember I taught you singing..but then you didn't want to and so then you ran away at age 15.But you came back I was happy when you came back.

~~~1 later which is in the future~~~


MY stomach it friging hurts! We were near the groceries we bought them and my stomach made a twist and a crack I bent down wanting to throw up URGH gross i swallowed it."Harry wait up!" I said we were in disguise so the fans won't get crazy and kill Niall and Harry plus me."Are you okay?" Niall bent down. I shook my head. Harry came and reached near me. The paparazzi came they saw us and took pictures Harry carried me and we ran. We heard fans shouting "HARRY STYLES"


I whispered in Harry's ear,"Harry can you bring me to the hospital I don't feel so good.

and so he said," Don't worry Niall is getting the car."

"Stop Harry I have to throw..." I whispered.

He let me down and I ran to  Starbuck's and threw up in the stall. 

When I got back the car was out and I sat in there and my stomach clutching it I hope I wasn't pregnant....

"Vi-" Niall began.

"Shh Niall let her sleep." Harry said.

We reached the hospital and went inside the doctor's room. Niall went to the mall he better not tell anyone about this I thought to myself.

Harry wasn't allowed in the doctor said.

"So how are you doing?" She said.

"Horrible.." I said

"So what's going on...." she trailed off.

"Well my stomach hurts and I threw up.." I muttered strangely.

"Did you have your period yet?" She whispered.


"I need you to bring this to the bathroom and check if it's positive or negative."

I walked outside and saw Harry he waved. I bent down and fluffed his hair and went to the bathroom.

I went inside the stall and did the pregnancy test.I washed my hand and got outside.

I stared at it Positive....with the sign +...

Harry came and looked at it I tried to take it away but he took it and won it by kissing my neck,my neck was a sensitive side.

He looked at it,"Positive..." He smiled. "Your pregnant!I am so happy" He hugged me like crazy. I shooed him and I told him,"I'll talk to you later hold on I smiled

She looked at me,"Negative or Positive?"

"Positive!" I said.

"CONGRATS!" She smiled,"so you guys are getting married?" I nodded. 

I waved good bye and we drove out I can't believe I'm pregnant how will I share the news to the peeps.

"Harry I'm sorry," I aPaulogized (actually it's apologize I wanted to make fun of Paul :D) 

"For what Violet I'm happy we will have a kid and I am excited to be a father so I was wondering for a girl is-"He started

"DARCY!" I smiled and he said" YEP"

"And for a boy is --" I trailed of

"Collin" Harry smiled.I nodded

"Harry what if we have twins?"I asked laughing. He didn't really care"I don't care I love everything about you." He said cheeky

"How many kids do you want?" I smiled walking with him.

"With you ONE MILLION." He smiled.

"That's too much." I laughed.

"Actually I want 3 kids" He smiled. He bent down and kissed me

I love him so much, I wonder how much kids I will have.Pregnant how should I tell the gang, they'll freak out especially Simon!

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