One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :") *FINISHED Go TAP THAT SEXY FAVORITE BUTTON <3 *


57. Oh Snap!

Violet's P.O.V
   I was sleeping on the couch..waiting for the boys.
I opened my eyes seeing the boys there.....
"Boys." I smiled.
Their eyes were with fear....'please don't let Harry make out with a slut...' I prayed.

   Eleanor was sitting with Louis. Zayn was with Perrie. Niall was with food...of course.Ed was with Sydney...and Liam was with Danielle....
Where was Harry? My hearts were shattered. Questions in my mind was fluttering. I started crying...was it hormones or was it that Harry might  be cheating on me.

  "Don't cry Violet...why are you crying...." Niall cooed me as he moved over sitting next to me. He rubbed my back in circles.
"Where's Harry..." I sniffed....Damn it why am i crying....
" should tell Violet." Zayn repidtly said.
   "Louis..." El nudged him
"How about Ed." Louis pointed.
"What?!" Ed said, then he pointed at Liam.
   Liam would tell the truth anything, he wouldn't lie, or push it to another person. Right?

   "Um..Danielle how about you.." Liam to he was always truthful.
"Um babe I wasn't there." Danielle now looked at Perrie.
Perrie...ah...she would always push it to someone else...
  "Sydney you take a turn." She frightenly said. Of Course....
"What is going on?!" I shouted while a tear drop fell.

  "Harry was making out with a girl." Sydney blurted.
I's just a least they didn't had any sexual related events.....would they?
 I gulped....
"Did they had" I was cut.
"Yes." They all said.
    I started to cry this a dream????
"Violet please don't cry." Louis cooed with Niall.
Eleanor scolded the boys to go away. The girls moved into the cooing center...
  Why...just why would they do this...
Then, the door burst opened.. a girl with slutty clothes on well that dress used to  be mine.....until...wait a minute...she's the girl...
"She's the girl!" I stopped crying and pointed out. She was dead drunk.
   "The girl?" All of the boys except Harry said.
"That's...right....I'm..the daughter...of the....killer's...." She stopped."Clan." She was deffinatly drunk.
   Harry just stood there looking at me confused....
"Hey Violet..." He walked over to be with his alcohol smell.
   "Don't hey me." I pushed him.
"What's the matter?" He fell on top of the slutty girl.
   "That thing." I pointed out on that girl.
'Ooo's' came from The girls.
"OH SNAP, GIRL YOU DIDN'T" Louis snapped his fingers.
"Let's get out of this." Ed moved the group to a better place. In the kitchen...even better...
  "Babe it's just a mistake." Harry said still laying on top of her.
"Yeah a mistake that you go maul of that SLUT's face off and eat her alive. Why are you such a manwhore every time you get drunk! YOU ENTERTAIN WOMEN! YOU GO INSIDE OF THEM YOU MANWHORE!" I sternly shouted. I heard an,'Oh snap.' must been from Louis...

   "Excuse me you were the one who said I could go to the club." He rewind the whole scene again.
"I said to go to a CLUB not MAUL OF A FACE OF A SLUT." I growled.
"SHE MAY BE A SLUT BUT AT LEAST SHE ISN'T A BITCH. UNLIKE YOU." Harry shouted getting off the girl. The girl laughed.
   My face was red mad....
"I've been called way better." I was techniqelly a great comeback person....
   He just stood there. 
The girl prance up and came up with the comeback.
"YOU SUCK." She said.
"And you swallow it." I grinned..
   I heard laughing..
"A failure." She said it again...really?
"Are you saying that to your dad when he had sex with your mom." I smiled evily. I saw Harry snickering.
"FUCK YOU." She ended the quote.
"No thanks, I don't want herpes from a slut." I pointed out. Then I heard Louis shouted,'OH SNAP SHE DID IT AGAIN!'
   She was pissed I could tell. She walked over to Harry. And kissed him...he enjoyed it.....he kept mauling of the girl's face...
I was through...I came over to her and socked her in the face.
  And I saw Harry looked at me. His eyes were red...clearly took a shot.
I slapped his face and stormed out of the house wearing some jeans and my jack wills jacket. I was wearing a heart shirt. My hair was up. I wore converse. I took my key of the car....and drove away...

Louis' P.O.V
   "She's a great comeback person." I heard Eleanor smiled.
We waked out seeing the girl bleeding while sleeping...
"Urgh slut alert." Zayn said.
"Look at Harry...his face is red...she must've slapped him." Liam pointed out.
"But where's Violet?" Danielle said.
   Sydney walked over to the slut.
She slapped her.
"Just because I did that doesn't mean anything." Michie smirked.
   "HARRY WHERE IS VI!" Ed asked.
"She drove away." Harry said while crying....
"Care to join me looking for her." Niall said.
"I will." I said with Harry and Eleanor.
   "The rest take care of that bitch." Eleanor said.
Danielle nodded.....
We got into my car and zoomed over where there was traffic...and a car has crashed....


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